Roly ripples finger friend - finger vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Mikhaila

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Why can't we be friends?

This is the toy that was determined not to be friends with me despite its name. If I already had a nice strong bullet vibe that fit it, the sleeve would be great. It is gently curved and can offer firm pressure for gentle, shallow penetration and g-spotting. However, the included vibe is incredibly weak as well as difficult to turn off and a serious battery eater, so factor that into your purchase decision.
firm, gently curved tip on 100% silicone sleeve; easy to clean; easy to store
very weak bullet vibrator that eats batteries; difficult to turn off
Rating by reviewer:
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Given the lackluster nature of the bullet vibrator, I would say the best use for this is if you are interested in the textured silicone sleeve itself. It is nice and firm with a slight curve, so I can see using it for g-spotting depending upon how much length you need on a toy in order to reach it. The toy also has ridges to it, so I can see using it as a less expensive way of checking whether you would be interested in textured toys if you have yet to own and use any. However, as much as I wanted to give this a fair chance, I simply cannot see buying it on my own now that I have tried it out. Now, if you have a strong bullet vibe already and it's compatible with the sleeve, then I can see this potentially being a great toy. So, good if you have a bullet vibe you own and love and are interested in the texture and firm, curved tip. Not so good if you do not have an alternate vibrator to use with the sleeve, because this one is disappointingly weak.

Material / Texture

There was a very light smell if any at all to the toy, and that was with the toy brought quite close to my nose. The bullet vibrator is a smooth, hard plastic, and the sleeve is pure silicone with a rippled texture and a built-in loop to slip a finger through. Based on my attempts to use it to help pull the sleeve off the vibrator without having the end cap on the vibe come off again, the finger loop is quite secure. It will stretch some, but it did not tear away from the main body of the sleeve even with the slight abuse I put it through. The texture is not extremely severe and is quite pleasant, especially given that even with the ripples the toy is not extremely thick. The ridges are also rounded and "flow" fairly well so that it is not a sudden or a sharp contrast with the smooth areas on the toy or with any non-textured toys you may already have experience with. I really do quite like the sleeve, even if the bullet vibrator was a letdown in terms of intensity and battery usage. The silicone is lovely to the touch and is firm without being unpleasantly hard, even when used to apply pressure - which I enjoy, but which can get uncomfortable depending on the material and individual toy.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I must admit that the design was originally a source of amusement, especially paired with the "peach" color I was assigned for free review, because it ended up looking somewhat like it was trying to be a realistic toy. Joke fodder aside, the design actually works really well. The tip is gently curved as well as rounded and fairly firm, so it is nice for providing pressure, which I personally enjoy. It can even be used for g-spotting depending on where yours is located and how much length you need in order to be able to successfully use a toy on it. The size is also nice, especially for my personal needs which tend towards thinner and narrower than many seem to want and manufacturers seem to design for. However, given how badly the vibe works, I would almost prefer it sans the finger loop and with perhaps slightly more length (for an easier handhold in my case) so that it could be used just for penetration instead. It is also easy to store because of the smaller size, even if you keep the sleeve and vibe separately when not in use. This is not really a discreet toy, especially with the design and the color, but it is small enough to hide and an opaque storage container or bag would take care of the non-discreet appearance of the toy.

As for the bullet vibe, the seal on the battery compartment is good. However, when removing the bullet vibe from the sleeve I actually had the end cap come off and send all three watch batteries flying. That was with dry hands and a clean, dry sleeve and vibe, so do not try to remove the vibe after use until you have cleaned the toy with a wipe. Even then, exercise due caution unless you want to go chasing small circular batteries across the room. I also do not recommend pushing the vibe into the sleeve past the "ring" that seals the battery compartment against water, because that makes it harder to remove. The sleeve is 'very' secure once you have the bullet vibe in it, which is good unless you have the batteries die as I did or you are ready to clean the sleeve and the vibe and put them away.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are spread throughout the bullet vibe, and unfortunately cannot be felt at all through the sleeve. When testing it out on my hand before actually using it, I actually had to look at the bullet itself to see whether it was vibrating. I tend to be quite sensitive, but the most this vibe could do was very slightly tickle the palm of my hand. Essentially, my thought the entire time I was running through the different settings and then trying it out with the sleeve on was, "I can see you moving but I cannot feel anything." I also had to try repeatedly before the "hold for two seconds to turn off" stated on the packaging actually worked. This was just incredibly frustrating to use, and if you try holding it instead of putting a finger through the loop you will end up hitting the control button every single time. I have tiny hands, so I can only imagine this being even more of a problem for others.

Also, I could barely detect any change in intensity or patterns when switching between the supposed ten settings, so if you are interested in using the sleeve I would definitely recommending using an existing bullet or buying one with a good reputation for strength and variable settings. It also eats batteries like mad, so that is another reason to find a better bullet vibe if you want to enjoy the sleeve, because the included vibe is simply not worth the cost of keeping it powered up.
    • Battery guzzler
    • Not enough variety
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

The vibrator itself is hard plastic with a flexible but firm ring helping to seal the seam where the end cap for the battery compartment screws on so no water gets in. This makes it very easy to clean, and the same is true of the 100% silicone textured sleeve. As frustrated as I was with the vibrator and trying to use it with the sleeve, all of this is very easy to clean and to store. I used a toy wipe to clean off the outside of the sleeve (since the bullet was inside it the entire time and thus the interior needed no cleaning) and the end of the bullet. That can also be popped out and wiped down when the sleeve is not all lubed up. The vibe and sleeve are both fairly small, so they are easy to store in a bag in a drawer. Obviously, do not use silicone-based lube with the textured sleeve or store it in contact with other silicone toys - but other than that, it is easy to clean and easy to lubricate.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
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