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Are you looking for a small, travel-sized vibrator that can still pack a punch? Look no further! The Pocket Rocket from Doc Johnson gives rumbly vibrations in a little body and even comes with an attachment to mix-it-up! This Pocket Rocket is a quality toy, and it is obvious that some thought went into the design to make this a very user-friendly Pocket Rocket!
Rumbly Vibrations, cute design, easy to hold on to, comes with an attachment, includes "Off" switch.
Has a single speed.
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A Pocket Rocket is a small vibrator that is intended for strong vibrations at a discreet size. As hinted at by the name, they are meant to be "pocket" vibrators. This Pocket Rocket is intended for clitoral use, and it would not be pleasurable to insert this vibrator for vaginal or anal use. This vibrator can also be used to stimulate erogenous areas such as the nipples or any other sensitive areas. Because of the reputation of the Pocket Rocket as an efficient vibrator, this could also be given away as a gift if the person you are giving it to is understandable.

This vibrator would work well for those who have space limitations and need to hide their vibrator. It is a bit loud to be used in quiet rooms, but the sound is okay as long as you have a door between you and other people. It is not waterproof, so water adventures are not an option. As the battery can be removed easily and it only takes a single battery, this vibrator works well for travel as well.

Material / Texture

The Pocket Rocket is made from plastic. This is the Velvet Touch type of plastic, so it is meant to be smoother than regular plastic and glide more easily over intimate areas. Because of this material, it does show fingerprints and wet areas more easily, though, but it does glide more easily over the skin because of it.

Plastic is very rigid. It does not bend. This makes it optimal for transferring vibrations. Plastic is also body-safe and phthalate-free. Plastic does not absorb lubricant, but it can require lubricant to glide across the skin if not too aroused. This product was not meant to be inserted, so lubricant doesn't need to be used on it if you do not want to. The Pocket Rocket has no smell or taste.

The material does not have any texture as it is smooth and silky plastic. However, the attachment cap does include little nubs to add texture if you prefer, and the handle of the vibrator also includes ridges. The ridges on the handle are very helpful as they make it easier to grasp the Pocket Rocket if lubricant is used. There are also ridges on the end of the battery compartment in order to make removal of the battery compartment easier.

There are three bulbs on the tip of the Pocket Rocket. Depending on how you use your Pocket Rocket (at a 90-degree angle to your body or parallel to your body), you may or may not feel these bumps. These bumps are situated in a triangle-like fashion, and you may not feel the individual bumps during use because of that. The bumps do not seem to add any extra sensation to your play either, but they are part of one of those traditional appearances of Pocket Rockets. If you want to add sensation, make sure to use the attachment that this Pocket Rocket includes.

Design / Shape / Size

The Pocket Rocket is designed very simply. It is designed to make it discreet and easy to own and use a vibrator. The design includes the head of the vibrator where the vibrations are focused and the base of the vibrator where the batteries are inserted and the controls are located. The vibrator is small enough to be placed in a purse or in most travel bags with no issue, and it's about the size of a tube of lipstick. Because of the ridging along the base and the body of the vibrator, this toy is easy to handle during use.

The vibrator also comes with an attachment which snaps securely onto the top of the vibrator. This attachment has nubs on it that give the Pocket Rocket an extra texture. The attachment just can be placed right on top of the top of the Pocket Rocket for extra stimulation. This attachment does not fall off. In order to remove it, it must not be slick, and it can be twisted off very easily, but it does not fall off on its own.

The batteries are very easy to insert. Like all Pocket Rocket-type vibrators, the base of this vibrator unscrews and detaches to allow you to insert the one AA battery. There are three settings on the base of the vibrator: off, on, and battery. The battery setting allows you to put in the battery, the on turns it on, and the off seals the battery compartment but keeps the vibrator off. The battery goes in easily, and the battery compartment does not fall off or give problems. The battery compartment also requires a bit of effort to twist it, so the vibrator does not twist off accidentally in the middle of use.

Functions / Performance / Controls

In order to control this vibrator, you use the base of it. Turning the battery compartment allows you to insert the battery, turn the vibrator off, or turn the vibrator on. This is a single-speed vibrator. The control do not switch easily, so they will not switch in the middle of use. This is a good thing.

The single speed on this vibrator is moderately powerful. On the EdenFantasys scale, this equals 3 Vrooms. It is not as powerful as many stronger and larger vibrators, but it's strong compared to most discreet, travel-sized vibrators. The single-speed is also rumbly, so the vibrations are not buzzy and surface, but instead, they are rumbly and deep. The speed also resembles about the same amount of noise as a cell phone vibration with a slight buzz to it, so it definitely could be heard in the same room, but it probably wouldn't be heard outside of a closed door. All of the vibration is located in the upper half of the vibrator, so the vibrations are located in the most useful part.

The included attachment has nubs on the tip of it. These nubs are not the spikes that some other Pocket Rockets have, but instead, are little nubs that stick out but aren't painful. During use, these nubs are not painful either. Instead, they add an interesting texture that is interesting to use. Make sure to use lubricant if you use the attachment as the nubs can be painful when rubbed against while dry. Along with that, the rubs work best for those that don't apply too much pressure as applying too much pressure with these nubs can be painful.

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of a plastic vibrator is extremely easy. It just requires warm water and antibacterial soap. However, because this vibrator is also not waterproof, take care when cleaning around the battery compartment to avoid ruining your sex toy. Plastic is very easy to clean, though, and this vibrator wipes off very easily. If you use the attachment, the attachment can be removed and soaked in soapy water for thorough cleaning. If you wish to share this sex toy with a partner, it is highly recommended that you place the little Pocket Rocket into a condom (it fits easily) to make sure that the toy remains sterilized and clean between both partners.

This Pocket Rocket is compatible with all types of lubricants including water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. Water-based are the easiest to clean off of this sex toy though.

For storage, as it's plastic, the Pocket Rocket can be stored anywhere. It does not pick up any lint. For storage, the attachment fits easily and snugly back onto the vibrator. It is compatible with all other types of material, so it can easily be stored next to any type of toy.


The packaging of the Pocket Rocket is extremely tasteful. The packaging is very colorful with pink and purple, and the packaging appears like it is supposed to look like a "rocket" blasting off. The packaging lists the features as well as Doc Johnson's social networks. The packaging is very unique in how it is designed. Inside of the packaging is a pull-out plastic tray. This tray can be pulled out but not removed. This allows you to easily remove the vibrator, but you can easily replace the vibrator later if you want to use the packaging for storage.

There are no instructions included in the packaging. There is a warning, warranty information, features, and safety information on the packaging. The product is self-explanatory, but the packaging does not include any further information.

This packaging should be used as a gift package. The packaging is very discreet and looks pretty cute. It could also be used for storage, but as this item is plastic and picks up no lint, some people may find that they have no reason to keep it for storage. The attachment cap can easily be placed onto the tip of the vibrator for storage to keep the attachment from getting lost.

Personal comments

This is definitely one of the better pocket rocket vibrators that I've used. The battery compartment attaches easily and has no issues with the metal connector, and the attachment that comes with is pleasurable - unlike some of the other spiky ones that come with other pocket rockets. The plastic is very soft and smooth, and the it's definitely noticeable that some good design went into this. The toy is clean and attractive-looking, and the ridges along the body make it very easy to hold this toy - even when your hands are lubricated. I'm really fond of the Pocket Rocket, but I do wish it had a bit more power to it.
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