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The Akmeo is a decent clitoral and G-spot vibrator that does the job, but the packaging provides more excitement than the toy.
Looks really pretty on the nightstand; lovely and smooth to touch.
Just not that exciting; TPR material is a bit strange.
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I think I may have been spoiled. In fact, I know I've been spoiled. The Akmeo by SinFive|SinFive Akmeo does what it's supposed to do, which is vibrate against my clit or my g-spot and give me an orgasm or five--and if that's all I wanted, I'd be very happy. Once upon a time, a toy that got me to orgasm was all I wanted! But these days, I expect more.

What do I expect? Well, I expect pretty packaging--and the Akmeo does have that. No trampy bottle-blondes with scary genitals on this box; instead there was a life-size picture of the vibrator in question, a 'Luxuria' tattoo-type illustration, and the name of the company and toy. It looked classy. Inside was a slide-out case with the toy nestled within, all looking good enough to eat.

Which was unsurprising, as the Akmeo I received was 'candy floss' colour. If you're a fan of pink, then this is a good toy for you--unfortunately, it's not my colour at all, and to my eyes seemed more like a skinned rabbit than flossy candy. Still, sex toy receivers can't always be choosers.

I also, these days, expect some decent instructions with my toys. Either on the packaging or wrapped with the toy itself, I like something that tells me the material, the battery requirements, and how to use the thing. Sure, it may be simple enough to figure out, but I like having something to read. I'm strange like that. The Akmeo? Well. The box informed me that the toy was made in Germany; offered 'certified physical compatibility' of the materials used (but not what the materials actually were: it's made of thermoplastic rubber); and that it was sold as a novelty only. The tag attached to the vibrator added a little more: that a 5 year warranty was possible; and that it was waterproof, easy to take care of, and quiet.

So what was missing? Well, looking at the toy, I figured out for myself where to put the batteries (although it was a guess as to which way around they went), and I had to experiment to figure out how to work the easy-touch controls. How many speeds? How to turn it off? How to work through the options? That was all trial and error, and I felt it was a damned shame that they had to made me work so hard--I just wanted to turn it on and orgasm.

A little lube, fresh batteries, ramping the vibrations up to maximum and rubbing on my clitoris with what I thought of as the 'dolphin nose'--yes, this toy got me off just fine. A little more lube, some insertion, and my G-spot liked it well enough too. Having it under the covers meant I didn't need to see the colour (and I ignored those easy-touch controls and kept the vibes on maximum). So I orgasmed. Well and good.

After use, however, I became more unsure about this material. I've been spoiled by silicone and glass and stainless steel (oh, woes). When I went to put it away, I wondered if I had used it a little hard on my clit, as the rubber at the end of the nose had become unsmooth, leaving a small indentation and ruched material.

So yes. The Akmeo is okay. It stands on my bedside table (yes, it's a toy that actually stands up), and I even use it once in a while. But it's not my favourite vibrator, or even one of my top five (for all that it's a SinFive). It gets me off. But it's not very exciting.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    For that price tag, I would definitely expect a vibe to be pure silicone. Were the three pulsation settings good, or not worth it for you?
  • Reviewette
    The pulsation settings were okay - but pulsing has never done it for me (mostly it just irritates the hell out of me). And yes, I was surprised it wasn't silicone as well - just at least it wasn't jelly!

    xx Dee
  • Nashville
    I'm with both you Dee and Cock- for the price I can't believe it isn't silicone. A 5 year warranty? Wow! That's really impressive.
  • Reviewette
    Although I wonder how you'd claim on that warranty, frankly. Especially when the box says that it's for novelty use only.

    xx Dee
  • Epiphora
    This is the first review in a long time that I've read all the way through, beginning to end. It's that good. Thorough, and you're right on target. It doesn't seem like anything special at all. And hey, I must be spoiled too -- I'm developing the same standards.
  • Reviewette
    Although I wonder how you'd claim on that warranty, frankly. Especially when the box says that it's for novelty use only.

    xx Dee
  • Reviewette
    (How did I double post that comment, 12 hrs apart?)

    Epiphora, you make me blush - thank you for your lovely comment!

    xx Dee
  • sexysweetieshan
    That's disappointing. This is a toy I was looking forward to getting one day. Luckily I'm not too upset about it not having enough paperwork. If it works good enough, then that's all I need.
  • BadgersRose
    Great review. Thanks
  • barrettbn2
    great review
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