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Smooth, Stylish, Sure to Please!

Despite an unreliable touch-activated control system and a battery compartment that is difficult to open, this toy features a range of vibration patterns that are absolutely delightful. It is much quieter than the other bullet vibrators I have used and packs the same amount of punch, if not more. If you're looking for sleek style and fresh vibrations patterns, the Sassy Pink may be the answer to your prayers.
Superbly chic style, excellent power and patterns, long and strong cord, great battery life.
Unreliable controls, difficult battery compartment, blinding function light, not waterproof.
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The Sassy Pink by Topco Sales is a powerful, multi-function bullet vibrator made of hard, yet velvety plastic. It is best suited to clitoral stimulation, although it can be used internally, with care. The cord on this toy seems sturdier than many bullet vibrators I have seen, but I would still exercise caution when removing it. Be sure to pull very gently on the cord. I did try the toy internally myself, for the sake of a thorough review, and it felt absolutely phenomenal nestled against my g-spot. If you must use this internally, try covering it with a condom that you can grip to remove it, instead of tugging on the power cord. I would recommend using it purely for external stimulation, but then I'm a little bit paranoid about breaking the cord via wear and tear.

Similarly, I would not recommend inserting this toy anally. Partially because of the damage that will be done to the cord during removal and partially because it cannot be fully sterilized. If you choose to insert anally, be sure to cover it with a condom or designate it specifically as an anal play toy so as not to transfer any unsanitary unpleasantness to the delicate environment of your pussy.

I find one of the loveliest features of this toy is the fact that one might play with the vibrator while one's partner is holding the controls. This helps my boyfriend feel more involved and he gets to enjoy my reactions as he cycles through and tests out the different vibration patterns! If you have a partner, get creative! Use it on the nipples, the breasts, the labia, the clitoris...I have also used it to tease my boyfriend's cock through his pants. However, he found the vibrations of this particular toy to be a little overwhelming on delicate, bare skin, even with lubricant, so be wary and take it slow when introducing vibrations to male parts.

I truly believe that this toy would be an excellent buy for just about anyone, from beginners to veterans, males or females, individuals or couples.
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Material / Texture

Upon removing this toy from the package, there was a very distinctive smell, especially around the battery compartment and control pack. It smelled strongly of electricity. Thankfully, the odor has faded over time. The bullet portion is odorless and flavorless. The hard plastic of this toy is deliciously firm, though is has a velvety feel to it which gives it a grip that normal, slick plastic does not have. For me, this is absolutely essential. Toys with slick plastic do not give me the same kind of stimulation as the warm, matte, skin-like tug of this toy's material, which I feel would give better quality of sensations to any user.
    • Rigid
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Sassy Pink is beautiful, but not incredibly functional. It features a rounded shape and a soft pink color with a delicately swirled silver control panel and base. It is unobtrusive and non-intimidating. The sides have small dips, which I suppose afford the user a slightly better grip on the control pack. Beneath the controls is a small bulb which flashes red in time with the vibrations. Along with the control panel, there is a power button on the base of the toy. I find the button on the base to be somewhat inconvenient and the controls to be a bit iffy, which I will discuss further in the following section on Function/Controls/Performance.

The battery compartment is a little tricky, especially considering that the manufacturers did not include any kind of instructions regarding battery insertion and removal. In order to remove the battery cap, you must tightly squeeze the narrower sides of the toy, near the end, and pull quite hard on the silver cap. It is somewhat difficult to grip; essentially what that squeezing does is unhook the cap from two little latches on the insides, pulling it free as the pressure causes the wider sides of the toy to separate. With a little practice and once you understand how the cap comes loose, you can fairly easily do it in one fluid motion. However, I am really not a fan of this style of battery compartment...I felt like I was going to break it all through my experimenting with how to get it open! Also, be sure to insert the batteries according to the little +/- stickers inside the compartment.

I have had this toy for about a month and the batteries I put in it initially are still going strong with no sign yet of needing to be replaced. I use this toy about two or three times a week, on average. And even more when my boyfriend visited for a few days. In other words, the battery life is superb and the power level is very impressive for a toy that's run on just three AAA batteries.

The cord seems quite sturdy due to extra little rubber rings around the attachment points, on both the bullet and the control pack. I believe these are meant to provide protection from water, but they are not sealed into place and thus they don't quite do the trick.

The bullet is on the small side, but still gives the user enough space to grasp it. There is a small seam around the center of the bullet, which may accumulate residue during use. Be sure to clean your toys thoroughly after a play session.

This toy is not discreet and may be inconvenient for travel due to its long cord and two components (bullet and control pack). However, it is easy to stash in a drawer or a suitcase and the power button on the base ensures that it would be very difficult to accidentally turn on inside of your bags.

Functions / Performance / Controls

To turn on the Sassy Pink, you must first push the black power button on the base (more on that at the end of this section). Then, you press the touch activated control panel to start the vibrations. The button sends you through seven different vibration patterns and then the eighth press causes the vibrations to stall, but the light to stay on. Pressing again will restart the cycle.

The touch-activated control panel is in the shape of two swirls which I initially thought were meant to move up and down through the various vibration patterns by pressing the upper and lower button, respectively. Unfortunately, my unit only cycles through them one way, with the upper button. The bottom button does nothing at all. I'm uncertain whether or not it's supposed to respond to touch and cycle back the other way...if not, it's rather misleading to put two buttons there! Try as I might, I can't get that lower half of the swirl to respond.

Anyway! The one functioning button is...iffy. I can't seem to get down a particular technique for getting a reliable response from it. Sometimes I barely tap it and it jumps through a couple settings and sometimes I have to press and hold it repeatedly just to get it to switch to the next function. I would have much preferred regular old buttons to the new touch controls, especially as it is initially difficult to discern between some of the patterns as you cycle through them.

The flashing bulb is great for partner play, allowing the one holding the control pack to attach a visual representation to the vibrations being experienced by the other person. However...the bulb is freaking blinding. Seriously, don't look right into it. It's so bright! I wish that the light was beneath the surface of the toy so that you could see the glow, without the overly bright flashes of the exposed bulb.

The Sassy Pink features an instant on/off switch on the base, which is a very thoughtful inclusion to any vibrating toy. However, it's located very inconveniently on the base of the toy. There is no possible way to turn the toy off quickly since the control buttons are at the opposite end. You must switch your grip around in order to reach the button, which is more difficult than it sounds, unless you're some kind of professional juggler. You must push quite hard on the soft black button in order to incite the "click" that turns the power on and off. Be careful that you don't press on the power cord connection with your fingers in order to gain enough leverage to actually click the power button, as this might damage the cord over time.

Although this toy is listed as waterproof, I would hardly dare to call it splash-proof, let alone fully submersible. After a short stint in the shower, I discovered that the touch pad is entirely unresponsive once wet. I'm not sure if it was the water on my fingers or on the face of the controls, but I could not get the settings to change from that first steady vibration. When I took the toy out of the shower and dried it off, the touch pad worked once again, but inside of the battery compartment was already damp, despite only being barely splashed for a few minutes in the shower. I removed the battery pack and let it dry out and it still works great. I would not trust this toy to be used under water and I will personally never venture into the shower with it again. In spite of all its flaws, I like it too much to allow it to be ruined!

The vibration settings are as follows:

1 - An uninterrupted, strong, steady vibration is an indispensable feature for vibrators that feature various patterns. This toy has a great, powerful steady vibration, but I wish it was placed at the end of the seven settings, rather than the beginning. I like to build up progressively through them and finish with the steady vibrations after the tease of the other available patterns.
2 - A simple looping sequence of even, short pulses is a good choice for the warm-up portion of any play session. It may also be a great option for teasing or keeping yourself or your significant other right at the edge of release. It's powerful enough to make me squirm with each pulse, but not quite enough to get me off.
3 - A stuttering pulse followed by a low, steady vibration and then a slightly stronger steady vibration. This is a setting I would prefer to start with, since it doesn't feature the same strong vibrations as the first setting or the ones following it.
4 - A looping sequence of high pulses, medium pulses, and low pulses, in that order. This one doesn't do much for me, personally, as I prefer the settings with some kind of steady vibration somewhere. I often skip this one and the 2nd one.
5 - The vibrations start off strong and steady, drop slightly lower, then even lower, before working back up to the initial strong and steady pace. High, medium, low, medium, High. This is one of my favorite settings. I love the trip to the edge and the built-in downtime to keep you aching for more.
6 - Three stuttering pulses followed by small breaks in the vibrations and then two strong pulses. This is my other favorite setting! The pause in the vibrations gives me a terrific jolt of pleasure each time they start up again !
7 - Another simple looping sequence of short, strong pulses followed by a long period of steady vibrations. Deeelicious.
    • Discreet sound
    • Hard to figure out
    • Long lasting power

Care and Maintenance

The Sassy Pink comes with a small clip to help keep the toy's 2.5' cord organized. Of course, my clip was lost before the third play session, even though I vowed to keep track of it! I always lose those suckers. If you can manage to hang onto them, they're a perfectly simple way to keep the cord organized and avoid any damage via wear and tear while it's bouncing around your toy bag or your dresser drawer. Other somewhat obvious options are rubber bands or twist ties.

This toy is compatible with any lube (oil-, water-, or silicone-based) and can easily be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


This toy comes in a simple plastic shell that easily snaps open, with a paper insert featuring an image of the item. Please recycle both! There are no instructions included, which would have been extremely helpful in figuring out this quirky little toy.
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

My old bullet, the Impulse Bullet by California Exotics, recently broke. I was delighted to receive this toy, which is a smaller, quieter, less tacky-looking bullet. I spent a lot of time frustrated with this toy when I first got it. It is a bit difficult to figure out. However, the rewards were absolutely fantastic. I have had some divine orgasms with this toy and I plan to continue having many more! Here's to a long life for this chic little toy!

I gave this item three stars because, even though I violently adore the vibrations and have had loads of fun with it...the amount of work and frustration it took to get there was just ridiculous.
Follow-up commentary
This toy is officially my new go-to vibrator. I love the wide variety of sensations and patterns. I have noticed that I tend to skip over the third pattern, which is a pulsing, followed by low-power steady vibrations. For some reason, I find that setting particularly lackluster. Perhaps because it's similar to my last go-to toy? My absolute favorite is the final setting, which pulses and then vibrates strongly for just the right amount of time, holding me at the edge of release each time it switches back to the pulsations :)

I'm a little disappointed because its somehow managed to get a smudgy gray stain along the side of the control box :( It's not quite so pretty anymore, but it's still just as functional. I have had a similar problem with another toy that is made of the same material, which was stained by newspaper ink. I tossed it on the bedroom floor and there just happened to be a newspaper lying at my bedside, which it landed on top of. However, with the Sassy Pink, I'm not sure how it even got stained! I have yet to find a way to get these stains cleaned off, so if you have any suggestions, do share! I tried nail-polish remover, soap and water, and "Goo Gone", but it seems to have just seeped into the material itself and dyed it.

The battery life on this item is absolutely great, it has remained quiet and discreet, and it is still thrilling me today just as well as it was when I first received it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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