Silicone dreams - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Peggi

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When I dream, I dream Silicone Dreams!

For a powerful G-spot vibe, the Silicone Dreams vibrator gives you 7 fantastic settings to choose from and a texture that is so smooth you'll want to rub this all over! Delivering targeted Vrooms just where you need them and without as many Bees as you'd expect from a toy like this - well, let the review speak for itself!
Very powerful vibrations, easy to operate, easy to clean, velvety texture
None, aside from a personal preference with the color!
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Silicone Dreams is a traditional vibrator by California Exotics. It is designed to bend with your movements and provide optimal stimulation to the G-spot. Because of this, it is geared more towards women, however some men may enjoy the stimulation to the shaft of the penis. Women can also enjoy stimulation to the clitoris. Both men and women could use this toy for stimulation of the nipples and around the outside of the anus. This toy should not be used anally, as it does not have a handle or flared base to prevent it from being lost inside of the anal cavity.

    • G-spot

Material / Texture

This toy is made up of 3 different materials. The main portion of the toy (the massager itself) is made up of silicone. This gives the toy a nice smooth, almost velvety feel to it. Against the skin there is a bit of drag with the toy, but this can be fixed by adding a bit of lubrication to the toy prior to use.

There is a silver piece separating the main portion of the massager from the battery compartment. The silver ring is made up of ABS with silver plating. This does not add anything to the feel of the toy or function, however, it certainly does give it a bit of style!

Finally, the battery compartment cap which is made up of ABS with PU coating on it. This, again, adds nothing to the way the toy feels or operates. This has a very plastic type feel to it but is not as velvety as the rest of the toy.

There is a very faint smell to the massager portion of the toy when you first take it out of the packaging. To smell it, you have to actually hold it up to your nose. The smell is similar almost to wet paint, only it is such a light smell that it isn't really bothersome even during use. After a couple of washes, though, you can't detect the smell at all. The toy is completely tasteless.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Silicone Dreams is designed to provide G-spot stimulation. If you hold the toy vertically with the battery compartment facing up, the shape almost looks like a leg and foot with the toes pointed downward a bit!

The "pointed toes", or tip of the toy, is what hits the G-spot. It is angled perfectly to do so, and also provides stimulation as it is being pulled in and out of the vagina. There are a couple of bumps in the shape, and also a few rippled areas. The bumps can be felt during insertion, however, the ripples do more for aesthetic purposes than for pleasure.


If you measure from the very tip of the toy to the base, it is about 7 3/4" in length. 6" of the toy is insertable, and it is 5 1/4" in circumference at the widest part of the insertable portion of the toy.

It is easy to figure out for beginners, powerful enough for veterans, and has a neat looking design as well! Aside from internal stimulation, the tip of this toy is also great for a lot of other things. It can give you pin-point stimulation to the clitoris, nipples, shaft of the penis, or around the outside of the anus.

While this toy can be inserted anally, the base isn't flared or wide enough to prevent it from being sucked up into the anus. If you do choose to use this anally, you will want to be sure to hold on tight, or have a partner help you who knows not to let go!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The battery compartment is located below the silver ring on the bulb shaped portion of the toy. This unscrews to reveal a battery case, which just slides in and out of the chamber completely. Arrows will direct you to properly insert your 3-AAA batteries properly. Simply slide the case back into the chamber, screw the top back on and the toy is ready to go!

To operate the toy, you simply press the button located on the battery compartment's end. This one button controls your on/off settings and all 7 functions. To turn the toy on, you press once, then once to change each setting, until you've gone through all 7. At this point, if you press the button once more, it shuts off. The good thing about this is that you will not accidentally press the "off" button while trying to find a setting and have to start back over. The bad thing, though, is that if you need to turn the toy off right away, you do not have this option. If you absolutely have to, the toy can also be shut off if you unscrew the top, however, it is never a good idea to do this.

The toy has several different settings. You start with low, medium and high. The fourth setting starts off weak, gradually becomes stronger and then starts over. Five is constant pulsation of the same strength/length, and six is similar, only going in interval pulses from strong to high. Seven is 3 short pulses and then a longer pulse before repeating.

Personally, I prefer the medium and higher settings. For the most part, this toy is quiet even at the higher settings, though someone in the same room may be able to hear. The batteries don't drain too quickly with this toy, and with new batteries you can get at least an hour and a half out of this toy without any change in strength.
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

You can clean your lovely little vibe when you are done with it, and it's pretty easily done, too. There aren't too many crevices that need to be paid close attention to aside from the area where the control button is and around the silver ring.

To clean, you may use your favorite toy cleaner, toy wipes or simple antibacterial soap and warm water. For a more thorough clean, isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) is safe to use. If you plan to share this toy and not use a condom or if you would just like to sterilize, you may wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution to 90% water. While most silicone can be boiled, it would not be recommended to boil this toy, because of the silver ring and also potential damage to the motor inside.

This toy is waterproof, so you may not only take this in the shower or bathtub, but it can also be submerged during cleaning.

Silicone toys are always best with water-based lubricants. You never want to use silicone lubricants with a silicone based toy, because in most cases, the silicone is not compatible with other silicone. This will actually break down the material on the outside of your toy, causing it to stop working or worse - breaks it down so that it forms cracks and crevices, harboring bacteria!

The box that this toy comes in is not discreet, but it is not overly bulky. If you choose to store your toy in the original box, you will most likely want to hide it away so that no one can see what is inside. The toy is very visible from the box (which is clear) and it is obvious that this is a sex toy, or some type of massager at the very least (which of course, leads us back to sex toy!).

Personally, I choose to store my toy in a pouch, since I do not want this toy touching any of my other silicone toys. This is for the same reason that you do not want to use a silicone-based lubricant. You can also store it in a box, a drawer, or really anywhere free of other silicone toys or objects.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Silicone Dreams toy came inside of a plastic, mostly clear box. The box lists all of your product information and company contact info on all sides, as well as a picture of the toy on the back. There is a purple tint to the box on the front, everywhere except where the toy is visible. This area is left completely clear, so that you can view the toy from the outside of the box.

While it is not discreet, it can be used for storage, but it is a bit tricky to get the toy out each and every time, and the plastic shell that the toy fits inside of doesn't always want to fit back into the box!

    • Not discreet


Overall, I enjoyed the Silicone Dreams vibrator. I always like to point out in reviews for toys such as this one that I am more of a "clitoral stimulation kind of girl", which means that I prefer that over G-spot stimulation. Because of this, while I did enjoy the toy internally, most of my pleasure was found from using the toy externally.

I really enjoyed how powerful this toy was on its higher setting. It was very close to the type of Vrooms you expect from a bullet, and not what I expected from a battery operated vibe! On high, I was able to reach orgasm each time without any problems!

The only thing I do not really like about this toy, which is personal preference, is the color. I am not a "pink" type of girl, so I wish this bad boy came in more colors! Other than that, I had no beef with this vibe, and we are becoming fast friends! (this is where I would insert a winky-face along with some seductive eyebrow raising)
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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