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The Half Wild G

Full of glitter and full of fun, the Triple Play Wild G is a girly, flirty vibrator that brings a lot to the table. It can travel with you from the bath to the bed and doesn't guzzle batteries. It won't satisfy those who need extremely powerful vibrations, but if you like clitoral stimulation without internal vibrations and the sensation the rotating beads and tip provide, the Triple Play Wild G will be right up your alley!
Pretty, glittery, easy to use.
Shaft doesn't vibrate, clitoral arm may not work for some users.
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The Triple Play Wild G is a rabbit style vibrator. It has a clitoral arm, which does not resemble an animal, but does have three protruding nubs of gradually increasing size. The shaft has rotating beads and a tip that rotates on an axis. The toy stimulates the user clitorally and vaginally simultaneously. As with all rabbit style vibrators, how effective this is really depends on if this particular toy works with your particular anatomy. Depending on where your clitoris sits, and how much direct clitoral stimulation you need, this toy might be the one for you. If you are looking for intense internal vibrations, I caution you that the only internal sensations you get with this vibrator are the rotating beads and tip. There is no vibrating motor in the shaft itself. The clitoral arm and shaft are controlled separately, so you can choose to have one or both working at any point.

This toy could be used solo, or with a partner. It can be a bit unwieldy if used solo, as it is on the heavy side and quite large. If it is being used on you by a partner, be sure they are aware of the length and girth, and don't over do it, as you could end up with a bruised cervix. The shaft of the Triple Play Wild G could work for thrusting; of course, you will lose the constant clitoral stimulation while using the toy that way. You could also choose to hold the shaft, specifically the section with the rotating beads, against your clitoris for a different sensation. The tip of the shaft would be a bit tricky to use for pinpoint stimulation, because when it's on it moves around quite a bit, and when it's off it has no vibrations.

The Triple Play Wild G is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower or bath. It functioned well underwater, and the toy had no adverse reactions to being submerged or exposed to soap and bath oils.

Although I suppose the toy could be used anally, as the clitoral arm would prevent it from being inserted too far, I wouldn't recommend it. It is porous, so it can't be properly sterilized and would need to be covered with a condom.
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    • Couples
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    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

The Triple Play Wild G is made from hard plastic and TPE.

The base where the controls are located is hard plastic, which rates an 8 on the Eden Safety Scale. It is opaque, firm, and unyielding, as well as non-porous and phthalate-free. It has no odor or taste. The texture of the base is very smooth, with a glossy appearance.

The shaft and clitoral arm portions of the toy are made from translucent TPE, which is a rubber polymer blend. The Triple Play Wild G comes in either pink or purple, and all throughout the TPE portions of the toy there are small flecks of glitter. The TPE provides a shell for the internal portions of the toy, housing the rotating beads and tip. It rates a 6 on the Eden Safety Scale and is a porous material. There is a light odor to the toy straight out of the package, but after the initial wash it all but vanished. There is no taste to the toy. It has a great deal of squish to it. If you pinch a section of it between your fingers, you can move and flex it around the internal structure a bit on the shaft, meaning there is some empty space in between, but the clitoral arm does not have that trait. The shaft and clitoral arm have a matte appearance, and you do get a fair amount of drag when you slide your finger over the toy.

The inside portion of the shaft is quite firm and has no flex to it. The clitoral arm itself is firm internally, but it is flexible where it meets the shaft of the toy.

There is a bit of texture to the shaft, with a pattern of swirling/veining. It isn't substantial, so it won't please those who enjoy a great deal of texture. The slight texture that does exist on the shaft wasn't noticeable during use. The bead area of the shaft provides a bit of texture as well.
    • Light odor
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

The Triple Play Wild G is quite a hefty vibrator. If you dislike toys that might tire your arm, this might not be the one for you. The weight is less noticeable once it's inserted, and I didn't notice that the weight was distracting or bothersome.

The shape and design are that of a normal rabbit style vibrator. As is often the case for rabbit style vibrators, the layout needs to fit your anatomy to work well for you. The size is on the larger side of average, at 2" in diameter at the largest part of the shaft, so be aware that this toy is not slender. The overall length is 10", but the insertable length tops out at 5". As long as you aren't thrusting aggressively, most people won't have an issue with it being too long.

The clitoral arm consists of an egg shaped body with three protruding nubs of increasing size. The smallest nub sits next to your body (about 5/8" long), the medium nub is next (about 3/4" long), and the longest nub sits the farthest from the shaft ( a little over 1" long). The nubs increase in length, of course, but also in width. The vibrations from the egg transfer well to the nubs, and they visibly vibrate during use. The nubs themselves are very flexible and squishy.

The portion of the shaft containing the rotating beads is about 2 1/4" long and contains 56 metal beads. The beads are organized into 8 columns of 7 beads each. The entire beaded structure rotates as one unit. I have never had them jam or lock up, but pressure on the shaft does slow them down and cause the motor to struggle. With firm enough pressure, you can stop the rotation completely. While in use, I didn't notice any slowing or struggle. They seem to be located a bit too far up the shaft to stimulate the vaginal opening, so any stimulation they provide is likely to be internal.

The spinning tip occupies the top 1 3/4" of the shaft, and contains a small plastic nub which rotates on an axis from a point in the center of the shaft. It is intended for g-spot stimulation. It mimics a rolling massage. It is worth noting that it is a more of a pressure massage, and has no vibration to accompany it, so if you need vibrations for g-spot play this may not work for you.

I certainly wouldn't call this toy discreet or ideal for travel. It would be obvious to anyone searching your suitcase exactly what this item is used for. It has no lock to prevent it from being turned on accidentally while in your luggage, so if you intend to travel with the Triple Play Wild G, please remove the batteries.
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Triple Play Wild G has three distinct functions: the vibrating clitoral arm, the rotating beads, and the spinning tip. They are controlled by 4 buttons: a power button, a button which controls the vibrating clitoral arm, and two buttons which control the rotating and spinning shaft. To turn your Triple Play Wild G on, you simply press the power button. Pressing it causes it to light up, but it doesn't activate any of the functions on its own. Once the power button has been pressed and is lit, you choose which features to activate next.

Vibrating Clitoral Arm: Once the power button is pressed, you press the button beneath it, which has a wave symbol, to activate the vibrations in the clitoral arm. Pressing the button once lights up the smaller light, which indicates the vibration function is on and begins the vibrations on the first level. There are seven levels in all.

1- Low Steady Vibrations
2- Medium Steady Vibrations
3- High Steady Vibrations
4- Ascending Vibration (which repeats)
5- Slower Pulse
6- Faster Pulse
7- Three Quick Pulses Followed by One Extended Pulse

Pressing the "wave" button cycles you through those seven settings. If you wish to turn the vibrations off, you will need to press the power button, which turns all currently in use functions off.

Rotating Beads and Spinning Tip: These two functions are always on at the same time, you cannot choose one or the other. There are two buttons, an up arrow and a down arrow, which control these paired functions. After pressing the power button, you simply press the up arrow to begin and the first of six small lights will light up. Continue pressing the up arrow to move up through the levels, until all six small lights are lit up. To move back to a lower setting, you press the down arrow. To turn the rotating beads and spinning tip off completely, you press the power button.

The controls are easy to use and well thought out. I had no trouble figuring out how to operate the toy without instructions of diagrams. The buttons are easy to press, and the control panel is smooth and completely sealed, so there is no danger of water leaking inside. The clitoral arm is of average intensity, so anyone needing an immense amount of power and clitoral stimulation won't be satisfied by this toy.

There is a pretty substantial amount of noise that accompanies any and all aspects of the toy. The vibrating clitoral arm is quiet enough - if used alone, it will not be heard through a closed door, but it can be heard over the covers. If you crank up the shaft portion along with the clitoral arm, you may hear it through thin walls.

When used in the bathtub, the noise was somewhat muffled by the water. Any contact with the sides or base of the tub will result in a very loud noise that will be heard outside of the bathroom.

When holding the toy, especially if it is slippery from lube or water, I found that my finger wanted to rest on the center portion of the base, which has a bar that stretches across the diameter of the circle created by the base. That bar is used to aid in unscrewing or screwing on the base, to allow you access to the batteries. I worry that if you apply too much pressure with your finger, you may accidentally open the cap on the end of the base, exposing the battery compartment to water. I did attempt to test this theory out "on dry land" and it opened several times during use. I needed to remind myself, when I used it in the tub, to hold it in a way that didn't have my finger resting on that center bar.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

If you have any lint, hair, dust, or fuzzies anywhere near this toy, it will find them. Be sure to rinse or wipe off the Triple Play Wild G before you use it to be sure it is clean and fuzz free. The toy takes 4 AA batteries, which are housed in a battery holder and then slipped into the base of the toy.

As far as lubes are concerned, you can use silicone, water, or oil based lubes with the Triple Play Wild G. It is convenient that silicone lubes are compatible with the toy, as they help a great deal when you use it in the bath. As always, be sure to use caution when you use silicone lube in the bathtub, and be sure you don't slip.

The Triple Play Wild G can be cleaned with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. As it is waterproof, it can be submerged for cleaning with the battery compartment closed. It cannot be sterilized because it is made of a porous material, so if you intend to share it you should use a condom. It can be stored anywhere you like, and will not react adversely when touching other toys or materials.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Triple Play Wild G comes in a basic plastic clamshell package with a cardboard insert. The cardboard insert gives some basic information about the toy, including: the number of functions and speeds, the fact that the toy is waterproof, and the type and number of batteries required.

The information included is minor but sufficient, as it is a pretty self explanatory toy. The packaging isn't discreet, as the toy is clearly visible through the clear plastic packaging. If you plan to gift the toy, I would certainly wrap it or use a gift bag. For storage, you could use the clamshell or simply place the toy in your toy box.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet


If the Triple Play Wild G fits your body, you will love it. I had a bit of trouble with how the clitoral arm was positioned. If I settled the clitoral arm where I needed it, the shaft portion was inserted past the rotating beads and I found myself wishing for more internal sensation. If I tilted the shaft to hit my g-spot, the clitoral arm was far from where I needed it to be.

Many times while trying out this toy, I found myself wishing that the shaft would vibrate. I don't need intense clitoral vibrations, so the mid-range vibrations in the clitoral arm worked well for me, but they aren't enough on their own.

The fact that you can submerge it is very appealing, as I love taking toys in the tub.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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