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If we could have just one toy in our arsenal of adult products, the Woo-Two would be our choice. It's an excellent, well-rounded product that allows for a myriad of play options. Perfect for solo use or partner activities, the sky is the limit for ways to enjoy this vibrator. Use your imaginations and leave your inhibitions at the door. This toy literally defines great bang for the buck!
Awesome design, waterproof, easy controls, double motors, excellent power.
Make sure to clean the ridges after use.
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First impression

It always feels like Christmas morning when a package from Eden arrives. My hubby and I must look like little kids opening the box to see what naughty Santa brought us to play with. We could tell instantly that the Woo-Two was not a 'sweater from grandma' disappointment but instead something we were going to have some fun with!
This double-ended vibrator came nestled in a classy-looking box with a delicious photo of what was to be found inside as well as a listing of product features that are all desirable in an adult toy. Seconds later, the packaging was ripped open, and our eager hands fondled the high-quality material of the Woo-Two.


It's constructed of luxurious silicone, which makes it firm yet flexible and has a host of other fantastic properties making it hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and non-sticky. At just over 13 inches in total length, this vibe has a hefty weight to it which also speaks quality to us. It's obviously designed to be shared between partners, and the packaging says it's 'best for lesbians,' but this hetero couple already could see some other mischievous activities possible. Each insertable end of the toy is slightly different from the other. One side has much more pronounced ridges, while the opposite side has a smoother texture. Both sides are molded with a decent curvature to stimulate the g-spot or p-spot. The diameter isn't crazy large but a very satisfying 1 1/2 inches, with each side being about 6 inches insertable. There's nothing stopping the user from going deeper if desired, so those with a hungry butt can rejoice in possible backdoor play.


Another great option we noticed immediately is the magnetic charging connection. No more fumbling with finding the spot to insert a small charging pin! Instead two small metallic dots on the outside of the shaft attach to the included charge cord. It's reminiscent of Apple laptop connections and a fantastic addition.


First Use

It wasn't long before our clothes were stripped off, and my hubby had one end of the Woo-Two slicked up with water-based lube. He slowly worked the smoother end into my pussy while treating me to his tongue flicking against my clitoris. Once he had it inserted, he turned on the vibrations and gently stroked it back and forth. The upward curvature of the toy is angled just right to stimulate the g-spot, and it took little time for me to be moaning in pleasure. Another button allowed him to cycle through the 12 possible vibration modes ranging from slow and steady, fast and furious, or several staccato patterns. After some experimenting, I informed him I wanted full power, and it wasn't long before I came in a leg-shaking amazing orgasm! He let me cool off for a couple of minutes and turned the toy around, and eased the more ribbed end inside me. A quick press of the center button changed the vibrations to that side of the toy, and again it was buzzing away inside me. With his tongue lapping across my clitoris and one hand giving my nipple some firm pinching, he vigorously fucked me with the Woo-Two, and my body rocked again with the second climax in under five minutes. I needed a longer break this time and decided it was his turn to enjoy our new friend. We're both no strangers to butt play, and it took no coaxing to have him get up on all fours for me to slather his ass with lubricant. My finger dipped slippery stuff into his butt to get him ready for the main event. I decided the ribbed side of the vibrator would give him more stimulation, and after a quick coating of lube, I had it pressing against his hole. Slow and steady always wins the race, they say, and with a firm but gentle push, I eased the toy inside his ass while treating him to a slippery lubed-up hand-job. It was easy to run through the different vibration options, and I settled on a pattern that started off slow and increased to a higher speed. Faster and faster, I fucked him and jerked his cock until he let out a deep moan and shot cum all over the bed. Damn, I should have put down a towel first, I thought, but having to clean the sheets would be a small price to pay for watching his body squirm.
Our first foray with this delightful double-ender did not disappoint!


Further Experience

Since our pleasurable first time with the Woo-Two, we've had no negative experiences whatsoever. Double-ended toys allow for so many options to play, especially if you have some imagination. This product is waterproof, and I've enjoyed it in our hot tub without any issues. The run time is very long, and we haven't managed to drain the rechargeable batteries yet. The included instruction page says the toy can go for up to 3 1/2 hours, so it's unlikely we ever will as long as it's fully charged before use. Cleaning is super simple with soapy hot water or a 5% bleach solution. Because it's non-porous sharing is possible, and for double-ended toys, that's a must-have feature. Extra attention must be given to the ribbing as bodily fluids tend to hide out in the crevices.
The controls are very easy to operate as the push-buttons can be manipulated even with slippery lube-coated fingers. The center button turns the toy on and also selects either one or both sides to vibrate. The other two buttons determine the intensity/pattern of the vibrations for each end.


Despite the box saying the Woo-Two is great for lesbian activities (I'm sure it is!), we've managed to enjoy double pleasure by both getting into the doggy-style position and inserting the toy into each of our butts while masturbating at the same time. The key is to alternate who is clamping down on the toy so that either partner is receiving the fucking. I hope you are getting the visual because it is absolutely hot!
For solo play, I also like to have this vibrator in my ass with another toy in my pussy (or vice-versa), and I have found I prefer the ribbed end over the smoother side. The ridges offer more stimulation, and the curvature can hit the g-spot if positioned properly. My husband admits to jerking off with the Woo-Two in his ass and likes the control he has due to the length of the toy. It's very easy to manipulate and can be grasped by the entire hand. I enjoy lending a helping hand and watching him squirm and ejaculate all over himself.

Vibration Map

There are two separate motors providing the power to the Woo-Two, and both pack a punch with intensity centered at either end. Vibrations transmit decently along the length of the shaft but are mostly felt at the tips. With 12 different intensities/patterns, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Noise is surprisingly quiet for the power and can't be heard through a closed door. In the picture below, it's not possible to duplicate the vibration markers, but they are mirrored at the other end of the product.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I've already mentioned some of the possible ways to use this vibrator, but I'm sure there are more that we haven't tried yet. The double-ended style makes for tons of options, and creativity will bring even more pleasure. It is a toy for everyone, and the design is fantastic in all aspects. In the month we've had the Woo-Two, our other toys have taken a back seat and are probably jealous of the moaning and groaning happening. Our orgasms are always a guarantee and highly pleasurable toe-curling experiences. My partner works nightshifts quite often, and most evenings I find myself reaching for this vibrator before I go to sleep. Sometimes it's just for a quick penetration coupled with me rubbing my clitoris manually. Other times it's coupled with another toy in my ass or vice-versa. One night I was feeling particularly frisky and also had my nipple clamps on with our biggest butt plug inside my ass while I furiously fucked myself in the doggy position with the Woo-Two. That was a bed-soaking experience, and I managed to hit my g-spot perfectly with this toy. It's all in the angle, and the curvature of the shaft, if placed correctly, hits the magic spot. It's a highly delightful learning curve!
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