Magic Force G-spot wand attachment

Works better externally than on my G-spot

While I've found that this attachment works very well to stimulate my clitoris and other external areas, I found it to be too short, too skinny, and too bendy to do much for my G-spot.
Lovely silicone, works great for external stimulation
Useless as a G-spot toy, at least for me
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First impression

After buying my Magic Force wand massager, I was eager to try out some of the accessories that were available for it, so I quickly snatched up this, along with the dual stimulator and the clit stimulator. While I very much enjoy the other attachments, this one didn't really deliver for me in the same way.

The Magic Force G-spot attachment arrived along with several other purchases in Eden's usual nondescript brown shipping box. The sender is listed as the very ambiguous "Web Merchants, Inc." (which is also what will appear on your credit card statement), so you don't have to worry about nosey neighbours or housemates knowing about the nature of your delivery and judging you for it.

Inside the shipping box and nestled in brown shipping paper, the attachment was contained inside a simple sealed plastic bag. It was honestly a good deal smaller (in both length and girth) than I was expecting. I knew from its listed dimensions that it wouldn't be large, but somehow I'd been expecting it to be at least a little longer and thicker, given that it's supposed to be a G-spot stimulator. It only had an insertable length of about 2 1/2 inches by my measurements and under 3 inches in circumference at the widest point. It was roughly the size of my index finger (albeit it's a little thicker), and I have small fingers. I knew right away that this was probably going to be a problem for me since I can't reach my own G-spot with my itty bitty fingers....that's a huge part of why I buy toys, haha.

The silicone the toy is fashioned from is lovely. Soft and velvety smooth, with nothing but a faint "new silicone" smell that isn't noticeable unless I put my nose directly onto the toy and inhale deeply (and this faint odor will fade after a few washes). I wasn't sure I liked how flexible it was, though. All in all, it just didn't seem like it was especially well-designed to actually function as a G-spot stimulator...or at least, that it wasn't designed well to stimulate MY G-spot. Still, I was hoping that once it was attached to the nice, powerful, rumbly Magic Force, it might still somehow be able to do the trick.

With standard Bic lighter for scale:

Attached to the Magic Force:

Compared to my index finger:

First Use

Since this is an attachment and doesn't need to be charged (and I always fully charge my Magic Force after every use), I skipped my usual charging ritual and took this straight to the bathroom sink for a quick wash. As this attachment is made from silicone, it is very easy to care for. You can clean it with toy cleaner or soap and water (I use toy cleaner), and since it has no mechanical parts of its own, you can also boil it or put it through the dishwasher (with no detergent) to sanitise it. If those methods don't appeal to you, you can also wash it with alcohol or a 5-10% bleach solution.

I took my new attachment back to my room and attached it to my Magic Force. It slips on and off the head of the massager very easily, yet is still quite secure while it's in place. I turned on the Magic Force to its lowest intensity steady setting and first tried holding the end of the attachment to my clit. That felt amazing! I found that I was able to apply much more precise clit stimulation than I could with the broad head of the Magic Force on its own, and found that I also enjoyed rubbing the tip of the attachment all over my external vaginal area, my inner thighs, and my nipples. It made a great external stimulator!

However, when I tried inserting it into my vagina to stimulate my was a total bust. It seemed like I could possibly just BARELY get it to reach my G-spot if I strained, but it was so flimsy and flexible that it was honestly kind of hard to tell, because I couldn't apply any real pressure to any internal spot. It's just sort of flexed and wiggled around without doing a whole lot. The vibrations felt nice in the area around my vaginal opening, but that was about it.

Further Experience

Further use and experimentation have yielded similar results. It works great for external stimulation, but it's pretty much useless as an internal G-spot toy for me. I find that I can reach and stimulate my G-spot nicely with the dual stimulator attachment, I think because that has a firmer, more bulbous end on it (and even though they're roughly the same length, the design of the dual stimulator attachment seems to allow me to somehow push it in a little deeper for some reason). The G-spot attachment is just too skinny, flimsy, and short to be of much use to my G-spot.

However, I'm giving it 3 stars because while it doesn't function well for its intended purpose, it does work very well for me as an external stimulator. I like the way I can use it to apply much more precise stimulation to various external parts of my body. One of the things I didn't like about the Magic Force on its own was that its broad head was just too big to apply the sort of precise stimulation my clit and nipples enjoy, and this attachment solves that problem beautifully. If it had been marketed as a clit attachment, I'd give it 5 stars. At some point, I may even try it anally, and I feel like it would probably excel at that as well (and the subtle notches on its shaft would probably have more impact anally than vaginally). It seems like my G-spot is kind of the only place it WASN'T designed to stimulate effectively, haha.

Vibration Map

I'm honestly not quite sure how to fill out this vibration map. When attached to a wand, the whole attachment absorbs the vibrations from the wand and vibrates at roughly the same I'm just marking the business end of the attachment as a 3. There isn't really any change in vibration intensity throughout the attachment.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

I've only achieved orgasms using this attachment when I use it on my clit and pair it with a separate internal toy. When paired with an effective G-spot toy, my orgasms are lovely with this.
Pleasure Meter

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my orgasm

Follow-up commentary
Well, this attachment hasn't gotten any longer since writing my initial review, so it's still pretty much useless for stimulating my G-spot. However, I do still enjoy using it on my clit from time to time.
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