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Womolia Heat

Clitoral vibrator by Emotional Bliss

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Womolia Just Isn't For Me

I can't say that I would honestly recommend this to anyone off the top of my head. However, if you like the heating function and are okay with the idea of loud vibrations, this vibrator might be an okay choice for you.
Good instruction book, Okay vibrator design
Loud!, Finicky, Open charging port, Not much use time, Doesn't keep a charge
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The Womolia Heat vibrator is a heated vibrator intended to vibrate externally. It comes in multiple colors, and it's made of plastic. It's rechargeable, and it's a large vibrator at about 8 inches in length with a diameter of almost two inches. It's designed ergonomically, and it includes multiple speeds.

The packaging is pretty cute, and it displays the basic aspects about the product. The packaging isn't going to make it stand out, but it's definitely suitable for gift-giving, and it just features pictures of the Womolia as well as how it's held. Inside the packaging, you'll get the Womolia charger as well as the Womolia itself and the instruction manual.

The instruction manual is actually quite amazing. Most sex toys do not go to this length to put in thorough instructions, but Emotional Bliss did. The instruction manual talks about a lot of different aspects including the female response cycle, how to use your vibrator, how to take care of it, special concerns because of the heat aspect, and instructions for the other Emotional Bliss products in their line as well. It's full-color and very pleasant to flip through.

As previously mentioned, the Womolia Heat is a rechargeable vibrator. It charges via a rechargeable port on the back of the vibrator. This port is NOT covered by anything when the vibrator is not charging, so you do have to be careful around water or fluids as the port is ready and open to have anything get into it. Once you plug the vibrator in to charge, it charges pretty nicely and easily, and the Womolia logo on the front of the vibrator will pulse to let you know that it's charging. It takes awhile to charge (12 hours!), and it doesn't say how long it actually lasts on that charge, but I've found that the charge seems to leave the toy pretty quickly (within a week), so you have to recharge it again.

While the vibrator is long enough easily be inserted, the design of the vibrator was not intended for insertion. The instructions say that the first inch or so can be inserted, but as the design is pretty odd for insertion, I really don't recommend it and didn't find it comfortable. It seems that the Womolia is pretty resigned to being a clitoral vibrator. With the long handle and the pretty well-centered vibrations in the tip, though, that seems to be the best use for the Womolia.

The instructions recommend leaving your vibrator on for 10-15 minutes before you actually start to use it. This is certainly something you could do, but I'm not sure that it's something that most average people can do with no issue. This is because it takes the vibrator about 10-15 minutes to start activating the heat portion of the Womolia, so if you are someone that orgasms quickly through vibrators (within 15 minutes), you may not experience the heating effect that the Womolia is featured with. I tend not to spend too long at a time with vibrators (as the vibrations can make me a bit numb), so I really didn't experience the heat much unless I let it "pre-run" as the instructions recommended. It certainly is a loud one, though, so be prepared for the sound to sound like a small appliance. This vibrator is certainly not for those who need to be discreet!

Something that did strike me as odd is how finicky it is. Sometimes it feels like the buttons require a much harder push to make the vibrator turn on/off while other times it seems like it wants to turn on/off easily. Many times the "charge" seemed to have left the vibrator relatively quickly. As other reviewers have reported similar things, I think it's something about the toy which is sad.

The vibrations are on the "meh" side. They are stronger than some of the vibrators out there, but they also are on the buzzy side. For me, personally, I find the vibrations a bit buzzy for good use. I like, deep, under-the-skin vibrations, and the Womolia just doesn't provide that. If you like more surface vibrations, though, this one could be okay for you.

The bigger downside with the vibrations is the noise they make. They can easily be heard outside of a closed door. The vibrations are definitely on the louder side, and this is not something you should look into using if you have to be discreet.
To clean this vibrator, you do have to be pretty careful. That's because the charging port at the back of the vibrator does not have a cover of any sort. As it's plastic, you'll want to use warm water and antibacterial soap to clean the vibrator itself, and it's compatible with all types of lubricants. Again, though, as it has that open hole in the back, make sure to pay attention to where your lubricant is going to avoid harming the sex toy.

This vibrator is okay. I honestly can't say that it's one of my favorites, and I honestly can't say that I'd recommend it to anyone unless the heat function REALLY appeals to you. With some modifications and changes, I think it could be better, but currently, I can't say that I'm too fond of it nor would recommend it to anyone.
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