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Boy meets girl kit

Vibrator kit by Jimmyjane

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Two toys, twice as much fun!

With body-safe materials (Hygienic, phtalate-free, ABS plastic), Waterproof and bath-friendly (water-resistant and shower friendly for the ring), travel ready, a one year warranty and batteries included, this is a great deal. The vibrations are strong and despite lack of color, the design is great. The pocket vibrator has vibrations that go through the handle and could make your hand go numb and the cock ring is hard to replace batteries for.
Easy to use, waterproof/water resistant, discreet, great for all users, batteries included.
All white, hard to replace ring's batteries, vibrations have after waves up through handle
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This amazing set comes with both the cock ring and pocket vibrator. This set is great for any couple, beginner or experienced. They are very easy to use and vibrate quite nicely, around 3 buzz on the Eden scale. The cock ring is very stretchy and will fit most users without a problem. The material is a bit thicker than and of better material than other cheaper cock rings; which will prove to be a great addition to any collection. In addition, the pocket vibrator is very simple. With one twist, the vibrations will start and you can be on your way to bliss. There is a cap for keeping it clean, but doesn't serve much of a purpose. There are four bumps that do the stimulating, primarily meant for clitoral use. This vibrator is also very nice to use with a partner as it has enough length to allow a partner to easily maneuverer it.
    • Couples
    • Everyone

Material / Texture

The vibrator is made out of plastic, which makes an 8 on Eden's material safety scale. It’s very smooth to the touch with a few ridges. The smoothness could be boring for some and it could also be difficult to hold onto once hands start to get wet, despite the ridges.

The cock ring is made out of Elastomer, which makes a 7 on Eden's material safety scale. It feels rubbery to the touch and squishy. It has a lot of cushion for the vibrator part so even when thrusting hard, the hard plastic isn't noticeable.

Neither of these items had any scent out of the box. The material on these is great for all users. Although beginners may find it too pricey, these would be great for people looking for higher quality material in their toys.
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

Cock Ring
The design for the cock ring is fairly standard. There is the loop that stretches around the cock and the vibrator is on top. There are little nubs/spikes on one side to hit the clitoris and better stimulate it. However if this is not desired, just put the ring on facing the other way. There are also nudges along the inside of the actual ring part to help keep it from sliding when things start getting slippery.

To replace the batteries (2 Button Cell A389); take off the rubber lid on the non-nubbed side. The vibrator comes out easily and the plastic components can be taken apart with ease. Just twist the lid and the two small batteries can be replaced. Putting the lid back on is a bit more tricky. There is a nudge on the top of the lid, make sure that it’s pointing to the I in Iconic ring. If you have problems with it, try taking the batteries out and putting the lid on, just to see how it fits, and then try with the batteries. This is probably the most frustrating part of this item.

Pocket Vibrator
The design for the pocket vibrator is very simple. There are three symbols that represent what mode the toy is currently in. The first is an arrow pointing away from the words iconic pocket and it's the open feature. Luckily, putting batteries in this toy is much more simple that its partner. A single double A battery slips right inside and with a twist, the bottom is back on. The second symbol is a square, the middle symbol, and is the standby mode. It keeps the bottom part on, without turning the toy on. There isn't any sort of lock to keep the toy from turning on while not in use, so it’s best to keep the battery in a separate location. This also helps prevent corrosion.

The third and last symbol is another triangle, but this one points away from the rest of the symbols, to the right. This obviously is the on feature. All these symbols are right underneath the words "Iconic Pocket" and are between 5 lined nubs, to help twist the lid with slippery fingers.

They are both white and clear. They feature their names on them in gray caps. They are designed to be average and what the common person would want. Since they are so dull to look at, upon first glance someone might not realize what they are. This makes them fairly good for travel. Depending on where these are being hidden, it would be fairly easy. Under pillows might easily turn on the cock ring (Which taking batteries in and out is a bother, so you might want to skip that). However, in toy boxes, nightstands or bags would be easier to hide these friends in.
    • Discreet look/design

Functions / Performance / Controls

The cock ring is fairly quiet, while the pocket vibrator is on the noisy side. About 2 bees on Eden's scale for the ring and 4 bees on Eden’s scale for the vibrator. The three put on this review is just and average of the two. The cock’s rings vibrations are fairly central, not directed at any particular side. The vibrator's vibrations seem to towards the point, but there is a lot of after waves that go up through the handle. This can be a turn off for some people, as it could seem that the handle vibrates as much as the point of it does. These waves are different, and aren't as pinpointed. However, if used for an extended amount of time, your hand could start to become numb.

The overall performance of these toys were satisfactory. The functions were easy to understand and to use. The cock ring has two ways to operate:

1. By pushing against the front. This doesn't keep the vibrations on either.
2. Pressing a button on the side, this keeps the vibrations on.

The pocket vibrator has an off and on mode, as well as one to open it up in order to place the battery inside. The symbols are as follows:

1. Triangle pointing down: open case.
2. Square: Standby mode
3. Triangle pointing to the right: On.

Since each of these toys only have one function each, this limits its capabilities and could be a downside for people who need more than one speed, especially for the pocket vibrator. The pocket vibrator is waterproof and bath-friendly while the cock ring is not. However, it is water-resistant and shower-friendly. However, caution should be used when using these toys in water for safety reasons.

Care and Maintenance

I always recommend cleaning toys. So cleaning it with warm water and mild antibacterial soap is generally my best solution to cleaning toys. Most people already have the soap at the sink, it takes 30 seconds at most, and it also gives you a chances to clean any "mess" you could have gotten on your hands. It is a win win situation. Other cleaners will most definitely work on this toy as well. Do make sure than when cleaning the different parts of the cock ring to make sure that they are fully dried before putting everything back together.

As far as storing this toy goes, I would recommend keeping it in its beautiful tin. Be careful of storing any toy with batteries inside. Toys really do corrode this way. Although, keeping the batteries out of the cock ring is a burden, if you don't plan on using the toy for a few weeks, taking the batteries out should be considered. They both can be stored in the boxes that they came in and kept together with the rubber band that says Jimmy Jane on it. Or keeping them stored in a box or night stand would be good as well. Make sure that when storing the cock ring that it can not be easily turned on by just the right nudge if batteries are still inside it.


These two are bound together with a red rubber band with "Jimmy Jane" written on it. The boxes are white and each box has an image of what is inside. They look very cute together and could be used as a gift box. The boxes easily come apart once the rubber band is taken off and it’s very clear that they are two. They open up on the side and inside is a little house like space.

On the outside of both boxes, all the writing is the same, aside from their names. However once the boxes are opened, directions for each one are on the flaps.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

The cock ring is good if you are careful with it. My partner and I aren't the most cautious with toys during play and somehow leaked some sort of moisture into the cock ring and the screws on the front have started to corrode. I'm not really sure why there are screws that aren't covered, especially with a sex toy, but be cautious of making sure that if there is any moisture that gets in, make sure that it has the chance to dry out.

The batteries are also a horrible bother. The lid is nearly impossible to place back on. I actually had the batteries fly out at me after I closed the lid successfully and tried putting it back into the ring. I would recommend not messing with the batteries when very little ones are around, as a battery could fly out and who knows if they get to it before you, and if they are able to eat it before you notice.
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