Cyberskin sex collection - vibrator kit by Topco Sales - review by PassionQT

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This "Utimate Sensual Experience" Won't Last Long!

This kit is an odd combination of powerful base vibrations topped off with a less than perfect (yet temporarily functional) assortment of Cyberskin products. The overall quality and craftsmanship is mediocre at best. For a couple nights of pleasure, it's a fun treat, but when the Cyberskin quickly shows signs of aging, hold on to the vibrator and bullet, for they are sure to last longer and are the only thing that's really worth it in this kit.
Large Kit
Strong Vibrations
Soft Material
Porous Material
Visible defects
Difficult to clean & keep clean
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Topco's Cyberskin Sex Collection contains 7 items designed for the "ultimate sensual experience" (vaginal, clitoral, & anal regions) for either solo or partner play. It's more of a beginner's kit, geared toward couples who want to spice things up a bit. If you can afford it, it's no big deal if you only use it a few times; however, if you are looking for something long-lasting, this kit is not an investment worth making.

Nothing is waterproof, so keep playtime "on dry land". The overall quality is just so-so, with the vibrators really being the only items worth keeping long after the Cyberskin deteriorates, and it will, no matter how meticulously you care for it.

The two sleeves, the cock-ring, and the non-removable bullet cover are all constructed of Cyberskin, which by touch has a very unique and realistic feel to it. It's also phthalate free and latex free, which is great, but somewhat canceled out by a few deficiencies: its porous (condoms suggested) and fragile, high-maintenance nature.

Cyberskin is very stretchy, supple, & flexible, but also prone to tearing, rips, staining, and collecting lint/hair. It's smooth, but naturally on the sticky side, so using the included "Cyberskin Renew" powder (cornstarch) is essential to prolonging its brief lifespan. There's a slight smell to the Cyberskin items, but no taste, other than tasting dry, in other words...not "lickworthy"!

The remaining items in the kit (vibrator, bullet) are constructed of plastic & wire.

The kit includes a 7-inch sleek silver bodied vibrator, but it's closer to 7.5 inches long with only 6.5 of that being insertable. The diameter is about 1.5 inches with a 4-inch circumference. With the addition of either sleeve, the girth obviously increases.

There's an anal probe sleeve, with the top 2.5 inches being solid and very soft, too floppy actually. This tip consists of a larger 1-1/4 inch ball sitting on a larger 1-1/2" diameter ball, with a bit of a "neck" between both. The other sleeve is a realistic, pink-headed cock (presumably tinted or painted), which is hollow throughout, save for the roughly 1/4"+ cushioning of the head and shaft sides. The thickness of the anal probes' shaft portion is noticeably thinner than that of the cock sleeve.

As for the bullet, which is a standard 2.5 inches covered by a thin layer of Cyberskin, it's completely smooth save for the pathetic excuse for a tickler (at least on mine) on the top, which looks nothing like the thicker one pictured on the box. It's attached to a 4-inch long, hand-held black controller by a 30-inch long black wire cord.

The Cyberskin cock ring is 2-1/4" long and will accommodate a penis up to 2 inches in diameter. There are 8 uniformly-sized ticklers around the circumference of this portion. The lower half is designed to wrap under the scrotum and per the box, it says it fit a circumference of 3.14 to 6.28 inches.

Lastly, there is a .33 ounce bottle of the "Cyberskin Renew" cornstarch powder and 1 oz sample bottle of Climax H20 lubricant (INGREDIENTS: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, and Polyparaben). Even my bottle of lube is imperfect!

Strictly speaking on the intensity and performance of the battery-operated components, they are powerhouses and probably the best treat of the entire kit. The silver multi-speed vibe takes two C-sized batteries, which makes for some pretty impressive vibrations! With just a turn of the black dial, located on the bottom of the vibrator, the steady vibrations increase from low intensity to warp speed. The bullet unit is equally as strong (uses 2-AA batteries), with a sliding control bar that increases from low to high and has a little light indicator that becomes brighter as the intensity increases. Both are moderately loud, but the noise is worth it!

Now for the Cyberskin's performance...BIG FAIL! It's cheaply made and it's apparent that little attention was paid to quality control and usefulness (See EXPERIENCE section).

Use only water-based lubricant on Cyberskin, wash it in warm water and antibacterial soap, use cornstarch (not talc!) to keep it from being sticky, & keep it away from pretty much anything (other toys, heat, fabrics). It can "melt"! You can keep the original plastic tray to keep everything separate or use a plastic bag coated with cornstarch for the individual Cyberskin pieces.
I have a love/hate relationship with Cyberskin. The feel is exquisite, but the material is a waste of money. Already, it's starting to fall apart after just a couple uses, especially on the inside of the sleeve, where it appears to be peeling around the edges. I've followed all maintenance directions, yet those recommendations won't stop the material from deteriorating much faster than other synthetic sex toy materials on the market.

Also, when I was ready for some thrusting using the cock sleeve over the large vibe, I was unable to get a good grip on the handle because the sleeve covered the majority of the vibrator, so my hand was covered in lube and the toy was very slippery.

Forget using the anal probe! The solid tip probe portion slides all over the pointed top of the vibrator and flops around like a limp weiner, which makes it nearly impossible to get in the ass unless you have a huge gaping, stretched out hole to begin with.

The cock-ring was suffocatingly tight on my partner. It was more of a torture device than anything else, so depending on if your man likes that or not, you may want to keep it.

I'll keep the vibes for sure, but I'm cutting the stringy tip off the bullet since that's obviously a manufacturing defect. I only plan on using the cock sleeve until it falls apart, but the rest is worthless!
Follow-up commentary
Knowing how porous cyberskin is, I tossed the sleeves after using them each one time, but held on to the vibrators for a bit longer. This kit won't provide much fun past a couple of rounds. I still feel it's a cheap thrill kit, good enough for a night of pleasure, but not for a lifetime.
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  • sexyintexas
    Hmmm...thanks for the review. Wish this was sturdier
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    thanks so much for the review
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    good review
  • toxie m
    I have yet to try any cyberskin and this is why. It feels sooo squishy and nice! But.. I can't bring myself to shell out the money for toys that are basically just disposable. Sigh. Thanks for the great review
  • samanthalynn
    nice review
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