Super slim remote bullet - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by Eva Schwaltz

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Wherever I May Roam

The Super Slim Remote Bullet is a wireless bullet that is perfect for partner play. The range is extremely good, and the vibrations are strong enough to keep just about everyone happy. This is a really fun bullet because you aren’t limited to any length of cord. With a wide variety of vibration modes and patterns, this would be a great addition to anyone’s arsenal.
Wireless, Strong vibrations, Nice variety of patterns
Buzzy vibrations
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


I’ve always been curious about trying a wireless bullet and I finally got my chance. With a wireless bullet, you aren’t contained to the limits of a corded bullet. You have more freedom to roam while your partner taunts you with the intensity and different modes of vibrations. The range isn’t specifically mentioned, but it seems to work at about a 30 foot distance. If you are completely clear of obsticles, then the range will greatly increase. The signal will even penetrate through a closed door.

The bullet and remote are very compact, so you can bring them anywhere with you, just not in the water. It’s listed as waterproof, but I really doubt this claim. The battery compartments have little rubber O-rings, but not enough to make them completely air tight. The bullet has a little loop protruding from it, so if you really wanted to insert it, you could put a toy cover over the bullet. Just don’t use it anally as it could very easily get lost in the rectum.

Material / Texture

The bullet and remote are made of hard plastic. The plastic is very smooth and has no added texture. There is, however, a seam that connects the two halves of the bullet. As this isn't meant for insertion, this shouldn't be an issue. This is a very ridgid material with no give what so ever. You can use any lube with plastic, just be sure not to use too much or else it can seep into the battery compartment. Yes, both components have battery compartments. In order to have wireless capability, the bullet and remote need batteries to operate efficiently.

Design / Shape / Size

This bullet has a traditional bullet shape. It’s cylindrical in shape, but not extremely slim. It’s a bit longer and fatter than the Deep Vibrations bullet. It is 2 ½” in length, with a circumference of 2 ½”. It will easily tuck inside the underwear without creating an awkward bulge.

The remote is also very small. It is 3” long and 1 inch wide. It very nicely fits in the hand. It’s honestly the cutest remote I’ve ever seen. This set doesn’t come with any kind of storage pouch, so you’ll need to find a way to store them together. Since the bullet and remote are so small, they are very travel friendly. You can even keep them in a pocket and they won’t easily be noticed.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The remote contains two buttons. One is an on/off button, and the other cycles through the different patterns. The first three functions are constant speeds from low to high. The first steady speed is probably at a high 2 vrooms, the second is 3 vrooms, and the third is at a low 4 vrooms. Then there are 7 more patterns:
4. Escalation with rapid pulsations from low to high;
5. Medium pulsations;
6. Slightly faster pulsations;
7. Three short pulses, then a longer pulse;
8. Rapid pulsations at various speeds;
9. Low steady vibration, high steady vibration, escalation followed by another high steady vibration;
10. Several low medium pulsations, higher medium pulsations, high medium pulsations, followed by high steady vibration.
Each pattern is quite complex, so there’s always a surprise in store. You get a great mixture of escalating, pulsation, and rapid pulsation modes. I must say my favorite is number 8.

The on/off button is great because you can turn the bullet off in a hurry in case you get interrupted. Unfortunately, the bullet doesn’t remember where you left off, so it will always start at the beginning. There is also no back button, so if you skip your favorite pattern, you have to cycle through all over again.

The vibrations are very buzzy. If I hold onto the bullet for an extended amount of time, my fingers get quite tingly. Since this is primarily a teasing toy, I just let it sit in my underwear so I don’t need to hold it. If you apply a lot of pressure, the vibrations will decrease a little, but still remain quite strong. The bullet can be heard from under the covers, but not through a closed door. For this reason, I wouldn't be using this out in public.

Care and Maintenance

To clean this, just wipe it down with a damp cloth and soap or toy cleaner. I wouldn’t submerge the bullet or the remote because water could easily get inside and damage them. I recommend just getting toy wipes for this just to be safe. If you want to share with your partner, you can use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe it down.

The remote takes two AAA batteries and the bullet takes three watch batteries. Unfortunately, the watch batteries don’t give the bullet a very long lifespan. I would say it lasts for about 30 minutes, and then you need to change to a new set of watch batteries. I really wish the bullet took a single AAA battery or an AA battery which would still give it a good amount of power, and it would be much easier to change. There is a piece of paper inserted into the battery compartment of the bullet, but leave it in because when it is taken out, it loses a lot of power. The remote is simple, just insert the AAA batteries, one pointy side up, and the other pointy side down. Both battery compartments have a twist off cap. You get six watch batteries with the bullet, but the AAA batteries are not included.


The Super Slim bullet comes in a clear box with a loop so it can be displayed on a store shelf. It nicely shows off the bullet and remote, and it can be opened very easily. The box is kind of bulky, so I recommend finding somewhere else to store the bullet and remote. It’s not discreet, so if you want to gift it, you should wrap it up. The bullet and remote sit in a plastic tray with the watch batteries off to the side.

Not a lot of instructions were given with this bullet which surprised me. You get a couple sheets of paper with minimal instruction. One paper seems to just be legal information, and the other talks about care and maintenance. Simple things like make sure batteries are inserted correctly, and store it out of direct sunlight.

The instructions were minimal, but it wasn’t difficult to figure out how everything works. This would be a great gift for a newly wed couple, or a nice anniversary present.

Personal comments

I really love this toy. Even though it takes watch batteries, I can easily overlook that. The vibrations are a lot stronger than what I was expecting. I really enjoy not having to worry about a cord getting in the way or breaking on me. The fact that the signal works through a closed door completely amazed me. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for something new.
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  • wrmbreze
    Thanks for the review. I so wanted to try this one but mine was defective and they didn't have anymore for review.
  • Eva Schwaltz
    Aww that sucks! I'm sorry yours was defective. They'll probably get more in stock soon.
  • Ms. Spice
    It's so cute! thanks for the great review
  • Miss Anonymous
    Awesome review! Thanks for sharing it with us
  • Silverdrop
    I've never tried a wireless vibe, but hope to soon. I think I'd rather have an egg style that goes on the inside.
  • Cherry21
    great review!!
  • Eva Schwaltz
    Thanks all for commenting.
  • Eucaly
    Great review! I guess this will be available soon.
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