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Uniquely Satisfying - When You're Home Alone

The California Exotics Passion Wave Butterfly is a unique, daunting toy of the rabbit variety that you shouldn't buy without careful consideration. It's expensive, it's huge, and it has a bit of a design flaw that might be cool with you, but only if you know about it before plunking down a hundred bucks for it. I like this toy very much, and do recommend it, but with caution -- this is one of those toys you'll either love or hate, so do your homework before whipping out the Visa.
The waving sensation is unique and extremely pleasant.
The shaft size and the position of the butterfly make this a love it or hate it kind of toy.
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This is a toy best used by someone who wants a little size and it will require some warm-up time and some lubricant. I'm hesitant to warn away beginners, because everyone is different, but it's not recommended as a first toy for a reason. Know your own body before you give this one a try.

It does provide dual stimulation of a unique kind, so if you want a sensation that's different from the standard vibration and rotation found in most rabbits, this is a good toy to try. While it sticks to the traditional vibration on (or around) the clitoris, the shaft delivers a unique waving action that is quite enjoyable.

Material / Texture

The Passion Wave is made of phthalate-free TPR material that is soft and smooth in texture, and is free of any unpleasant rubbery odors.

Design / Shape / Size

The big issue with this toy is the size of the shaft. I've seen this on many websites, and it's described as 5 1/4 inches in circumference. That's big. That's also not accurate. I measured it at 5 3/4 and that's really big. I've even seen a couple of reviews from women who failed to get this toy, or its cousin, inserted at all.

The other problem is the position and shape of the butterfly -- it'll either hit the parts it's supposed to hit, or it won't, depending on the details of each individual user's anatomy. I found what it did quite sufficient, and actually found the fact that it missed the target ever so slightly to be a positive, but others might disagree.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I never would have tried such a girthy toy, because as I may have mentioned before, I'm lacking in the experience department, but I really wanted to experience the waving sensation. I figured that with enough lube, if I got myself worked up enough, I could manage. Maybe. And I was willing to gamble the hundred bucks.

It is a gamble if you haven't tried anything big before. Make that decision before making the purchase, because you can't return a sex toy, or resell a sex toy, and you don't want to beat yourself up over a hundred dollars. Or you could remove the gamble-factor and try a vegetable test, but you're less uptight than me if you're willing to wrestle a condom onto a zucchini and get friendly with it.

The controls look straightforward, but they are slightly harder to mess with once the item is actually in play, so if you buy this product, take a few minutes to check those out first. That probably applies to most toys -- up, down, left, and right become relative when you're busy.

After lots of warm-up involving half my toy collection, I lubed up the Passion Wave. This is not a case of a single drop of lube will go a long way, at least not for me. I really greased the thing up. Insertion was not easy, partly because I'm not in the best of shape so contorting to handle the awkward thing was a chore, and partly because it's huge, but I went slow and tried to be careful. It wasn't outrageously painful, but it wasn't comfortable either, so instead of trying the wave function right away, I relaxed a bit to adjust to the size (yeah, relaxed, right), then I flipped on the vibrating portion for a few seconds and was done for the night, and a little bit sore. I tried it again a few days later, and with warmup and lube, it slid in much easier, and felt a lot better. I turned on the wave motion, and holy wow.

The waving motion feels really really good. Writing about it now makes me want to go waste an hour. A half hour of the Sasi and a bit of the Passion Wave, and I'd probably go blind.

The biggest flaw with this toy is the position of the butterfly, which is the vibrating portion. It's not positioned right to hit the clitoris directly, but it does vibrate all around the clit. Personally, I found what it did quite sufficient. Even without using the waving function, the butterfly got me off immediately that first time, and after a few uses it's a struggle to hold back once I turn it on. If the stimulation were more direct, it might border on painful. This is one of those times when you need to know your own body to make a decision, because one person's minus is another's plus.

There's another version of the Passion Wave that has a rabbit rather than a butterfly, if you want more direct stimulation on the clit. Also, there's a slimmer version, without the vibrating portion, so perhaps I should be recommending that instead, but I haven't tried it, so I'm only assuming the wave function feels the same on the smaller one.

As for the sound test, it flunked. This requires an empty house, closed windows, and the stereo turned up. Your saving grace if someone does come home early is that the sound is hard to identify, because the vibrator part is quiet, it's the sound of the waving motion that's the issue. It sort of sounds like the vacuum cleaner meeting the clothes dryer in a cage match. And yes, it's quieter when it's inserted, but if you have to scramble to turn it off, it's not going to stay inserted while you fumble at the controls in a blind panic with lube all over your fingers.

If you can handle the size of this toy, it's fantastic. If you can't, it's a waste of money. Give it a lot of thought before you try it, and by all means try the 'actual size' link on There are lots of other rabbit type vibrators that do other very pleasant things, so consider them as well. So my recommendation status on this product is basically "I don't know" but at least I'm honest.

Care and Maintenance

The Passion Wave Butterfly can be used with either water or silicone lubricants, and cleaned with either mild soap and water, or a toy cleaner. Since it's waterproof, it is quite easy to clean. As for storage, it's big and its use is rather obvious, so hiding it will be tricky. If you expect nosy visitors in your underwear drawer, you're going to need a locking toy case for this one. Also, it's too big for many separator bags, including the cosmetics bags I prefer, but it fits quite comfortably in an extra large Sugar Sak or larger cosmetics bag.

The battery do-hickey makes storing the batteries outside of the toy quick and easy, which in addition to being safer for the toy, will also prevent it from turning on unexpectedly. This is a loud toy, and you don't want it powering up at the wrong time.


The Passion Wave comes in a slightly tacky cardboard box that I threw away quickly, and requires four AA batteries that fit into a removable battery do-hickey.
Follow-up commentary
I still really enjoy this toy whenever the opportunity to use it arises -- it's loud, so I need an empty house as well as an empty spot on my schedule and a desire to indulge. I've owned this one for about nine months and haven't managed to break it. It's better on batteries than I would have guessed. I'd prefer a pure silicone version, instead of the TPR, but this is still a unique favorite.
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