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Isis will work best for a women between the ages of 18 and 30, because she has been designed specifically for them. Although she does provide strong vibrations, so you could easily use her to tease other areas such as the nipples if she doesn't bring you the big O every time.
Rechargeable, easy to use, and discreet
Some might find the vibrations to be too weak. Not waterproof?
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Emotional Bliss took the time to run studies that show that women age 18-30 seem to respond more to vibrations of 80 Hz; the Isis was designed with those women in mind.

Great for the clitoris, Isis is a great little massager that can be used to tease or stimulate just about any opening or erogenous zone, and with its 3 different sized finger plates, there's almost nobody that can't use this neat little toy.

Material / Texture

Most of Isis is made of a hard plastic with just the slightest velvety feel to it. It looks and feels of a higher quality than a lot of plastics you come across and the three finger attachments are made of the same plastic. It's all non-porous and medical grade, so there's no worries about ickies like phthalates or anything like that. The light blue part towards the front is made of a latex free rubber, so it's safe for just about everyone to use. There's no smell to either the rubber or the plastic, even right out of the box.

Something that Emotional Bliss is really proud of is that all of their massagers have an antibacterial agent incorporated into the manufacturing process of the soft plastic. As they come in contact with moisture, each layer will dissolve slowly, releasing silver ions to the surface and exposing another layer, which in turn dissolves and exposes another layer. This means that for the life of your toy, you will always have a safe surface on your toy.

Design / Shape / Size

Isis is pretty small, just about 2 1/2" from end to end and only 2 3/4" around at her widest. This is without the added finger slots. Her front end is more oval in shape and has a few ridges, giving a little extra stimulation wherever you're using her. There is a finger pad on the top towards the front if you prefer not to use the provided finger attachments, which some might want to avoid since they do seem to make Isis sound a bit more rattly. There is also a charging port and a little nipple to attach the finger attachments. If done right there will be nothing left hanging over the back. An easy way to remember which way to put them on is that the front of the finger attachment is sloped, and should be facing the front of the toy. The very back has the on/off button, which can be a bit more difficult to use if you have longer nails, however it's still pretty easy to use a knuckle to activate.

The three finger attachments come in a wide enough range of sizes that just about everybody will be able to use them. The largest would work best for a man, and the smallest will work best for someone with petite fingers.

Because of her small size and her very laid back color, Isis doesn't scream "I'm a sex toy, ask about me" if left out. She's not that hard to figure out if someone starts playing, but she's not all that obvious right to the eye.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The on/off button on the back will turn Isis on and off, obviously. When on, her 80 Hz of vibrations can be easily felt throughout the entire toy. Her vibrations are somewhere between medium and high pitched, and while they're felt fairly deeply, they still sound a bit whiney. Some may experience the 'itchy fingers' while using Isis. I found that I did if I wasn't using the finger attachment. She's pretty quiet, although I'd definitely recommend keeping the door shut. Since the finger attachments can cause a loud rattle you might also want to turn on the TV or radio. She can run for up to 2-3 hours on a single charge, and I found that to be fairly accurate.

Isis is not waterproof, so please make sure you take care to not submerge her at all, since that will make her stop working.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is pretty easy, so long as you make sure that you don't submerge Isis. To clean you can just use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe the areas you need to clean. As far as storing goes, just make sure that she's out of direct sunlight.

Another thing you should keep in mind for maintenance is that Emotional Bliss recommends that you should just keep both the Isis and her big sister, Chandra, on their charger while not in use. Both the charger and the toy should glow blue to let you know that they're both getting power.

If you do need to use a lube, you should safely be able to use any silicone or water based lube, although I've only used a water based.


The packaging that I got my Isis in was pretty plain, and hasn't raised any suspicions when left out in plain sight. Inside the little white box came my Isis, the 3 finger slots, the charging cord, and a little booklet that has instructions as well as features on other products by Emotional Bliss. It would certainly work well for a gift.


I really enjoy my Isis. Hours upon hours of rechargeable fun that's been tuned to my age bracket. Very awesome. I use her clitorally the most, but I also use her to tease my fiance's nipples and he loves it. The added finger attachments can be awkward if you're using Isis during sex, since I've noticed it seems to be a lot more comfortable to hold her from the side, even if the direct vibrations do make my fingers itch.

I definitely recommend this one. Isis is a high quality toy for a low price point, and being rechargeable just adds even more win.
Follow-up commentary
I just don't use Isis that much. She ended up in my ToiTissue box and sits there for the most part. Every time I pull her out she still works just fine, I just don't reach for her anymore.
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  • bzzingbee
    I'm intrigued by this 80 Hz research business. It makes me want to try Isis out just to see if I fit the demographic. Wonderful review!
  • Passionate Pastor
    Great review thanks!!!
  • Jul!a
    bzzingbee, if you do, definitely let me know how you like it

    And thanks Passionate Priest
  • Waterfall
    Great review! I really need to PICK a new clitoral stimulator and I fit this age group... this one is going on the wish list
  • brokenangel
    Thanks for the review!
  • Annemarie
    Despite the 80mhz thing, I think I'd like the Chandra better, despite being out of the age range. Hm. I might have to try both!
  • Jul!a
    Thanks everybody

    Annemarie, I'm going to get the Chandra at some point. There's nothing wrong with wanting stronger, lol
  • sexysweetieshan
    Good review! I really really want this toy! It's definitely on my wish list! I will have to check out the Chandra too!
  • Jul!a
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  • Evoluchun
    great review
  • Jul!a
    Thanks darling
  • LikeSunshineDust
    I had no idea that women of different ages responded better t different vibrations. Very interesting.
  • Jul!a
    I didn't either until I got the pamphlet from Emotional Bliss, lol. Thank you so much
  • chucky
  • MissCandyland
    Thanks for the review. Too bad you don't really like her anymore.
  • Jul!a
    It is a shame
  • mrssnyder
    nice review
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