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Lesbian Cows and Marpusials: An Interview

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Contributor: Judy Cole

Nikol is a heaping helping of awesomesauce!

Contributor: dirt clustit
dirt clustit  

They both kick ass. Especially the tossed in subject word "marpusial". A couple months ago on the radio I heard a fake comedy sketch of an interview with that guy who always plays the serious hardass parts in movies. He was the one who gave Bruce Willis the watch that he claimed he held up his ass.

THAT guy

but it was a comedy sketch so it was just people pretending to be him and trying to be funny. He was being interviewed and the interviewer ask him a question. His answers had absolutely nothing to do with the question asked or anything even related. It was as if Christofer was talking with another person as he definitely was NOT answering the interviewer.

one of his off the wall answers was this: "Frankenstein doesn't scare me, marsupials do"
to witch I (dirt clustit) always felt the urge to add "I love lesbians, how bout you?"

and now everything makes cents! (I think god wants me to film your clothed promo)

Contributor: Evan Hurst
Evan Hurst  

There is so a Mid-South! I live in it. It's basically the Mississippi Delta and Memphis, and surrounding.

That is all.

Contributor: The818

Nikol, amazing. I am cracking up, and also *I think* maybe a little enlightened.

Contributor: Tart

I loved the show, I hope Nikol is still doing it.

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

I totally agree I hate the word moist it makes me cringe. I also dont like the word Dank. or ooze... okay now its my turn to throw up.

Contributor: Katelyn

Great article! I am in love with you two awesome gals



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