Bbold premium - clitoral vibrator by B Swish - review by Kayla

You Have to BBold for this One!

The BBold is so pretty and so simple to use that I just want to fall in love with it. Unfortunately, the vibrations are extremely loud, and to boot, they're only about moderate in intensity. With those two things, I really can't say I'll reach for the BBold anytime soon.
Lovely design, Easy to control, Beautiful color scheme, Rechargeable
LOUD, Needs stronger vibrations, Not comparable to similar price point items
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The BBold traditional vibrator is the newest addition to the BSwish toy lines. Made from ABS plastic, the BBold is 7 and a half inches long with a width of about an inch and a fourth. Rechargeable through USB, the BBold is water-resistant and features 7 various functions. Something to note is that the BBold packaging says that the vibrator is "Waterproof" while the EF site says that the toy is water resistant. As far as my tests go, the BBold does appear to be waterproof.

The packaging for the BBold is pretty cute. It comes in a black, sensual-looking box. This box, though, is much larger than the vibrator itself, so you may not want to store it in the box. The box shows off the features of the toy, and it includes a storage bag, the storage cord, and an instructional guide about the vibrator. Cute packaging, but due to the large size of the box,it may not be

The design of the BBold is pretty simplistic. It's a long, slender vibrator made of full, ABS, rigid plastic with the buttons being made from silicone. The charging port is right at the base and covered by a silicone cover when not in use. The vibrator has a clitoral "scoop" near the tip of the toy which would allow you to place the toy around the clitoris for a more "tight" and "surround-vibration" pleasure. The vibrator is longer than it is wide, so it has this flatten oval-like shape. The BBold includes a slight curve near the tip as well as a thick base which makes the BBold easy to hold and operate.

The BBold vibrator is simple to operate as well. It has a small control pad that lights up with LED backlights when used. There's a dedicated on/off button and then a button that cycles through all of the patterns and steady vibration modes. It's very simple to operate, and I've never had problems pushing any of the buttons. In fact, it's easy-to-control system is one of my favorite things about it!

As previously mentioned, the BBold charges via USB. It plugs into a USB port easily, and it doesn't interact with anything the computer is doing. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge, and that charge will last two hours. It has a stand-by time, of no use, of about 60 days.The vibrator has no lights or anything to show you when the vibrator is charging and when it is complete, so I just recommend over-charging it versus under-charging it.

The vibrations on the BBold are pretty average. They're on the moderate side - depending on your comparison point, they're either medium-moderate or on the lower-end of moderate. They feel more intense when pressure is applied which is odd compared to the fact that most vibrators tend to feel more soft when pressure is applied. Personally, they weren't enough for orgasm, but if you're sensitive or don't need strong vibrations, the BBold can work.

Holy, holy, insanity! This vibrator is LOUD. And when I say "loud", I mean "rivals the Hitachi in loudness" loud. It's loud. Even rocking out to my music extremely loudly (as in, when I went to check the mail, I could hear it from the apartment hallway), I could easily hear the vibrations of the BBold on medium intensity. It is a loud, rumbly toy. It's actually insanely surprisingly loud. For being a vibrator this small, it puts out a very intense noise. It does get a whole lot quieter if inserted, but that's a whole another ball park.

The issue with insertion is that the BBold is awkwardly shaped for insertion - in fact, it doesn't even look like it was designed for it. Which is fine - I'm not much for insertive, hard-plastic toys anyway. The small scoop towards the tip of the vibrator partnered with the wider-than-thick approach to the design makes me think that the vibrator was intended for clitoral use. So when you try to insert it, for one, it's made of hard plastic, and it just isn't very comfortable. For another, it just feels awkward because of the long length without the accompanying thickness that normally goes with something that size. It just really feels odd.
So, personally, I would stick to the BBold as a clitoral toy. It works decently that way. The handle is nice and long, and it doesn't vibrate to the handle portion too much. The scoop on the tip, while I don't notice it too much, doesn't hurt the design, and the curvature and hard rigidity of the plastic works fantastically well for adding pressure along with vibrations. The vibrations tend to feel best when pressure is applied, and they don't feel as strong without some strong pressure. Along with that, the vibrations just don't seem to be strong enough. They're okay, but for the loudness that it is, they don't seem to match the intensity. It's not enough for orgasm, personally, but if you're more sensitive to vibrations or prefer moderate-strength vibrations, the BBold might be okay.

To clean the BBold, as it's waterproof, you just have to use warm water and antibacterial soap. Don't boil or harm the toy in any way - and because of the lack of too many seams, the BBold is pretty simple to clean thoroughly. It's compatible with all types of lubricant, but do be careful when using silicone-based lubricant to keep it away from the control button as the control button is made from silicone. For storage, the BBold comes with a small satin bag that works excellently to store this vibrator. It also can be kept virtually any way you want since the plastic of the BBold is pretty hardy.

Overall, I don't know if I can recommend the BBold over anything else. In fact, I really just can't. It's an okay vibrator, and if it existed in a vacumm of a vibrator-less world, it will get the job done. Unfortunately, for the amount of cost, the vibrations it puts out, and the noise it puts out, it just really isn't the best vibrator out there. I want to love it. It's sleek body and well-designed curvature make me want to love it so much. But it's just so LOUD and it doesn't have the strength of vibrations to make up for the noise. So I just can't fall in love.
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