Strong and Lovely

This is a beautiful, well-constructed toy that provides users, whether beginning or advanced, with many different settings of stimulation through vibrations and electrical stimulation. It is extremely high-quality and hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin and allergies. The Elektra Egg is absolutely worth the money and will give you years of pleasure if cared for properly!
-multiple STRONG settings
-wireless remote
-storage box and bag
-both the egg and remote have to be charged and it only comes with one charger.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

First impression

I opened my package containing my beautiful little egg and was excited to finally own a toy of this sort. I was happy to find that it comes with not only a very sturdy storage box, a drawstring bag for travel purposes as well! This was nice because silicone toys cannot be stored together and sometimes don't come with anything to store in. Opening the box revealed a cute, baby pink colored egg. I personally find the item itself so pretty and girly because of the color. Picking the Elektra egg up, I already knew I loved the material and texture of the item, as I almost always do with EdenFantasys toys. The toy appeared to be very well constructed, and its design is wonderful. I charged both the remote and egg as the instructions on the packaging said for about 6 hours each, just in case. (There was no set time on the box) It only comes with one charger, which is unfortunate since they both need charging and the charger is different from my other sex toy chargers. The part that plugs into the toy is shorter than my others. You turn on the toy by holding the button at the end of the tail on the egg and then holding the button on the remote for either the vibrations or electro-stim and the egg will jump right into the action. Both aspects of it felt very strong in my hand, and it had unique vibration patterns I haven't found with other products. The electrical stimulation has three settings; low, medium, and high. I have had trouble finding products with good low settings for e-stim like the egg has, which is important to me because I am a beginner to using e-stim internally.

First Use

I used my wonderful egg solo and with a water-based lube, which is all that should be used with silicone toys like this. You should use lube to make sure the e-stim impulses from the e-stim can travel as they should. I used it vaginally, but the toy could very well be used anally as well. I turned the vibrations on and skipped through all the settings to find the one I liked best. I found that it was just as strong as my favorite vibrator! I usually don't find much pleasure in using vibrating toys internally, but this truly felt nice. I proceeded to turn the electro-stim on. In the past, I have found e-stim painful to be used internally, due to the settings being too high for me. Although, with the Elektra egg the lowest setting was perfect for me. It was still very intense and is going to take some getting used to, but it isn't enough to be painful to a beginner or even cause you to jump. Electrical stimulation is really pleasurable if used right, and the Elektra egg is the way to go!

Further Experience

This is a small toy that packs a BIG punch! What can I say? I LOVE IT! I am entirely impressed with the strength and settings of both the vibration and e-stim. I haven't had any connectivity issues between the egg and remote, even when it is inside me. There are lines down the toy that add some good texture, but I don't really notice it over the vibrations. It has a pleasant thickness to it, and is more "filling" than vibrating Kegels, for example, but not too thick for a beginner to use. I would recommend this for beginner and advanced users. My favorite use for this toy is using it solo with another vibrator on my clit. Sometimes I will use it to get myself in the mood before having sex as well too.

Possibility of uses:
-Solo: use it by yourself on your peaceful night at home.
-Parter: use with a partner and let them control the settings or leave the egg in while you do ..., "other" things.
-Anally: put the Elektra egg in the back door to experience some insane new sensations you won't get anywhere else.
-BDSM: let your dom tie you up and drive you crazy with the intense e-stim and vibration combo.

Vibration Map

The Elektra egg may be small, but don't be fooled, this baby packs a punch! The 7 settings of vibration are strong and unique. Only the egg itself vibrates, not the tail.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

Don't be swayed from my experience; I did not have an orgasm from this toy alone. Although, it did feel really good just not enough for me to reach that point without something else. Although if you are someone who can reach climax from internal stimulation, then this will be perfect for you. When I combined this with another vibrator on my clit, it was like my whole pelvic area was vibrating! At that point, I did reach orgasm, which I have to say was VERY nice. Leaving the egg in after also gave me extended pleasure, but not where it was overwhelming.
Pleasure Meter

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Follow-up commentary
I still love this item. I use it most for foreplay. It really helps getting me in the mood and feel more sensitive when I get to actual sex. I like giving my partner the remote to control the toy. It definitely adds some extra fun into the bedroom.
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  • Contributor: Soundside46
    Nice review. I keep thinking about these E-stim toys and probably need to give one a shot.
  • Contributor: The.RedQueen
    Previous ones I’ve tried didn’t have lots of settings so they’re a little two intense for me but this one definitely worked out well .
  • Contributor: Trysexual
    Hmmm estim and vibration. Interesting. Did you ever give it a go anally? Thanks for the thorough review
  • Contributor: The.RedQueen
    HI! Thank you, and not yet! I imagine it would be pretty intense so im still working up to that
  • Contributor: Lilith Bealove
    Great review. There have been recent studies done (Dangerous Lily) where she demonstrates that silicone toys CAN be stored together. The only time they can't be is when they aren't pure silicone. She has an in-depth blog post where she consulted scientists and did experiments of her own that show her point. It's a SUPER interesting post, if you're interesting. I realize... this far into this comment, that not everyone is interested in the science behind sex toys. Lol. I apologize if this is totally out of left field.
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