Japanese G-spot squirmy - rabbit vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Red

Squirm Away

This toy neither excels at clit stimulation nor g-spot stimulation, despite a very promising design and a number of different functions and levels.
A nicely shaped g spot pad, with six different rotation speeds/options.
Weak vibrations and poor alignment of the toys features.
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I’ve never had a rabbit style vibrator that I’ve truly loved. They seem to be so specific and anatomy dependent. I’ve found there is nothing more obnoxious than having to maneuver it just so to have the clit stimulator actually stimulate – or worse yet, have the shaft part churn in any sort of pleasurable way. Besides, they all look so similar, its hard to predict which one might work well. But when I first saw the Japanese g-spot squirmy, I thought to myself “wow, that looks smart”. Something about the bulbous head struck me as unique – like it would truly do the trick at massaging my g-spot into ceiling smearing oblivion. Turns out, I was not so correct.

This toy's motorized inner structures are encased in candy pink TPR silicone (also available in candy purple). It has this smell that is not unlike a cleaning product, and the smell did not go away with washing, which makes me a tad uneasy in any sex toy. The base of the toy is made of hard plastic that has a velvety finish, and houses the control panel on the flat, forward surface. The base screws open to reveal a battery compartment that hoses a battery “shuttle” that takes three AAA batteries. This opening is sealed against water with a single white o-ring, making this toy waterproof and certainly appropriate for adventures in the shower.

The penetrating shaft of the toy can rotate at three different speeds, and in either direction. The rotation is nice and rapid, and when used at just the right angle, it indeed does “swoosh” by my g-spot pleasurably. However, the “right angle” to hold the toy involves me grabbing it from BEHIND my butt so it can be maneuvered forward enough to actually do the trick. Needless to say, this has not been all that conducive to fun times with the toy, and I have found I instead tend to use it so that my grip is a bit more comfortable, but with very little g-spot stimulation. It is marginally better with a partner, as it's easier to maneuver it into a good orientation – however, the angle that it needs to be held at is so sharp, it makes me wonder why the toy wasn't designed with more than a bend. This is really a shame, because the soft, wide tipped end is pretty nice for massage of the gspot when it is able to reach it.

The vibrations on this toy are weak, but come in three different levels as well. I found that the highest level was really insufficient most of the time, but is able to get me off from time to time. Sadly, however, there is absolutely no way to get the vibrating pad to rest up against my clit while having any sort of pleasurable spots hit with the shaft of the toy. And equally unfortunately, the nubbins on the vibrating clit pad of this toy kid of hurt when they grab and mash against sexually frustrated labia. Again, lots of potential, but it's just not executed all that well.

On the plus side, the toy is generally quiet – when used behind closed doors it will go under the radar. And its battery life is decently high – an hour or so from a fresh set. And, the waterproof feature of this toy is nice, and works quite successfully, with no leakage into the battery compartment even after a number of trial runs.

All in all, a disappointment. And it still smells yucky, for the record.
Follow-up commentary
So much potential, so little pleasure. Nothing about this toy has made me want to reach for it ever again, and sadly the material picked up a texture from the storage box I use. Taking it for a final spin, I noted again that it just wasn't designed well to stimulate my g-spot; it's far too soft of a g-spot pad to really work.
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  • Nashville
    I had the opposite reaction- I thought it was powerful but insanely loud! I even posted a video on my blog of how loud it was. Maybe mine was faulty?
  • Sammi
    Too bad this didn't work well for you.
    Good review!
  • Machina
    Sorry this didn't work out because I love the shape! The reviews for the squirmy are so mixed, & I can't decide wether it's worth trying out or not.

  • Red
    @sleeping dreamer - Actually, maybe mine is faulty! That would explain the lame-ola vibrations. Mine CAN go unnoticed behind a closed door...

    @sammi - rabbit vibes appear to be a crapshoot, except the endless pleasure ones....they seem to be loved by all that try them

    @Machina - if you look at the gspot pad on it, it looks very similar to the Lelo Gigi or Ella, both those toys have more of a curve, so my personal body set up aside, I just think this toy is just not as well designed as it could be. I suppose however, it's easier and cheaper to make a rotating shaft on the end of a straight mechanism?
  • Ciao.
    Too bad this isn't as great as it might appear, my partner and I had been eyeing it a little, but now I'm more inclined to look to something else.
  • Sexalicious K
    From an "ergo" aspect it looks like it has the right shape to hit all the right spots. If it goes on sale I might try it out. Thanks for the review.
  • moonlitlilly
    Good review!
  • darkkitty
    Nice review!
  • jeangel246
    Thanks for the review
  • Sekhmet
    great review, thank you
  • MidnightStorm
    Thanks for the review! Don't think I'm interested in this, though it did LOOK like it had a lot of potential!
  • eroticmutt
    Very useful review, it's unfortunate this toy didn't work well for you
  • badk1tty
    Sadly, 2 vrooms won't make me vroom anywhere
  • Nirelan
  • cottonxcandy
    Thank you!
  • Gettinmymojoback
  • Tbanda
  • pestilence
    Thanks for the review!
  • tortilla
  • Eugler
    Very helpful review!
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