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Triple climaxer sex toy review

This is a fun toy to get you warmed up for partner play or solo play. I would not recommend it on its own, but paired with another toy you enjoy, you can have a lot of fun.
Easy to maneuver; easy to use; easy battery insertion.
Clitoral stimulator isn't quite long enough; the g-spot curve isn't curved enough to hit the g-spot.
Rating by reviewer:
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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try the Triple Climaxer|Triple climaxer G-spot vibrator when I saw it.  It is oddly shaped, and while it is meant for a variety of stimulation, I wasn’t sure if it would succeed.

The curve for the g-spot didn’t seem like it curved enough. The clitoral stimulator didn’t look like it would be long enough to give me internal and external stimulation at the same time. Upon receiving it, I was anxious to try it out and see.  I put some batteries in it and turned it on.

It works with a touch button.  The first time the button is pressed it has a steady vibration.  The second time it is pressed, it has one pattern of pulsating.  Pressed a third time there is a second pattern of pulsing. The fourth time turns it off.

It’s really easy to use and the batteries are easy to put in.  It’s also not super loud. The steady vibration gave me an intense clitoral orgasm.

After that, I slid it inside me. The vibrations felt great. Unfortunately, it wasn’t great enough to give me an orgasm.  I pushed it in as far as I could to get some clitoral stimulation going at the same time.

The little bulb was just a tiny bit too short to reach my clitoris comfortably.  I turned it around to see if I could get some anal stimulation.  Unfortunately it didn’t curve close enough to the body for that.

Next, I tried for some g-spot stimulation|G-spot 101 guide.  My suspicions were correct: the curve wasn’t enough to really hit my g-spot well.  Then I tried the bulb in my vagina to try to hit my g-spot that way.  Once again, it fell short.  The ribbing on the underside of this vibrator didn’t do much for me.

I think this toy is a battery eater. The second time I went to use it, it was dead.  I put new batteries in it and found that it wouldn’t stay on by itself. I had to hold the button down for the steady vibration. It wouldn’t give me either level of pulsating.

I was really disappointed and was ready to toss the toy. After holding it down for a bit, I took my thumb off it and it was working on its own.  I pressed it again and it turned off.  I was once again disappointed, but was glad that at least one setting worked.

I turned it on and played some more then pressed the button again.  The pulsating settings were back.  It seems to be completely fine now.

The Triple Climaxer is a fun toy, but it doesn’t fit my body quite right.  I think it will be great to use with another toy.  I would use this toy as a clitoral stimulator|Clitoral stimulators and various clitoral massagers with another toy that is better for g-spot stimulation|G-spot stimulation sex toys.

I will say that it is fairly easy to maneuver and use at different angles.  The curve leading up to the clitoral bulb allows for a fair amount of control over angles.
Follow-up commentary
I really like this toy for clitoral stimulation.  The parts of it that make it a ‘triple’ climaxer are useless to me.  I like the g-spot curve for clitoral stimulation.  Internally it doesn’t do much for me: it is neither filling nor does it hit my g-spot well.

It’s a nice toy to get warmed up for the real fun with another toy, like the Acrylic Smooth Grooves G|G-spot vibrators: Acrylic smooth grooves G or the Sunrise's frosted head g-spot wonder|Glass G-spot shafts: Sunrise's frosted head G-spot wonder.  It is also fun in conjunction with these toys.  It does take a fair amount of maneuvering and coordination when you’re caught in the moment to keep things where they need to be, but it is well worth the effort.  One thing that I’ve noticed about this toy is that the tip, the g-spot curve heats up.  It hasn’t ever gotten so hot that I can’t touch it or that it smells like it’s melting.  I don’t know what the deal is with that.

This toy is easy to clean – just take the batteries out, make sure it is screwed together tightly, and wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.

The batteries went out on me again the other night.  It’s a relatively inexpensive toy, but the price of batteries adds up.  It’s something to keep in mind.

I have lukewarm feelings for this toy.  I enjoy it on my clit, but it certainly doesn’t do the job.  I wouldn’t pick this toy for a first vibrator.
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  • Layla D'Rosa
    Hey, great review. You really tired out all possibilites. Some that I thought of when I looked at the toy (using it for anal) and some that didn't cross my mind at all (using the little ball end for g-spot stim). Very informative.
  • ToyQuest
    I'm glad you found it helpful!  I really enjoyed the Acrylic Smooth Grooves G - be sure to check that out - it's a bit loud but so worth it!
  • Nashville
    Great review!
  • ToyQuest
    Thanks! I appreciate it!
  • ToyQuest
    This review is too old for me to do a follow up, so I'm just going to write a comment.

    I haven't really touched this toy since I got it, but I happened to get it out last night for a toy party I was hosting. I put new batteries in it, and it wouldn't turn on. I tried switching the batteries and everything and no luck. It's just a piece of plastic hanging out in my drawer now. I'm a little sad that it doesn't work, but I said in my original review that it's kind of a dud of a toy. In retrospect, I would give it 1 or 2 stars. Definitely not 3 stars.
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