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The G-Rock! Does it really ROCK?

The idea behind this toy is great, but in the end, it really left us wanting a bit more from it.
Soft and smooth texture, and a decent size.
Weak vibrations, and too floppy of a material.
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“It’s here!” The newest addition to our arsenal or sex toys from Eden Fantasys is the G-Rock. It both looks and sounds promising, but the burning question in our minds; does it really ROCK?

Pulling the G-Rock from the box, we were surprised by the texture. The “TPR Silicone” is unlike any of the pure silicone toys we have. “TPR Silicone” has a softer, more rubbery and spongy feel, and is not as rigid as pure silicone, causing the toy to flop around a bit. There is a bullet-style vibrator lodged into the middle of the toy, and we were very pleasantly surprised to find that the manufacturer not only included the first set of batteries for the vibrator, but also an additional second set of batteries (as apparently this bullet has a reputation for going through them pretty quickly).

Unfortunately, the extra batteries seem to be about the place that our luck with this toy ended. Used vaginally as designed, the toy was smooth and easy to insert, but no amount of moving or manipulation could find a comfortable position for the toy to rest, nor could it hit my wife’s G-spot very well. Additionally, given the lack of rigidity of the toy, no amount of bending, turning, or twisting of the portion of the unit outside of the body was able to put a discernable amount of pressure on the Gspot from the portion of the toy remaining inside the body. To make matters even worse, the body of the toy doesn’t transmit the vibrations from the bullet anywhere (again thanks to the soft, rubbery “TPR silicone”). While in use, with the vibrator turned on, the only vibrations felt were directly at the vaginal opening, which is directly where the embedded vibrator sits while the toy is inserted. Even after removing the entire toy from inside her body, and pressing the end of it directly on her clit, the transmitted vibrations were still too weak to provide much pleasure.

We had noticed that the shape of the G-Rock was quite similar to some of the prostate massagers designed to stimulate the prostate and perineum simultaneously, so in another session (although this toy is not deliberately designed or advertised to be used as such) we decided to try and use the G-Rock for some prostate stimulation, to see if we’d have any better luck. Again, the toy felt quite soft and smooth, and was easy to insert; however, with the placement of the vibrator in the G-Rock unit, we were not able to insert the toy as far as we would’ve liked to with the bullet in place. Once the bullet vibrator was removed from the body, we were able to insert the unit far enough to put a little bit pressure on the prostate, but unfortunately, the cavity left in the body of the toy was quite uncomfortable against the rectum, so we stopped.

One of the slight worries we have about this toy, is that “TPR Silicone” is a fairly indescript silicone composite that contains “at least 10% silicone, and other chemical compounds” intended to make it “phthalate free and not very porous.” This still means that some germs and bacteria can potentially penetrate the toy’s surface, and that extra care must be taken to clean the toy, especially if using between partners and/or orifices (a condom should actually be recommended for this). For basic cleanings between uses, we use antibacterial soap. For best-effort “sterilization” for use between orifices, we use a highly diluted bleach and water mixture (10:1 mixture of water to bleach) before washing with antibacterial soap; you cannot boil this toy to sterilize it because it is not 100% silicone.

Overall, I think the G-Rock was an awesome concept that somehow stumbled in execution. I think we really would’ve enjoyed it more if this toy were rigid enough to poke and prod with, and even more so to transmit the bullet’s vibrations to the areas they really need to be. Instead, the experience seemed to remind us more of playing with a half-limp erection.
Follow-up commentary
It's been awhile since we posted our initial review of the G-rock, and we were hoping this toy would be like a fine wine, and get better with time. Unfortunately, however, it has not. We tried the G-Rock again a handful of times over the past several months, and it doesn't seem to do it for us. I think we're at the point where we've given up on this toy, and may not even get it out again. It's sad because you can tell that the design concept has some potential... it just wasn't realized in this toy.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    So I hope you used a condom for anal play? Even a bleach solution won't sterilize this guy.
    I'm guessing the dual clit stimulation was an entire flop? The idea is great, but design seems to have gone wrong.
  • LiftedUp
    Cock Wrangler,
    Thanks for the response and questions. Yes, for anal play a condom was used, as this toy (made of TPR Silicone) cannot be TRULY sterilized. As for the dual stimulation, I would say "yes," it was pretty much a total flop. She couldn't feel the vibrations on the g-spot or on the clit at all really. Truth be told, the concept of the toy is good enough that if they redesigned the toy like I said in the review, I would be probably try the new version. I just can't recommend this to people as is.
  • Epiphora
    Great review. Not good when it can't even get her off when pressed to her clit. Dumb toys..
  • lexical
    Thank you for the honest review. This is a great looking toy. It's a shame it wasn't well-executed!
  • Trashley
    Sorry it didn't work out for you, but thanks for the review!
  • mysecretcollection
    I just reviewed this one as well, and even though mine was a little different (I don't know if they just recently changed the make up of the material, and the battery type) but it had the same issues as yours.
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    Thanks for reviewing
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    Great review. It seems great for shy beginners!
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