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A Shy Woman's Tips For Initiating Sex
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Are you horny, but a bit uneasy with flat-out asking your man for sex? Then check out these tips.

  Sext Your Lover Beforehand

If you know that you want to get laid later, then I recommend getting him revved up earlier. Maybe he's still at work and you're home but thinking of him. You can send him a sexy text to spark his interest. I was never much for sexting until my man and I started sending one word texts back and forth that got dirty quickly. I'm a bit into BDSM, which explains a couple of these. Choose words that suit you as a couple. What I like about this is that you don't need to be incredibly articulate.

Words We Recommend

Before I was ever comfortable with typing that sort of thing, I already felt good about taking quick photos of myself in a sexy ensemble, using my cell phone and then sending those to him. Lingerie or a low cute top, whatever makes you feel hot, is the idea here. This is super easy. Put on your outfit, stand in front of your bathroom mirror and snap away, until you get a shot that you love. Need to take five photos to get a good one? No sweat, he never has to know.

  Watch Something Sexy Together

No, I'm not talking about porn. I love porn and it has it's place. However, we are aiming for something a bit more subtle here. Plan ahead by picking out a movie or TV series that you enjoy, which has some hot scenes in it. You'll most likely have to watch at least part of it over again later, but that's the idea!

Film genres that often feature sexual content include erotic thrillers, romantic dramas and horror. TV series that may get you hot and heavy usually originated on basic or premium cable, especially HBO and FX.

Sexy Movies
Body of Evidence
Eyes Wide Shut
The Last Seduction
In the Cut
Wild Things
White Palace
From Dusk Til Dawn
Zombie Strippers

Sexy TV Shows
True Blood
American Horror Story: Asylum
Game of Thrones
The Client List
The L Word
Mad Men
Secret Diary of a Call Girl

  Wear Lingerie

Yes, you can wait until you're actually having sex to show off your hot lingerie, but why not start earlier? While you and your man are hanging out, you can flash him a bit of lingerie here and there. For instance, wear a bustier with a matching thong under a hoodie (or button down top) and low cut jeans. Then you can bend over once in a while or say, "it's kind of hot", and unzip your hoodie a bit. This teasing can totally pay off.

  Sit On His Lap

Yes, it's a bit straightforward, but you can play it off as simple affection. Let's say that you are watching one of the aforementioned steamy movies, cuddle up against him, eventually sitting on his lap. This is highly effective, because yes you are sitting on his penis. So this is a simple way to get that erection going. Act a bit uncomfortable and move back and forth to stimulate him further.

  Dance Against Him

Put on whatever music makes you feel sexy, whether it's soul, pop or rock. Then randomly stop doing whatever activity you are engaging in (for instance dinner or a board game) and start dancing up against him. You don't even have to face him. Wiggle your backside against the front of him. He'll get the idea.

  Buy & Show Him A New, Sexy Purchase

I recommend picking up a hot item that is couple specific from EdenFantasys. Showing him that you just bought some edible massage oil or flavored lubricant will let him know that you are in the mood and have thought of him, in advance, which can really flatter someone. Other couple specific ideas are below and a wishlist is at the end of this article so you can easily pick something up today, if you so desire.

massage candle
massage gel
massage cream
body topping
body paint

  Give Him A Massage

So you've bought a sexy, massage item? Now what? Well, give him a massage. You don't have to be an expert. Simply apply the oil, cream or gel and then try out a simple massage. You can ask how deep he wants the pressure. After focusing on a less sexual area, such as the back, you could move to the upper thighs and then the butt. Even if sex isn't a result of the massage, it's always a nice bonding experience.

Here is a simple neck massage from
Stand behind your partner. Rest your forearms on the top of their shoulders, as close to their neck as possible. Keep your palms down so the fleshy part of your forearm, not the bony part, lies on the muscle. Then let your weight fall straight down onto their shoulders toward their seat. Be sure to avoid pushing them forward and be careful not to lean on their head. Hold this for several seconds. Then slowly lift your arms, move them down the shoulder one inch and again let your weight fall through your arms. Repeat this process several times. As soon as you start to feel the bony part of their shoulder under your forearm, stop, bring your forearms to the starting position and repeat the technique again.

  Touch Him How You Want To Be Touched

So, maybe you've actually gotten to foreplay, congrats! Now what? Get what you want, of course. Humans who are attracted to each other often mirror one another. Mirroring is simply copying what another person is doing. Do you enjoy getting kissed on your neck? Kiss his neck. Want to get fingered? Give him a hand job. If your lover doesn't get the idea, then simply steer him towards the area that you want him to explore.


Great tips ill have to try these out!





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