Dream maker nocturnal emission - rabbit vibrator by Evolved Novelties - review by Lara

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The Dream Maker is a powerful rabbit vibrator, that provides users with choice - a lot of choice. With 600 different combinations of vibration and rotating patterns, and intensity, there's very little left to be desired in terms of raw performance. In use, the Dream Maker is much like many other rabbit vibrators on the market. What distinguishes it is the quality of the product. The vaginal stimulation provided by the gyrating discs is strong and easily felt, and the bullet is equally powerful.
Wide range of vibrations and functions, easy to use controls.
Controls can provide an overwhelming amount of choice.
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The Dream Maker is a rabbit vibrator designed for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation. A gyrating form inside the shaft stimulates the first two inches of the vaginal opening (where all the nerve endings are!) and a bullet attached to the base of the shaft rests on/near the clitoris.

Because of its width, this may not be best suited for those new to vaginal penetration or those who prefer their dildos on the thinner (less than 1 inch) side.

For those comfortable with the width and intensity of the vibrations, however, it's easy to find a good reason to use the Dream Maker. Solo or with a partner, this is a sturdy and reliable rabbit vibrator that will offer most something to appreciate.

Material / Texture

The TPR material is smooth, tasteless, and odorless. When running your hands across it without any lubricant, there's a slight rubbery pull to the material. With the use of lubricant that pull disappears and there's nothing but a silky glide to the shaft. TPR conducts vibrations well and the rabbit ears channel the vibrations from the bullet effectively.

Neither the texture nor the material present any particular challenges to users. When it comes to TPR, this is a party that anyone can come to.

Design / Shape / Size

The design follows the standard rabbit template with a few variations. Rather than using vibrations or rotating beads on the shaft to stimulate the vaginal opening, the good people at Evolved have instead turned to a rotating stack of flower-shaped plastic discs. When turned on, the discs begin to circle. They're set in a pattern so that the sensation is much like having a set of fingers run up and down your vaginal opening.

The tip of the shaft is slightly angled, ostensibly to provide additional g-spot stimulation. Given the multiple sensations at work at once - discs, vibrating bullet, penetration - it was difficult to discern any significant g-spot stimulation. At the same time, it is a nice addition and provides additional incentive to explore the best insertion angles for the toy.

Like most rabbit vibrators, the Dream Maker comes with a learning curve. It's not immediately clear what angle of penetration provides the best stimulation. Do you prefer to have the bullet resting directly against your clitoris or would you rather use the rabbit ears? Does it feel better to have the shaft parallel to the floor or at a 45-degree angle? These are questions that are easily answered in a matter of minutes and speak to the incredible flexibility and variety inherent in the design.

While not a behemoth, the Dream Maker isn't terribly discreet. It doesn't fit in a pocket and the security screeners at the airport will have absolutely no doubt as to what it is you've got in your carry-on. By all means, share the love and bring the love with you. If discretion is a concern, though, you might want to plan ahead on the most inconspicuous way of taking the Dream Maker outside your home.

Functions / Performance / Controls

With over 600 different combinations of speed and function, choice really isn't an issue with the Dream Maker. In fact it was that dramatic range of variety that initially overwhelmed me. Where to begin?

The control panel is set at the base of the shaft. The controls are easy to use, but require some exploration to gain a sense of what button does what. The two marked F adjust the rhythm of the vibrating bullet and the gyrating discs. For the bullet, these rhythms range from a hum to a variety of the pulsations. For the gyrating discs, the function button changes the direction of rotation and the patterns for the rotation. Underneath the F buttons, buttons marked + and - allow users to adjust the speed of the rotations and the intensity of the bullet's vibrations.

The controls are clearly marked, and the blue lights in the star pattern above the control indicate when a change in speed and/or function has been made. Perhaps I'm simply bad at detecting patterns, but from looking at the star pattern I couldn't immediately tell if the bullet was pulsing or on a constant hum. Luckily, those differences are easily felt and I didn't need the control pad to tell me what was going on.

While the buttons are easy to press, the complexity makes it difficult to adjust settings while the vibrator is in use. If you are looking to take the bullet from a steady hum to one that pulses, you may have to cycle through the settings a few times before you have the one you're looking for. It's neither difficult nor inconvenient, but certainly something to be aware of.

On the reverse side of the control panel, there are three grooves designed to accommodate your fingers and provide a better grip while using the Dream Maker.

Four AAA batteries are inserted via a removable case located at the base of the shaft. The battery case is easy to use and directions for the batteries are clearly marked.

There is no marked change in performance when both the vibrating and rotating function are used at once. Even at their highest speeds, they seem to function independently and one doesn't detract from the other. Given that the vibrator uses four AAA batteries, that seems to be a pretty remarkable achievement.

The Dream Maker is waterproof and there is no change in form or function when used in the water.

Care and Maintenance

The Dream Maker is easily cleaned with regular soap and water, or toy cleaner. It is not recommended that users boil the toy to sterilize it, or place it in the dishwasher. If hygiene or sterility is a concern, bypass those worries by using a condom with the toy.

It may be very easy to clean, but prior experience with TPR has taught me that some care should be taken with storage to avoid melting or warping of the material. The Dream Maker comes inside a light metal case with a foam insert that is perfect for storage. If you choose to store the Dream Maker in something other than its original packaging, be sure to wrap it in a piece of fabric or tissue to avoid direct contact with other plastic products.

The Dream Maker is compatible with all lubricants.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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