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The Intruder Slim Is Truly Slim

This toy should be used primarily for clitoral and erogenous zone stimulation. I found it to be too loud, too hard to hold when I was wet (while inserting in my vagina) and too short to give me any kind of filling feeling while I was playing with it in my vagina.
•Aesthetically pleasing
•Very strong vibrations
•Very Loud
•Too thin
•Too short
•Texture is too smooth to hold on to once I became wet.
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The Intruder Slim was fun to play with, especially for quick orgasms and general fun. This is especially true of the vibrating head, since I found it the most useful for clitoral stimulation. This vibe's name is accurate, for it is slim and to the point. The Intruder feels great on my nipples, neck and thighs. More so on my nipples and clitoris, since they're very sensitive.

The Intruder Slim has a pretty strong vibe, and I confess, I wasn't ready for it the first time, so I was extremely shocked, then pleased, to find that this vibe was very strong. I have to say that was my favorite part--that the vibe was strong enough to bring me to a quick climax. If the Intruder weren't so long and slightly wieldy, it would be best paired with a dildo, providing the stimulation to your clitoris while your dildo of choice works its magic inside you, providing both internal and external stimulation to bring about an intense orgasm.

**Please note, this toy should not be used for anal play, since it does not have a flared base.**

Material / Texture

The Intruder Slim is made of food-grade smooth plastic, that is free of Phthalates and latex and is hypo-allergenic. Its smooth feel gives it that extra advantage of being easy to use internally, but harder to grasp as you become increasingly wet or use more lube. The vibe's head is gold-colored metal and is shiny, which makes it aesthetically pleasing.

I did detect a slightly metallic taste when I licked the head, since it is metallic, and the only thing I could smell was that newly opened package smell. Once I cleaned it before my first use, I could no longer detect any smell.

These particular materials are good for beginner use as they are easy to maintain and are of good quality for a person starting out with sex toys. However, I would recommend this toy to someone who has already used one or two toys before this, as it is a hard shaft toy, so first-time toy users may be uncomfortable with its use.

Design / Shape / Size

The Intruder's 7-inch body is very nicely constructed with the gold head and black body clearly defined by their colors and their textures. The plastic is a bit rougher than the metal head, but only slightly, so that I was able to notice that slight variation in texture as I was playing with it. I also liked how it is discreet-looking and I felt comfortable leaving it out on my dresser.

It stays true to its Slim name, as it is only 1 inch in diameter, with a 3 inch circumference. With its weight of less than a pound, it seems ideal for some, but once I'd held it for a few minutes, my hand started to get tired and I had to alternate hands to keep the rhythm going. It's an ideal toy for beginners, due to its slim shape and size, and would make a lovely introduction to the world of sex toy play.

One of the biggest problems I had with this toy was that I would be unable to keep a firm grasp on it as I was very wet from using it mostly to stimulate my clit. I enjoy clitoral play, rather than vaginal insertion, with strong vibes because it makes me quiver and slightly gush from the orgasm. It also feels better on my clit than inside.

Another giant issue I had was that this toy was not long enough to be of any use internally, so I ended up using it as a very powerful bullet that I could slightly insert to tease myself and love it. I love toys that can stimulate my g-spot, yet due to this toy's insertable length of 6 inches, it was too short to reach my g-spot.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Intruder Slim is a multispeed vibrator, controlled by a dial, located at the base of the toy, and is powered by 2 AA batteries. I found that the lightest vibe was still actually strong enough to have me play with it for at least a half hour before I got to the serious play and upped the vibe. It also took me that long to get used to the first-level vibe.

Again, the vibes are controlled by a dial, which is located at the base of the toy, and they are wonderfully buzzy. The lowest vibe was powerful, and as I increased the vibe's power, the toy became much more buzzy and the vibes were strong enough that my palm got a super tickle out of it.

This toy is simplistic in that you only have to turn the dial to up or lower the intensity of the vibe, which I liked, since I could control the strength of the vibe.

Another huge issue I had with this toy is that it is loud. I mean LOUD. The batteries hit the inner walls of the toy during the lowest vibe and it made a clattering noise. As I turned up the vibe, the clattering got louder, until it sounded like I had my own mini audience clapping me on. Some may find this a turn on, and I'm sure I would have, but I don't live alone so that was a bit of a turn off. Even as I held it more firmly, it still made a slightly muted clattering noise.

I found no indication on the toy's product website nor on the packaging that indicated that this toy was waterproof, so I will safely assume that it is not and that you should as well.

Care and Maintenance

I suggest that you care for this toy with a sex toy cleanser, like any you can find in an adult toy store's stock, especially if it is a spray cleanser. I also suggest that you wipe down with a mild solution of antibacterial soap and water, and dry with a microfiber cloth or paper towel or let air dry. Remove the batteries after each use to ensure that your batteries retain their life far longer than if you just leave them in the toy.

Again, I found no indication that this toy is compatible with any specific type of lubricant, but I used Wet Together's Platinum (silicone-based) and Original (water-based) and found no issues using the toy with either lube.


The Intruder Slim came in a plastic pop-open molded container that had a nice graphic of a woman on it, leaning and showcasing the Intruder Slim. It was nicely done.

Personal comments

I suggest this toy to anyone who wants to use this mainly for the vibration aspect. Especially for those with extremely sensitive erogenous zones as it'll send you over the moon with its vibes. However, make sure you live alone, are using it for couples play or make sure you're home alone before, during and after use. You DO have to recover and clean it, after all.


In the end, I primarily used the Intruder Slim as a clitoral and erogenous zone stimulator, rather than as an internal vaginal stimulation. It wasn't long enough, nor silent enough, to warrant another try as a vaginal toy.
Follow-up commentary
I tried to come back to this toy, to give it another chance, but I couldn't get to any kind of playing beyond the nerve-grating sound. This toy is loud. I don't want nor need a loud toy when I play. I'm sorry, Intruder Slim, I did try.
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