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WALL-E's Vibrating Friend

The market for this toy is pretty slim. You'll need to be a fan of weak and buzzy vibrations for this to work well for you. For G-spotting it will work if you don't need a firm toy or a ton of curve. While the shape could be good for new G-spotters, it's not my first pick for a beginner due to the vibrations.
Pretty color, Easy to use buttons, Decent curve
Flexibility, Weak and buzzy vibrations
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EVA ("Extreme Vibrating Action") is a new toy by Cal Exotics. It is a vibrator with a slight curve to help stimulate the G-spot. It's base widens out slightly, but not enough that I would personally be comfortable using this anally.

EVA can be used alone or with a partner. The G-spot curve is good for someone new to G-spotting. The small size makes it ideal for someone new to penetration. It's not my first pick for a beginner's toy, but it's not the worst thing I've run across either.

Material / Texture

EVA is made of silicone which rates a 10 on the safety scale. It is non-porous and phthaltes free.

There is a slight smell to the silicone which is noticeable if you hold it to your nose. Upon first opening EVA this smell was much stronger.

The silicone is on the softer side. It does have a medium amount of drag to it. Lube is recommended with this toy to help ease the drag. Remember that only water based lubes should be used with silicone toys.

The sides of EVA are slightly raised and follow the curve of the toy. Since the raise is very slight it's not something that really adds stimulation when using it.

The middle of the toy has some flexibility to it. It can't be bent in half, but it can be bent inward somewhat. This means that if you require firmness to hit your G-spot that EVA may not work for you.

Design / Shape / Size

EVA is 9" in total length. Of that, 7" is insertable. The head of the toy is 1.25" diameter and 3.75" circumference. The middle is 5/8" diameter and 2" circumference. Near the base is 1.25" diameter and 4 3/8" circumference.

For size reference, here is EVA in my hand. If held to my middle finger it comes well below my wrist.

The small diameter of this toy makes it good for those new to penetration or those that prefer smaller toys. Those that like more girth will likely not be satisfied with the size.

The design of EVA is intended for G-spot stimulation. The tip of the head curves upward into a rounded point. After the head the vibrator narrows down to a slim size. It then widens up once again. As mentioned, the sides are raised up and follow the curve to the vibrator.

The length of the toy makes it a little harder to store or travel with than smaller toys. Since it's slim that helps a bit in that department. It's not so large you can't place it in a dresser drawer.

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are two buttons on EVA to control the vibrations. One has the symbol for "power" and the other has a wavy line. These light up red when turned on. The buttons are easy to press and located nicely so as to avoid hitting them during use.

To turn EVA on press the power button. This will not start the vibrations. It glows red to let you know it's been turned on. To get the vibrations started you press the wavy line button. This button is used to scroll through the various speeds and patterns. There are seven different options available.

1) Constant vibration. 1.5 vrooms, 2 bees
2) Constant vibration. 2 vrooms, 2 bees
3) Constant vibration. 2.5 vrooms, 2 bees
4) Quick escalation followed by a moment of steady vibration.
5) Medium paced pulse.
6) Medium paced pulse with longer drawn out pulses.
7) 1-2-3-4 pulse with the fourth held out longer.

The vibrations are strongest at the tip of the vibrator. They travel about 3/4 of the way down the toy.

The vibrations are very buzzy and surface level. While in the hand it rates 2.5 vrooms at the highest, when using it internally the vibrations feel much weaker. The surface level nature means that the vibrations just don't carry into the skin and die upon contact.

While it's buzzy it didn't cause any numbing when used internally. It does cause some itching and numbing to the hand.

EVA is a waterproof toy. The battery compartment is a screw in that blocks water from entering the motor.

Two AAA batteries are needed to run EVA. These are not included in the packaging. There is a screw off twist end where the batteries go. I found this twist closure to be very difficult to take off and put back on.

Care and Maintenance

You can use a few different methods to clean EVA. You can use toy cleaner or toy spray. You can also use plain soap and water. It can be sanitized with a bleach solution. While silicone can be boiled, you should not boil EVA as it might destroy the motor.

Only water based lubes should be used with EVA. Silicone based lubes could destroy the material.

You could store this in either a pouch or plastic baggie. The packaging could be used for storage, but it's rather bulky and flimsy to be ideal for this.


EVA comes in a blue and white box. The toy is visible through clear sections in the plastic. The front says the name of the toy as well as what EVA stands for. It has symbols for some of the key functions. The back has a bullet point list of the features in a few different languages.

The plastic is rather flimsy and thus doesn't make great storage. It's also not super fancy and probably not the best for gifting.

No instructions are included with the toy, though using it is simple enough that they aren't needed.


To begin with I should explain my preferences for G-spot toys. I need a good curve, firm material, and a rounded or flattened head. This toy didn't work for my personal needs. The curve was okay, but what killed it was the flexibility in the middle. I could get a very light amount of pressure on my G-spot, but it would flex so much that I couldn't get much more than that. I need a lot of pressure to be able to have a G-spot orgasm and this just didn't provide that.

I also found this toy to be weak and overly buzzy. While the vibrations felt weak in my hand, they felt even weaker once it was inserted. I could barely feel them at all. The fact that they were buzzy just made it worse. It didn't penetrate well at all.

This just didn't work for me on any level.

As for a recommendation, I would only recommend this if you like weak or buzzy vibrations. The curve is nice for someone starting out with G-spot toys, but this just isn't my first pick for a starter G-spot toy. There may be a market for this, but I feel like it's pretty limited.
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