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Videos That Make You Laugh, Cry, and Run Screaming From Your Own Home.

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This week my husband is in the hospital and my daughter and I both have strep so I’ve found myself playing on YouTube simply to escape reality for a bit, and in the process I found three videos that would only truly fit in this column.


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Contributor: Brooke Farmer
Brooke Farmer  

That last video creates the same kind of horror in me that the wildlife Down Under creates.

Everything else was cool.

Contributor: KaityAB

I love that first video. I wish things like that would happen more often in life. I have quite a few gay friends and they're great people who just happen to like the same sex. I can't stand people who are so close-minded that they pull crap like that. Love it.
Thanks for sharing!

Contributor: aylajean327


That bullying video touched me so permanently and deeply that it's a little bit hard for me to believe. As a gay teen, I struggle everyday with offhand comments and sidelong glances, and to know that I am supported, and that people who love me will hold my hand when I need them to, that is the most precious thing in my world. Thank you for showing me-- yet again-- that the world is peopled with kind allies like you.

I love you so much for this. You have no idea how needed that was.

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

I agree with you on the first video, Hell Yeah! I have always had a huge issue with people who are so nosy about what other people do in their lives. Live and Let Live.

Second video I stopped watching after he said "I was an eight year old girl bfore the doctor found my dick" I had to I couldnt breathe because I was laughing so hard. I knew there was nothing else this video could do to top that for me.

Third video all I could think of is "Hey baby I wanna Jam you so bad" EW. enough said.



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