Triple climaxer - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Jewelweed

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Versatile, but falls short of expectations.

This toy can be used for a little bit of fun penetration play, but overall, I found it to be pretty lacking in its capabilities to invoke pleasure. The material is just too uncomfortable for penetration, and the placement of the vibration is poorly thought-out.
Safe material, can be used in several ways, fairly thin.
Too hard, vibrations in the wrong spot, curved at the wrong spot.
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extremely useful review
This toy is the very first hard plastic one I've had since an older friend gave me my first vibrator from Spencer's Gifts at age 15. Boy, it makes me nostalgic! Hard plastic is a great material in terms of hygiene and safety. It is nonporous, and thus it can be easily cleaned, and won't harbor nasties. You can clean it with soap and water. To be on the safe side, it's always a good idea to use condoms when sharing toys with partners!

On first glance, it looks like a fun toy to use. It's quite slender, a great size for beginners. There's a definite curve to the insertion part, designed for g-spot stimulation. It comes with a small rubber cover for the clit-stimulator, something I found to be fairly useful... hard plastic pressed against the clit can be a little uncomfortable! I tried it with the rubber sleeve provided, which wasn't as uncomfortable, but it wasn't pleasant either.

So I put some lube on it (no worries about the material breaking down... I used my favorite silicone lube with it!) and put it to work!

Upon turning it on, my first impression is that THIS TOY IS LOUD. So loud that I'm actually uncomfortable using it in a thin-walled college dormitory. There are three different functions of vibration, from a steady buzz to two separate "patterns." Unfortunately, the vibrator is in the middle of the shaft, which makes the clit stimulator kind of useless. If I inserted the toy far enough for the stimulator to hit my clitoris, the toy is pretty deep in there, and the curve is way past my g-spot, heading towards cervical poking territory. Not good.

Also the hard plastic is a bit uncomfortable for penetration. For those who like a good, rigid, inflexible toy, this is probably a great option. To mix things up a little, I tried standing up with the toy inserted, and flipped it upside down, so that the clit stimulator was "stimulating" my anus. This provided a somewhat pleasant sensation, but the vibrations were still not strong enough to be felt. Internally is another story, I felt that the vibrations were a bit too strong, and it didn't feel very pleasurable either.

This toy could be a godsend for someone who likes hard plastic, but for me, it just didn't do the trick. For women with longer vaginas than mine, the g-spot curve could work for them, but for me it was nothing but a pain.
There's a possible application that I just thought of. This toy could be used anally for a male-bodied person. The curve could possibly stimulate the prostate, and the "clit stimulator" portion could stimulate the perineum. The design of the toy permits it to be anal-safe, so it's definitely worth attempting!
Follow-up commentary
Have you ever hooked up with someone who just went too hard, all the time? Like a jackhammer? No variation?

Well, this toy is basically the product equivalent of that jerk.

It's hard, it's loud, it's full of vibrations, and this all adds up to a big nothing, other than discomfort.

The vibrator is placed too far up in the shaft for it to stimulate the g-spot, and even so, that curve is just too pokey. It's like someone jabbing at the inside of your vagina. Unpleasant.

I failed to mention in my original review that the on-off button is so awkwardly placed! It's right under the clit stimulator, so you have to move it back from your body and press the button to change the speeds. Awkward.

I wound up throwing this one out in the last toybox clean-out.
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  • Victoria
    Hey, you tried, right? I think it's great that you tried it several ways before conceding. I was also impressed that you thought of ways others may find this toy pleasurable. Kudos!
  • Sera
    WHOA that thing looks weird.
  • Septimus
    That thing looks kinda scary.
    great review though, thanks!
  • maebey
    great review!
  • K101
    Yea, I agree. Just by the looks of it made my cooter hurt! I had the SAME issue with another cal exotic toy! The clit stimulator would NOT reach the clit at all while the poorly made shaft was inside. I found on reviews later that others said the same. I also think this one you had looks more like something a kid would play with, not something for a cooter. It looks terribly made and uncomfortable. Sorry for your disappointment. Also, the on/off button? WTF were they thinking when they made this thing?! Lol
  • SadoMas
    Thanks for the review.
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