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Vibrating bunny performer

Rabbit vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Such A Cute Little Bunny

This is a smaller rabbit vibrator, so it's a great choice for beginners. The vibrator functions well enough, but it's certainly not my favorite toy. I feel that I don't get enough pressure from the clitoral arm, and I find that the controller is awkward to hold. Also, I'm disappointed to find that the vibrator is not waterproof.
Fairly powerful, Can control shaft rotation and clitoral arm separately
Not crazy about PVC, Requires C batteries, Lint Magnet, Controller is awkward, Not waterproof
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When I saw that this cute little rabbit vibrator was offered as a free gift, I hesitated about putting it in my cart. Rabbit vibrators don't usually do it for me, and I don't really want to clutter my collection up with toys that just don't work for me. In the end, I decided to give it a shot, and I'm glad I did. No, it's my dream rabbit vibrator, and it's not my go-to toy, but I do like it.

The Vibrating Bunny Performer is made by NMC Ltd. This cute toy can be used in solo situations, or in couples situations. Personally, I prefer to use my rabbit vibrators solo, but that's just my personal preference.

This toy is designed to provide dual stimulation. The main body of the toy gets inserted into a woman's vagina, and with just the turn of a dial, it begins to rotate. The rotation is slight, but it is meant to provide g-spot stimulation. For me, the rotation just wasn't enough, but I did enjoy the sensation anyway.

The little bunny "arm" of the toy is meant to stimulate your clitoris. This is one of those things that may, or may not, work for you; there's really no way of saying if it will until you try it. I was surprised to find that it "fit" me, lining up with my clitoris perfectly. If it does line up properly with your clitoris, this toy can be a lot of fun. The trouble is, rabbit vibrators are generally hit or miss, as one size (or shape) does not fit everyone (or even most).

It is possible to safely insert this toy for anal, though you might find that the bunny gets in the way.

As for water play? Unfortunately this toy is NOT waterproof, so you'll need to look elsewhere for a bathtub buddy.

Material / Texture

This toy is made out of PVC, which rates as a 2 on Eden's safety scale. The PVC used on this toy is hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalates free. Unfortunately, however, PVC is a porous material.

The material itself feels very soft, and somewhat "squishy", while still remaining firm. While the toy is "squishy", it should be noted that this toy is not really flexible. I can get the head of the toy to flex very slightly, if I really push on it. That being said, I wouldn't recommend that you try to bend this toy, as I feel it will break easily if you do so.

This toy does offer some light texture. First of all, there is a little face on the head of the toy. There are little spots for eyes, a nose, and a mouth, with the actual head of the dildo appearing almost as "hair". The little face has two bumps that appear as earrings on the sides of it, as well as few nubs that appear to be a "necklace". I couldn't feel any texture from the little face while inserting this toy. To me, it appears that the face is purely there for appearance... though I can't help thinking that it's a bit strange that my vibrator has a face. It's really very strange, but at least it's cute, I guess.

Now, to the texture that I can feel... the little pearls that rest inside of the middle of the toy. When I touch this area with my fingertips, it feels surprisingly smooth. You should know that the area with the pearls is extremely squishy (moreso than the rest of the toy). When I insert this toy, and turn it on, the pearls begin to rotate and sort of "bounce" around. I can feel the pearls when the toy is in use. I enjoy the stimulation, but it isn't enough to get me to orgasm.

What about the little bunny arm, you ask? The little bunny has some features, such as eyes, a nose, a mouth, and little marks where the arms and legs would be. The detail on the bunny is cute, but I couldn't feel it at all while using this toy.

Those of you who are concerned about smell and taste? You'll want to know that this toy does have a slight smell to it. I can only smell it when I hold the toy directly under my nose, but even then? It's not an unpleasant scent; it's more fruity than anything else.

As far as taste goes? I did notice a slight rubbery taste to the toy, though it is a very light taste. So light, in fact, that I hardly noticed it.

Design / Shape / Size

The rabbit vibrator measures around 7 1/2" in length, with 5 1/4" of that being insertable. It's not the most girthy toy, measuring 1 3/8" in diameter. For me, the size was fine, but size queens may find themselves disappointed. I believe that the size of the toy will make it appealing to beginners, as it's not very intimidating.

The design of this toy is your typical rabbit vibrator design. It's got the rotating shaft, and the vibrating clitoral arm. The only real features of this vibrator include the little face on the head of vibrator, and the rotating beads in the shaft. The rotating beads sort of bounce around; they're not held down at all.

The clitoral arm of the toy is shaped like a bunny, with actual features. It's very cute, and it's positioned to stimulate your clitoris while the vibrator is inserted vaginally. My problem with the clitoral arm is that it just doesn't offer enough pressure for me. Now, I know, I could hold it more firmly against my clitoris, but if I wanted to do that, I would just use a regular vibrator and a clitoral vibrator.

I dislike the controls for this toy, as I feel that the controller is too large to fit comfortably in the palm of my hand.

This cute vibrator is not discreet at all.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This vibrator takes 3-C batteries.

The controls are located on the large, plastic controller which is connected to the toy by a spiral cord. The controls are found on each side of the controller. There are two switches total for the toy; one switch controls the shaft of the vibrator, whereas the other controls the clitoral arm. You simply slide the switch in order to increase the speeds of either the vibration or the rotation.

What I love about the controls is that you can use the clitoral arms vibration without using the shaft rotation, if you like.

At the maximum speed, I would say that this toy earns just about 4 vrooms, and 3 bees.

Care and Maintenance

It's very important that you clean your toys properly. To clean this PVC toy, you can wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap. You can also use any sort of toy cleaner wipe, or spray. As this toy isn't waterproof, I tend to prefer using a toy cleaner wipe with this.

As far as lubricant goes, this toy is great in the since that it can handle both silicone and water-based lubes.

For storage, I recommend putting this toy in a ziplock baggy, in order to keep any lint and dust off of it. That's right; this toy is a bit of a lint magnet.
Follow-up commentary
This thing has now stopped functioning. It still vibrates, but it doesn't rotate anymore. Also, I've noticed that it drains batteries REALLY quickly.
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