Double-ended vibrator for couples

Woo Two ? More Like WOWWOWWOW FOR TWO !

This is my best toy selection since the Womanizer! It is an Orgasm maker. It says "Lesbian " toy on the box, but it's so much more. My husband can't wait for us to use it together. It also can be used to massage the shoulders, calves, and other body parts.
Powerful, Quiet, Body safe material,
Pick up dust easily
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First impression

The mail person left a large at my door instead of at my mailbox. It came in a large box with a pegging set and apparently too big for the parcel locker. When I opened it I realized why. The Woo two box was very long! I opened it and found a beautiful bright purple double head vibrator. What struck me besides the length was the attractive gold bands in the middle.

nearly 15" long box
The box is nearly 15" long.

The 3 control waterproof buttons/ Magnetic charging pins on the opposite side/ middle button lights up while charging.

After washing it, I powered it on. I figured the middle one was the power buttons. Nothing happened til I pressed one of the other 2 buttons. Suddenly it jumped to life. It was so powerful I almost dropped it! I put it on the charger and couldn't wait to try it. It took about 4 hours for the blinking light to go off.

3 control buttons
A closer look at the 3 control buttons/ Middle is on/off, left controls left side. right the right side

First Use

I took a bath before going to bed and decided to test it underwater. It was so powerful it shook the water and made waves! I played with the cycles and was super impressed! I pressed one end against my clit and cycled a few settings. It was really easy to position being so long and curved. I was so aroused I decided to slip the smaller, smoother end inside me. What happened next was unbelievable. I experienced a huge orgasm and felt like I was going to pee! Out of breath, I laid there and relaxed in the warm water.

slightly thinner and less pronounced ridges
This end is 1 1/4" wide and slight ribbing on the backside. The front is totally smooth.

this end is slightly wider and has thick ridges
The end has very thick pronounced ridges and 1 3/8" wide.

Further Experience

The next night I bought out Woo two again. Yesterday was fantastic and I wanted it again. I'm not totally sure but it seems like the ridged end was more powerful than the smooth end. I pressed the ridges against my clit and powered it on. It felt as powerful and my electric wand. After a few minutes, I rubbed it gently against my clit.
The combination of the rubbing and the super vibes was fantastic! Wow!

With the long curved shape, it was easy to insert inside me. I think you know what happened next. Orgasm number two out of two tries. I thought to myself, "JackPot!"

My husband laid next to me somewhat jealous. He said that's it's a woman-to-women double dildo. I was thinking he wanted one end in him and the other in me. Well, maybe in the future. He did point out this could be used to massage other body parts since it was easy to handle and so long. It certainly is strong enough.

Vibration Map

Both sides vibrate. On the map below, there are only 3 numbers allowed. However, both sides can vibrate at the same time. So just place another "1" on the other tip and a "1,2" on the corresponding opposite side.

After powering on and hitting the left button, the left side vibrates. Pressing the same left button proceeds to change the patterns.

Pressing the middle button a second time turns on the other side. Both will now vibrate.
Then press the middle button again will shut off the left side while leaving the right side on.
Pressing the middle button again alternates back to the left.
Pressing again makes both go on.
To turn off, just hold the middle button down until the Woo two goes off.

I guess these functions are for when the double vibrator is shared among two users. Who knows, perhaps one day I will share and play with my husbands. That is unless I one day get a girlfriend.

  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

This gives me an intense orgasm like using an electric wand. The difference is a wand would take much longer. I was watching some cervical orgasm videos a few weeks ago. This reminds me of the long curved glass wands they showed. I'm thinking this would be great for a woman wanting to reach her A spot and try for a cervical orgasm.
Each end is 6" long but one can insert probably 11"s of it.
Pleasure Meter

This is how
I describe
my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
I finally got to use the Woo Two on two people as intended. We did a female-to-male play. It was fabulous! Looking forward to doing it more often. It was better and more exciting than I ever expected. The vibrations are so strong. And the charge lasted a long, long time. I had used it first to warm up before inviting him to share it.

Let's give this 7 stars!
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