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Vibrating sensation

This vibe is great for someone who is not really experience in using a vibrator. It is small, discreet and can be hidden very well. Great to experience during solo play as well as with your partner.
The egg is small and vibes intense for it's size.
Vibe is a bit louder then expected.
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The egg is a light weight silver egg shaped vibrator that is attached to a cord that is about 2 feet long and at the end is the control pack. The control pack has a multispeed control which reminds me of a radio tuner control button. The control pack take 2 AA batteries.

I popped in some batteries as soon as I got it and started testing the vibe to see how powerful it was. It is pretty loud and it got my 2 years old daughter's attention. She started bugging me about wanting to see and play with it. So I let her play with it. It looked innocent and discreet that she wouldn't know what it is meant for. Plus I was curious in seeing what she will do with it. Well she had a ball with it. That vibe was in her shirt, on her fathers' chest, on my leg, and all over. She thought that it was a new toy for her, little did she know that it was mommy's toy. I had to fight to get it back because she was having so much fun. I began to think if she was having that much fun with it, I could just imagine how much fun would have with it.

By the time I got it away from her I was even more excited to try it. So I went in the bedroom and locked the door while my fiancé and daughter was watching cartoons in the living room. I wanted to try it out first to see how I would react to it and get an idea of how it feels before I use it during sex with my fiancé.

I got in my bed and laid on my back and began massaging my clit with the egg. The vibrations against my clit had me tingling all over. It was a feeling that I never felt before. I was twisting and turning all over the bed. The only thing is that the egg was a bit louder then I expected. I don't know if maybe it just seemed loud because it was very quiet in the room but it was just a bit to loud for me. I was nervous about my daughter hearing it and trying to breakdown the door trying to get "her new toy" back. Besides the noise that it made it felt really good. I just held it up by the cord against my clit and just let it vibe on my clit in high speed while I moved my hips in small circular motions. It felt so good that I began feeling greedy for more vibe against my clit so I actually held the whole egg in my hand and push it against my clit. Boy did that really do the job. I felt the vibe more intensely. I was moaning and biting my bottom lip. I did that for while until my hand started feeling numb from the vibration in my hand. I couldn't take the intense vibe in my hand anymore. It felt like my whole hand was getting numb from the vibe or maybe it was just the fact that I do not have any experience in using a vibrator. I don't know if anyone else felt like how I did with a vibrator or maybe I was thinking to much during my session instead of just letting it do it's job. But I wasn't use to using toys let alone a vibrator so it may need some getting use to that feeling. After the numbness and me switching hands like 5 times I stopped. The vibrator felt very good but I felt that it started to get a bit repetitious and numbing feeling everywhere. I think I needed something extra like my man's penis.

A few days later from my first session while my fiancé and I was off from work I gave the egg another try. So we began our intimate session. During our moment I asked him to use the egg on me while in the doggy style. Having two different sensations at once was great. He was massaging my clit with the egg while pumping his penis in my kitty cat (his pet name for my vagina). Compared to my solo session this had me climaxing over and over.

After our two hour long session I cleaned it off with soap and water. The egg is made of plastic so it can easily be clean with antibacterial soap and hot water or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). It can also be used with any type of lube. The egg is non-porous and phthalate free which makes it pretty safe and easy to clean which is the most important thing.
The egg was great to use during solo play but even better with my fiancé. Later that week while my daughter was in school and we both had the day off, we used it while in the doggy style position. It was great. I solved my numbness in my hand from the vibe by letting him use it on me while I threw my kitty cat back. It was the best experience ever!!! If using toys during sex feels like that I am about to begin on my large collection. He enjoyed the fact that I was so into our sexual session. He was just pumping and kissing me everywhere. Big smile I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for something of this size and intensity.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    Glad to hear that your first foray into sexual toys went so well. A good vibrating egg or bullet is a must in any collection, so you've started off on the right foot. Have you noticed any problem with the finish coming off the egg during cleaning? Welcome to the community and the world of sex toys. Thanks for the review.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Welcome! Thanks for the review.
  • LikeSunshineDust
    Welcome to the community!
    I also find that bullets make my fingers go numb after a while. However, they're usually what I go to for a quickie, so I'm not holding them for very long.
  • Spicy Diva
    To answer Jimbo Jones question..... @ first I didn't really noticed but since you asked I went back to look @ it and the finish is starting to coming off a little around the middle of the egg.
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