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The Elation Didn't Elate Me

Oh, this toy is adorable! It's incredibly discreet and non-intimidating due to its strange little shape. It's functional for providing a decent massage to my aching muscles, but it doesn't provide me any sexual relief. The vibrations are just way too buzzy for me. If you like buzzy toys, you'll love this one.
So cute!, Multiple settings, Good massager, Two bullets
Doesn't really provide sexual relief (for me), Loud, Extremely buzzy!
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The Body and Soul Elation is an adorable little vibrator, but it didn't really do a whole lot for me. I'll keep it, because it looks cute -- but... eh... It left me wanting a lot more. While it didn't work for me, it may work for you.

This toy is very discreet looking, as it doesn't look anything like a vibrator. For this reason, it would be great for those who are brand new to toys, wanting something that's a little non-intimidating looking. It would also be great for those that live in situations that require them to be discreet.

As I said, this toy doesn't look like a vibrator -- instead, it looks like some weird body massager. I actually enjoy this when I use it as a neck massager, and I think that it makes a pretty cool massager. You can really use it almost anywhere. I love it as a massager, but that's about it -- it's a mild teaser at best during sexual playtimes.

You can also use this on your intimate areas. It can stimulate a woman's clitoris, or you could even insert one of the little "prongs", and use the other on the clitoris. If you do this, you should know that you're going to receive minimal vaginal stimulation, and that the clitoral stimulation will be quite light. You could also use this toy to stimulate your anus -- even inserting one of the prongs, if you choose to. The prongs are VERY flexible. I mean, I can basically bend them downward completely, so you shouldn't have to worry about the prongs getting in the way.

Men, you could also use this massager to stimulate your penis, or testicles.

Material / Texture

This toy is made out of two different materials. First of all, there is the base, which is made out of ABS plastic (according to the packaging). ABS plastic rates as a 7 on Eden's safety scale, and it is hypoallergenic, latex free, phthalates free, and non-porous. Secondly, there is the silicone, which is found on the top portion of the toy (the prongs, for instance), and on the little area surrounding the button. Silicone is super safe, earning a rating of 10 on Eden's safety scale; it's hypoallergenic, non-porous, latex free, and phthalates free.

The plastic portion of the toy has a slightly glossy look to it. It's smooth and firm, with absolutely no give to it.

The silicone portion of the toy is great. Firstly, the lower half of the silicone portion -- the part that goes right over the egg -- is a very thin layer, and it has no give to it. The silicone prongs are flexible, yet they're not really squishy due to the bullet that's located within each prong. The silicone feels very smooth to the touch, though there is a very slight drag. For me, the drag wasn't a problem, but you can always use water-based lubricant if it bothers you.

There is a seam where the silicone connects to the plastic. I haven't had any issues with that seam.

Design / Shape / Size

The size of this toy is good. It measures 4.25" in length, and 2" in diameter. The egg portion of the toy fits nicely in the palm of my hand, allowing the little prongs to be free to stimulate whatever area I choose.

The toy is adorable in design. It's like an egg with ears! It kind of reminds me of some sort of creature, but I can't pinpoint what exactly. Anyway, it's super cute. The main body of the toy is an egg shape with a flat bottom on one side. The flat bottom means that you can stand this toy up, if you choose. Then, there are the prongs. The prongs are spaced about an inch apart, and they're very, very flexible. I can easily bend the prongs so that they touch one another, or I could bend them so that they go all the way back to the egg.

Each prong contains one bullet, right in the tip. This means that whatever you touch with the tip of the prongs is going to receive the strongest vibrations.

This toy is very discreet, in my opinion. It looks nothing like a vibrator. I would have absolutely no problem leaving this out when my parents came to visit, and I don't see it causing any problems during travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

To use the Elation massager, you will need 2-AAA batteries. To insert the batteries, simply twist off the plastic base. The battery compartment is clearly marked, so you won't need to fuss with figuring out the proper directions for the batteries. Once you have the batteries in, twist the cap back on, and you're ready to play.

To operate the toy, there's a single push button. To turn the toy on, press the button. You keep pressing the button to cycle through the vibrations.

Settings 1 through 3 will give you steady, constant vibrations. The lowest setting is about 2 vrooms, and 2 bees. The highest setting earns 3 vrooms, and 4 bees. Settings 4 through 10 will provide you with the pattern settings. The patterns are, primarily, various speeds of pulsating. There are also escalating and rollercoaster patterns, as well. Personally, the pattern settings do nothing for me.

Now that you've gone through all the patterns, you're probably wondering how you turn it off. Simply cycling through the vibrations won't turn the toy off with this one -- vibration 10 will take you right back to vibration 1 if you press the button again. So, what do you do? Simple -- if you simply hold the button down for a few seconds, the toy will shut off.

The vibrations for this toy are located primarily in the prongs, which is where the bullets are located. The vibrations are EXTREMELY buzzy, which was a bit disappointing.

Care and Maintenance

Due to the fact that this toy is made partly of silicone, you're going to want to use a water-based lubricant. Silicone lubricant could degrade the material.

As for cleaning this toy, I recommend that you clean it before and after use. This toy really collects lint and dust, so it's important to give it a quick rinse prior to use. To clean it after use, you can use a toy cleaner, or wipe, or just simply antibacterial soap and water. Cleaning is a breeze with this one!

To store this toy, you could use the packaging, or you could store it in a pouch. Honestly, you could store it anywhere! I've thought about leaving mine out on the shelf, as it's just so cute -- but sadly, it's a lint magnet. It's not so cute when it's covered in lint and dust... So, instead, I've opted to store mine in a plastic baggy in my toy box.

Also, remember, you should remove the batteries before storing this toy.


The Elation comes in a small white box. The box features a photograph of the toy, but it's still pretty discreet. The box lists some basic information about the toy, and all in all, it's pretty decent.

The box could be used for packaging, but I ended up throwing it out as it's not a particularly nice package.

Personal comments

The packaging states that this toy is waterproof. I have taken the toy in the shower, and it survived. I have not completely submerged this, however -- and I probably won't. I just feel that there are too many places that water could seep in and destroy the toy, so I won't be taking this one for a swim anytime soon.
Follow-up commentary
This toy is cute, but that's about all it has going for it. Its buzzy vibrations and low intensity makes it something that I never touch. It looks cute on a shelf, though.
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