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The last vibe I'll need.

The Acuvibe is powerful. Rechargeable. Amazing. As long as this one holds out, I will never need another vibe, AND I won't have to deal with all of those pesky AA and AAA batteries. (And I'll be able to give my partner amazing back massages without hurting my wrists!)
Rechargeable, powerful, nice colors, feels amazing
The blue part of the handle smells unappealing.
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extremely useful review
I received the Acuvibe a week ago, and have used it, adoringly, nearly every day since. That's it; sorry, other vibes, but I'm taken. I'm done buying vibes|Vibrators Forum until (God forbid) this one dies on me.

I purchased the Acuvibe because I wanted a rechargeable massager|Acuvibe Massager, something that would last awhile, relatively powerful and not too expensive. It also has you covered if you need "power" during a power outage! In short, in no way has the Acuvibe failed to delight.

But let's start at the beginning. The very beginning, when I received my order from EdenFantasys in the mail. They, as always, had discreet packaging--but I failed to consider that a 4 pound package would stir up so many questions from my family! (I told them it was kitchen supplies.)

When I pulled the massager out of the package for the first time, I smelled it and noticed a mild, less-than-delightful smell coming from the blue handle part. I also noticed how great this toy would be for use as a pretend microphone. (Goodbye, hairbrush!)

The box illustrates a person using the Acuvibe on aching feet, back, and (I think) upper legs. So, of course, I had to give these a try. It felt so amazing on my feet, especially after a long day at work; I was in heaven. Back felt nice too, but upper legs didn't seem to need any help.

Then I read through the manual. You must read through the manual! I found out so many useful things, like that I shouldn't electrocute myself, and that I shouldn't use it under blankets (whoops), and don't use it on (I quote) "skin eruptions."

The toy came with a charge, but the instructions admonished me not to play until I'd charged it for eight hours, so I did. There's a blue light on the end of the massager that indicates if it is connected to the charger. But be careful what it's charging on; I left it charging on the wire, and there are permanent indentations on the blue part of the handle now.

Playtime was incredible. It took almost no time for me to get worked up enough to orgasm, and the orgasms were strong and left me feeling like I could definitely keep going. I first tried it on the lower setting, and orgasmed quickly, then tried it again on the higher setting, and orgasmed quickly. Also, although I worried about the fact that the control switch goes HI-OFF-LO, I was pleased to discover that the toy doesn't pause between settings (if you press it all the way up). I look forward to seeing what this can accomplish during sex with my partner--I expect amazing things.

Cleaning was relatively easy--I just used soap and water before and after use. I do hope to buy the silicone Pleasure Dome|Sex toys reviews - Pleasure dome once it comes back in stock, to see how it feels and to make it easier to clean.

I'm a simple girl with simple needs, and to me the simplest solution seems best: Keep this massager until it absolutely dies because it is everything, as a clit girl, I could possibly want.
I orgasmed in less than three minutes each time I used this, to the tune of feeling so nice that I forgot to look back up at the clock until three minutes after I started. I used it once directly on my skin, but have found that I feel better when I have at least a layer of cotton in between me and the massager.

Oh, and this vibrator (not being used on a person) also passed my run-out-the-door-and-see-how-quiet-it-is test--on both the low and high settings. (Though I tend to use caution and mask the sound as best I can.) While researching massagers, I worried for a bit that I'd have something like a blender on my hands.
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  • LovingBookworm
    Highlights from the manual:

     "While using the massager, keep your hair away from the air inlets."

    "Do not use outdoors."

    "Comfortable clothing is recommended while using this product."

    (It says it won't work while plugged in--false.)

    And some more serious ones:

    "Always avoid contact with the eye or eyelid."

    "Do not massage the upper neck area, near the base of the skull."

  • Dame Demi
    The Pleasure Dome rocks!  Do you think this will be too bulky for partner sex?  Well, I guess it depends on the position...
  • LovingBookworm
    It will be too bulky for missionary, but I have high hopes for doggie style (which I just wikipedia'ed to try to find a less silly name for!)
  • Also known as kitty style... ha. Rear entry is simplest, I think.

    How would you compare the noise level of this one to a battery-op. vibe? Also, does it heat up after some use?
  • Jimbo Jones
    I did not know that kitty style was an alternative name for doggy style. Sounds like a pretty cool toy. Glad it worked well for you. Excellent review!
  • It heats up a bit during charging, but this is the handle, not the head part. It's also mildly warm, not terribly hot. I haven't yet used it for more than maybe ten minutes, and it hasn't gotten hot in that amount of time.

    Conceptually, I like the term "kitty style" better because I like cats... except there was a nature show I watched when I was younger that mentions a barb on the tip of a cat's penis to encourage ovulation. That completely creeped out younger me!
  • LovingBookworm
    And noise level: The lower setting is about as loud (but more intense, if that makes sense--and the more one presses the head the louder the sound gets) as my battery-operated toys. The higher setting is much louder, but comparable to my electric raiser (rather than, say, a blender.)
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