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Smelly and Squeaky... Just Like a Real Rodent!

I'd never tried a rabbit vibe before, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Even though the material it's made from isn't the best, I thought I wouldn't mind using a condom if this toy totally rocked. Turns out... this noisy beaver isn't worth the bother.
Cute beaver, if you can get over the fact that there's a rodent licking your clit.
Noisy... so noisy! And so very smelly as well.
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This toy is a rabbit vibe, designed to stimulate clitoris and vagina simultaneously. It has a rotating shaft and a vibrating clitoral attachment. You may like this toy if you like noisy things like power tools. Oh, and I suppose you might like it if you already know you like vibrations and rotations, but really, it's the noise that really stood out to me.

The Black Diamond is probably best for women who live by themselves, or at least have very thick walls in their bedroom. And in their bathroom too, since this toy is waterproof.

Since it's made of jelly, you should also be prepared to use a condom over the toy. Even though this one is phthalates-free, it's still a good idea, since jelly can harbor bacteria, and is full of all sorts of other chemicals. Jelly is a fairly high maintenance toy material.

Material / Texture

Jelly! Bleah! This toy is phthalates-free, but that doesn't make the material it's made from any less gross.

Ever walk by a car place where they were spray coating the cars? That's what this toy smells like. It has a sickly sweet industrial paint smell. This was a turn off. I don't like my toys to smell like chemicals. The smell would even get stuck to my hands after handling it.

Because it's made of porous jelly, and full of mysterious chemicals, you should always use a condom. Is this a pain? Yes it is. Is the toy worth the extra hassle? Probably not.

Jelly is also a lint magnet, something to keep in mind when considering your storage options.
    • Porous
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy isn't the best, but it's not too terrible either. The beaver itself is actually kind of cute, if you can ignore the fact that it's a depiction of a large rodent, sticking its tongue out and aiming for your clit.

The base of the toy is circled with a ring of rhinestones. I'm not sure if they really go with the beaver motif, but hey, at least they tried to class things up a little.

The product specs say that 4-1/4 inches are insertable, but when I measured from the tip to the base of the clit vibe, I found that it was actually under 4 inches. To get the vibrator attachment to hit my clitoris where I wanted it, I was probably only inserting about 3 inches. Not a lot of length, but in a rigid, non-curved toy, that's probably a good thing.

As a first time rabbit user, I found that it took a few tries to really get the vibrator positioned correctly for me. I'm still not sure that its positioning is ideal for my body. I wouldn't recommend this toy to beginners, unless they are very patient and dedicated beginners.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy has a clit vibrator coupled with a rotating metal beads in the shaft. The clit vibe has a low, medium, and high setting, as does the shaft rotation. These can be adjusted independently, though small raised buttons on the end of the toy. You can push another button to reverse the shaft rotation. The buttons are slightly raised, so I could feel where they were while I was using it, but they are also very small, and all shaped the same. It's not always easy to push the button you're aiming for. There are also lights on the toy that indicate the vibration setting. This wasn't especially useful to me on my own, but it could be useful for partner play.

When I turned it on for the first time, I was shocked at how noisy this toy is. This is my only rabbit-style vibe, so I don't have much of a point of reference, but this beaver can SQUEAL! The clit vibe itself is fairly buzzy, but the rotation setting is where the real problem is. It makes a high pitched, mechanical whine that only gets worse when you put some pressure on it. In use, this meant that whenever I started getting into it, and clenched my muscles around the toy, I was rewarded with a loud and unhappy whine from the beads as they struggled to move. And it's not like I have kegel muscles of steel or anything. Yes, I am lazy and skip doing any kegels, so really, I'd at least like a toy that could handle my wimpy muscles. I found the noise of the toy to be incredibly distracting when I was using it. It sounds like an underpowered electric drill.

I suspect that the clit vibrations may not be strong enough for some people. They were enough for me, but I'm also very sensitive, and it doesn't take a lot to do it for me. This toy doesn't seem to use up batteries especially fast, but then again, I don't like it enough to bring myself to use it enough to really test out the battery life. At any rate, it takes three AA batteries, which are pretty easy to come by.

The packaging claims that this is a waterproof toy. I've never been one for masturbating in the shower or bath, but in the interest of science, I made sure the battery compartment was tightly closed, then submerged it in the sink for a couple minutes and turned it on. All the functions work underwater, but after I took it out and dried it off, I opened the battery compartment to check on how things were doing in there. Uh-oh, turns out water seeped in through the compartment. There's a plastic ring at the base of the threaded cap to the compartment, but apparently it wasn't enough to stop the water from getting in. If you do decide to use this toy in water, be aware that you should always check and dry out the battery compartment after use if you want this toy to keep working.
    • Noisy
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

Oh, jelly... you are so difficult to care for. This toy should be washed with warm water and a toy cleaner, avoiding harsh soaps. Jelly is porous, and can't be sanitized with boiling water. It's probably a good idea to keep jelly toys away from other ones that they might react with. I've just been keeping this one in its original package. It's definitely not the best storage solution, but the Black Diamond just hasn't won the privilege of living with my other toys.

Using a condom with this toy is a very good idea. You can also use either water or silicone lubricants.
    • High maintenance


It's not something you'd want to use for long term storage, but the packaging isn't too bad. Nothing as cheesy as a naked woman, just a sparkle-and-swirl motif on a plastic box that's primarily black. By comparison, the packaging is actually fairly nice. It does a good job of making the toy look like it's a higher quality than it is.

Personal comments

The one redeeming feature of this toy is that it has a beaver on it. This means while you're using it, you can think "heh heh, there's a beaver licking MY beaver!" and then laugh to yourself like a teenage boy.

I will say this much, this toy isn't a total piece of crap. The construction isn't terrible, even though the rotation function was pretty weak. The plastic control box part of the toy felt fairly sturdy. The toy works, but it just doesn't do anything great for me. It's not one I want to pull out and use very often. I tried it a few times for the sake of the review, but I think that's going to be the end of the story for the Black Diamond and myself. I think that rabbit vibes just aren't my thing, but if it's something you like, I'd recommend you check out one of the higher quality ones made from silicone.
Follow-up commentary
Update! Looks like my little experiment with the sink killed this poor beaver. As I noted in my original review, after I submerged it I could see that water had leaked into the battery compartment. What I didn't realize was that water had apparently gotten into the inner workings of the toy itself. I put it away after the experiment and pulled it out about a week later only to discover... tons of condensation visible through the clear jelly! Ooops...

As you've probably figured out, the toy was totally fried. Nothing happened when I tried to turn it on.

Moral of the story: Waterproof toy-lovers beware. You might be able to get away with using this one in the shower, but DON'T take it in the bath!

On a side note, I did notice that after the repeated baths and the airing out, the smell I initially noticed seemed to have decreased a bit. It still smells a bit chemically to me, but not nearly as bad as it did straight out of the box. I think the fact that I had been storing it in the original packaging was contributing to the pervasive odor I noticed. All that plastic was definitely holding in the scent. So, if you're sensitive to chemical odors, this is one you should avoid. But if it's generally not a big deal to you, you might like this toy. Just find a way to air it out a bit!
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