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Love ghost vibrator

Rabbit vibrator by Orion

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The Love Ghost Is Probably Only for Those Who Love Ghosts

You get what you pay for with this cheap rabbit-style vibe: it works, but not very well. The twisting fails when the vibrations are turned all the way up. It’s a decent option for those on a budget or anybody with a ghost fetish.
Cute design.
Twisting function fails when it's on full blast, no pearls in the shaft.
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The ghost vibe|Love ghost vibrator is undeniably cute, and I could imagine some people getting one based on looks alone. It’s a purple Casper with a nice cactus-shaped protrusion that does a decent job of satisfying the clit, as well as a wider base that will help spread the good vibes along the outside of your labia and perineum if you put the shaft in all the way. The clit vibe and the twister have three settings each. A single button changes the direction of the twister.

I was especially excited to try the Ghost vibe because I’ve only owned one other rabbit-style vibe, the Mary Mermaid|Mary Mermaid review. Although my Mary still vibrates after over four years, the twist function broke a couple of years back. Still, I remembered absolutely loving the sensation of a twisting vibe inside of me, and when I learned I’d be reviewing this, I was most excited about having that feature again. Note that this vibe does not have pearls in the shaft, but the head does rotate in a twisting fashion.

Unfortunately, the twisting mechanism is the most disappointing thing about this toy for me—which is not unusual given that it’s an inexpensive, battery-operated rabbit-style vibe, and I think the twisting function is usually the most problematic aspect of these types of vibes. (The lack of pearls was not a real problem, as it’s the twisting head itself that really gets me off.)

But the problem with the Ghost is that when it’s inside of me, and I have both functions on, it will simply stop twisting at some point. I figured out that pressing the “switch directions” button usually gets the twisting back on again. Maybe this is a standard design flaw in a toy that was produced in China for very little money. It only takes 3 AA batteries, and it doesn’t seem to have as much power as the Mary, which takes four and is made in Germany. Or maybe the Ghost is just no match for my notoriously strong-clenching vagina. I *have* had problems with keeping the twisting function on full blast in pretty much every rabbit-style toy I’ve ever used (on loan from lovers). But, whatever the case, this is clearly not the best-made rabbit-style vibe out there, and that’s not surprising, given the price.

That doesn't mean I didn't come. I came twice--and very, very nicely. The clit stimulator hit just the right spot and buzzed just the right amount. I love the feeling of something inside of me at the same time that my clit is stimulated, and most women do--which is why the rabbit-style is so incredibly popular. But whether to go for a cheapie like this or a more deluxe version is a personal choice that depends on a lot of factors (see "Experience" below).

The box it came in announces that it was made in China and advertises it as “soft silicone”. Eden has wisely listed it as “TPR silicone” as it’s most certainly not genuine silicone. It’s probably pthalates-free, as it lacks a strong chemical odor, but it does have a very slight plastic odor when you sniff deeply at close range and its surface is scarred by the imprint of the plastic wrap it came in—things that you wouldn’t find in a genuine silicone dildo. It’s also a different texture than real silicone, slightly softer. Many would employ it for personal usage sans condoms, but to be extra safe, use a condom on the head and a finger cot or another condom on the clit stimulator. And it does make that winding noise when the twist is one, so it can get a little bit loud when everything is turned on at full force.
I personally would rather spend two or three times as much to get a higher-quality toy. The problem with sex toys, of course, is that it’s such an unregulated industry, that you could pay considerably more than $30 and get something that breaks down completely within a week and is not returnable. I know from experience that many other, more expensively priced, batter-operated vibes have the same problem with keeping the twisting function on at full force when the vibes are turned all the way up. That’s where Eden’s great site and reviews come in. If you’re picking a new sex toy here, I’d encourage you to do as much research as possible. Pay attention to reviews for all toys made by the manufacturer, if applicable, as well as the information Eden provides. Sometimes a cheap toy in your price range might be the right thing for you. Sometimes, by spending just a little more, you can get a lot more—or a lot less. Research is the only thing that can help you make better decisions.
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  • Excellent review, as always. I recently decided to try a rabbit-style vibe, and came to the conclusion that my muscle clenching is just too strong to bother.

    Ghost fetish- ha.
  • Bulma
    The little ghost face kinda creeps me out, personally. I do wish toy makers would stop trying to list silicone composite toys as just "Silicone." The box should list exactly what it is made out of. I have little respect for companies that try to dupe people in this way.
  • Oggins
    Haha! It might kinda suck for rotation but, this one would be a great halloween novelty! =) Great review!
  • Epiphora
    Ghost fetish, hahahaa.
  • MaxD
    Hahahaha! Kinky halloween novelties! I love it!
  • Sera
    Ghost fetish? That would be an oddity. Great review.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Excellent review
  • Harlequin
    Very strange looking toy. Thanks for the review!
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