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Womolia Heat

Clitoral vibrator by Emotional Bliss

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What? You Want A Massage? Huh?

The vibrations in the Womolia are less deep and rumbly than you might expect, but are deeper than they sound when it's in use. The heat is something that definitely does feel very nice, but it's very loud and you have to wait 10-15 minute at the minimum with it going really loud if you want any heat. A decent massager, but not a great clitoral vibrator.
Heat feels nice, Antibacterial agent in the rubber, Vibrations aren't bad
Loud, Very loud, You have to listen to the loud waiting for the heat
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The Womolia was designed to be a clitoral vibrator with the option to insert the tip about 2 inches. However its 3 different vibration strengths and the handheld design of the massager make it not so bad for giving things like back massages, if you can get past the noise that is. Being able to get past all the noise will also let you experience the wonderful warming sensations.

Material / Texture

Womolia is made up mostly of a shiny hard plastic with the exception of the area that's meant to be used to stimulate you, and the button area where you'd control vibration patterns and intensities, which are both a latex free rubber. The plastic handle is very smooth, but the other areas have a good bit of drag to them when running a finger across. If you want a more slick sensation when using it, you can always add some lube. The plastic has no smell, but the rubber areas have a slight scent I can't put my finger on, however you have to be darn near snorting it to notice.

Something that's interesting about all of the Emotional Bliss products is that all of their massagers have an antibacterial agent incorporated into the manufacturing process of the soft plastic. As they come in contact with moisture, each layer will dissolve slowly, releasing silver ions to the surface and exposing another layer, which in turn dissolves and exposes another layer. This means that for the life of your toy, you will always have a safe surface on your toy.

Design / Shape / Size

Womolia is pretty easy to wield in the hand, although if you're using her "face down" the controls can be hard to access without having to stop what you're doing and change the setting, then go back to what you were doing. She's about 8" long and can be inserted about 2". She's got a maximum circumference of about 5 1/4" or so, so she's easy to keep in the hands.

Nothing about Womolia really screams sex toy, so you'd be ok to leave her out and about since she can actually double as a legitimate massager. She's easy enough to travel with, and won't cause embarrassment if you get caught with her.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Even though Womolia has a whole bunch of different settings, she's still pretty easy to use. When you're looking at the underside of the handle, you'll see three buttons; +, -, and that fun circle with the line through it. That last one is the on/off button, the + will cycle you up through the vibrations and the - will cycle you back down or allow you to start with the last vibration right from turning it on. All of the vibration levels are relatively loud, and unless you're using it as an actual massager with the door open ready to ask questions, you should probably refrain from using this with people around. The vibrations themselves are fairly buzzy sounding, but feel deeper than they sound like they will. Something that I've noticed on the higher settings after being on for a while is that on the steady settings, it sounds like it's wavering. Near as I can tell, it's just the sound, but it might bother some.

The vibrations are different in reality than they are in the booklet, and in reality, you get the following 9 settings.

1 - A steady vibration of 80Hz of vibration, comparable to the Isis
2 - A steady vibration of 120 Hz, a little stronger than the Chandra
3 - A steady vibration of 150 Hz
4 - Pulsing of 80 Hz
5 - Pulsing of 120 Hz
6 - Pulsing of 150 Hz
7 - Saw mode: an escalation of all the speeds
8 - Strong Triangle Mode: a roller coaster effect of all the speeds
9 - Very strong pulse mode: A pattern pulsing of the highest vibration - buzz buzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzz, buzz buzz buzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzz

Emotional Bliss offers a tip of switching this on to the maximum setting and then leaving it for 10-15 minutes before use to get it fully warmed up. Each of the Hz's has a corresponding heat level; 35 C/95 F for 80 Hz/low, 42C/108F for 120 Hz/medium, and 50C/122F for 150Hz/high. There's a little diagram inside the booklet you get that will also show you the different levels. While the vibrations are centered in the head of the Womolia, they're easily felt all the way through the handle. The heat however is only really felt in the first few inches of the head. It's very subtle, and hard to tell sometimes if it's heating itself or if it's picking up heat from your body.

Care and Maintenance

Before you can use your Womolia at all, you'll have to charge her with the included charger. There's a port right in the back that you can plug the charger into after you've plugged it into the wall. There's a lit emblem on the toy that comes on not only during use, but also while charging. It will blink slowly during the 12 hours of charge, and once it's charged the light will stay on to indicate a full charge. If you keep yours on the charger longer than 12 hours, no worries, you won't damage anything.

After you've used your Womolia, you'll probably want to clean her. If you want things to be a little more slippery, you can safely use either water or silicone based lube. You can wash the rubber tip very carefully with a damp washcloth and some soap, or you can simply wipe it down with the damp washcloth. Since the charging port on the back is completely open, you'll want to be very careful not to get any water in there while cleaning. You should store her in a cool dry place. Back in the box is one option, in a drawer is another. The rubber doesn't really pick up lint like a Swiffer pad, so you should be fine.


The packaging is actually pretty nice. It's labeled as an intimate massager and advertises the new heat range and antibacterial agent. The back of the box has the whole long paragraph about how long they took to design the toy and why it's so great according to the company. One side lists the measurements, while the other side lists the contents: Womolia, charger, and pamphlet. If you have anything else from Emotional Bliss, it's the same pamphlet that covers all the toys and their charging and cleaning and storage needs.


Womolia is something that I looked forward to getting for a long time and just let me down in so many ways. I was interested in having a heated massager for back/neck/shoulder massages since I get some fairly painful knots every now and then and was looking for a good way to work them out. For massages, I did enjoy this quite a bit. It didn't blow me out of the water, but I do still grab for it for that.

As a sex aid, while I really do like the way the heated tip feels on my clitoris and vulva, I don't like waiting 10-15 minutes to get some nice heat, I don't like listening to it sound like a small woodchipper in my bed while I wait for it to warm up, and I'm a little sad it's awkward for us to use during sex.

If you're looking at this one for massages, it's not a bad choice. But there are better clitoral vibrators out there, even without heat.
Follow-up commentary
I think I was being too nice to this in my initial review. I still enjoy the heat, but I hate the noise level enough that I've only used it a handful of times since I wrote the initial review. And half of those times it wouldn't turn on. I have no idea why. I thought it was dead and tried it a few days later to find that it was suddenly working. Because it wasn't the cheapest thing ever, I'm gonna see if anybody wants this before I get rid of it, but it won't be in my possession much longer at any rate.
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