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This Wave Crashes and Burns

Ordinarily, I love Fun Factory, but the Ocean was a bust for me. Its one vibration speed isn't strong enough for me, its wimpy curve barely even grazes my G-spot, and its wave-like ridges are tough to clean. I'll stick with my G4 Patchy Paul, thanks.
Cute color, fun design, waterproof
Only one speed, doesn't hit G-spot, hard to keep clean, short handle, not very strong
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The Fun Factory Ocean is a dual-stimulation vibrator. It is an earlier version of a vibrator from their current collection called the Bmini Ocean. The Ocean I'm reviewing is battery-operated, unlike many of Fun Factory's newer toys, which are rechargeable.

The Ocean is intended for vaginal use, not anal, as it doesn't have a flared base to keep it from being sucked into your butt. The clitoral portion could potentially help with this, but I don't trust it enough to recommend that you use it anally.

Material / Texture

The part of the Ocean that'll be touching your genitals is covered in a layer of soft, smooth silicone. It's got a fair amount of drag so you'll want to use a slick water-based lube with this toy, at least on the part that'll be inserted.

The "handle" is made of black matte plastic which is easy to hang onto as long as it doesn't have any lube on it, in which case it gets slippery.

The toy has a bit of texture that's made to look like a wave shape, both on the tip of the insertable part and on the clitoral portion. It's also got some ridges going up each side. All of this texture seems to be exclusively for visual impact, as I can't feel it during use.

Design / Shape / Size

I have to say that I absolutely love the bright turquoise color of this toy. There is a sad shortage of turquoise sex toys in the world, and the color is honestly the main reason why I wanted to own this one!

The size of this toy makes it ideal for beginners who want to experiment with dual-stimulation toys. I'd estimate that it's somewhere between 1" and 1 1/4" in diameter at the widest point of the shaft, so I don't need to warm myself up before inserting it (though I do need to use lube).

The wave-like shapes on the toy are cool-looking, but they collect lube and sexual fluids like nobody's business. Cleaning them isn't particularly difficult, but it absolutely does need to be done after each use, or bacteria could build up in those spots.

I don't typically have great luck with dual-stimulation toys, which I think might be because my clit is located further away from my vagina than the average. As a result, when I use this toy and others like it, I have to tilt the toy down pretty far in order to get it to reach my clit on the outside, and this means that I don't get the full benefit of the toy's vaginal portion because it's pushing down on my bottom wall rather than squished up against my more-sensitive top wall.

However, even when I disregard the clitoral alignment (or lack thereof) and just focus on making the vaginal portion stimulate my vagina as best it can, it's not that great. The curve at the tip is very subtle and can't seem to stimulate my G-spot no matter what I do. It succeeds at stimulating my vagina more generally, but I prefer a more focused sensation on my G-spot.

The handle is very short, and clinging to it can start to feel difficult or uncomfortable after a while. I wish this toy had a longer handle with an easy-to-hold loop in it, like some of the newer Fun Factory vibes.

This toy isn't very discreet, as it's pretty blatantly a sex toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons which control this toy, a "plus" button and a "minus" button. Unlike many other insertable toys I've tried, this toy's buttons are located on the underside of the shaft, which I thought would be inconvenient and awkward but actually isn't. That's where my fingers naturally end up when I'm gripping the toy so it works out well. The only problem is that you can't see the buttons while you're using the toy, so it's easy to press "plus" when you meant to press "minus," or vice versa.

The buttons are well-designed - hard enough to press that I don't ever hit one by accident, but not so hard that I have to exert myself. This is surprisingly rare in sex toys.

To my chagrin, the Ocean only has one speed of straight vibration, as well as a few patterns (pulses, waves, etc). I don't really use patterns, so it's the regular vibration speeds that matter to me in a toy - and this toy only has one, which is really disappointing. I need to have multiple speeds so I can counteract the gradual numbness that sets in by slowly turning up the speed over the course of a session, and that's not possible with this version of the Ocean.

On the plus side, it's a fairly good vibration speed, even if there's only one. The vibrations travel evenly through the whole toy, easily stimulating both my clit and my vagina. The vibes are probably muffled a fair bit by the silicone, but they're strong enough that it's not too much of an issue. They are fairly buzzy and make me go numb eventually, but not as fast as, say, the Hitachi.

The Ocean is pretty quiet. It's also waterproof.

Care and Maintenance

As I mentioned earlier, the wave-like grooves on this toy's design are not great from a hygiene perspective. They have to be cleaned every time or bacteria will build up in them.

Many silicone toys collect lint but this one isn't too bad in that regard. Still, I wrap it in an individual plastic baggie when storing it, as I do with all my silicone toys, to keep it clean when not in use.

Soap and water is fine. A hydrogen peroxide solution can also be used for sanitization.

This toy is made of silicone and so it shouldn't be used with silicone-based lubes.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    thanks for sharing! i love the color of this but it is def not for me
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    I'm surprised it was so disappointing! Fun Factory toys are usually great. Thank you for the review; you definitely saved me from making a bad purchase!
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    Thanks for the review. This is so cute- it's a shame it didn't work too well for you.
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    I love the look of this. Too bad they did not spend as much effort into the rest of it. Thanks for the review.
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