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So, you want to be a Cam Girl?

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Lots of requests have been coming in about what it takes to be a cam girl. Well, Let me tell you...

  The Things You Do...

The list of things you do is endless. There are limits, but those are mostly the illegal things anyway. Most sites have separate sections for people to put themselves in. The web site I have devoted myself to is the best. Trust me; I have looked high and low. You charge anything you want, up to a cap which no one would ever charge per minute because it is so high. Except for your money slaves, but that is expected.

Here are the types of sections you can be in that say what you do, they usually have their own names but I have pretty much summed it up.

Friends Only: This is nothing at all sexual. Sex is not even a topic of conversation. These people come to you strictly to be your friend. They are lonely or just need someone to talk to. They mostly don’t expect anything, but sometimes after becoming friends and getting to know you, they want you to move into another section for fun. But that is just a handful of viewers, the ones that like the challenge and are willing to invest into it. Mostly, they are just nice people that want nothing more than a good conversation.

Soft-core: This is kind of like friends, but if you want to do more you can. You are allowed to get naked and give shows, but you don’t have to. You can give to some and deny others. You can pretty much call your own shots and a lot of the time, the guys are just there to look at you and try to sweep you away. This is usually where I reside. I like the freedom and it works for me.

Hardcore: This is where people go when they want to get down and dirty. If someone wants something, you give it to them. You can say no to odd requests, but mostly they just want you to fuck your IQ points away. I don't think this really needs further explanation.

Dungeon/Fetish: Well those names pretty much sum it up. People come here for special requests. Whether it is BDSM role play, foot fetish, or other role plays, this is pretty much where they go to find it. If you had a certain area of expertise, this could be where you belong.

  Meet One of My Girls!

Chelle - The bigger, bustier, 'tell me what you want' kind of girl. Multi colored hair, pink girly make-up and snake bite piercings. She is a big girl with tits that could suffocate 2 men at the same time. Ok, they are not really THAT big, but I am going out on a limb and say one is probably bigger than my head. If it is true that the camera adds 10 pounds, well then, they are fucking colossal.

The men sure do love her. She corners the market on the big girl side of the business. She has the sweet persona that makes them melt while she drains their wallets. She plays up her 'come fuck me' eyes and licks her lollypop while the men just sit there like morons wishing they were in bed with her. She is a submissive type of girl. She knows how to keep the men on their toes, but always gives them exactly what they want in the end, which ensures their prompt return. For a submissive girl, Chelle sure knows how to dominate.

  How Do You Tell Your Partner?

There is no easy way to tell your family that you work in the sex industry. I kind of assume it to be like coming out of the closet, but instead of being born to love someone of the same sex, you CHOSE to be a cam whore, so careful who and what you tell. As for telling your partner, it really depends on your relationship and your significant other. I have been in 2 relationships during the duration of my job and the first ex used to sit in the corner and quietly watch, and then he was all hot and ready for me when I was done. But, after the newness wore off, it became business as usual. He is a dick and throws it in my face still to this day. The second relationship was and still is more like a best friend with benefits. I know where he stands on the idea, it is hot in theory, but it wouldn't fly for his girl. So I chose to keep it to myself.

If you are in a serious relationship, you want to be open and let your partner know what your intentions are before you even start. Talk about it and come to a common ground, make the decisions of what you will or will not do. This is just a job, you both need to know and understand that before making any commitments, or breaking them.

I hope this was insightful, feel free to leave any comments or questions and feel free to send me a message if you want privacy.


Contributor: SaiDiscordia

Really great article! I especially like how you remind everyone that this is just one part of who they are and they only need to share that part of them with their clients and nothing more. Sorry about the jerk of an ex, but good to see you are happy and proud now.

Contributor: Bex1331

Thanks for the great article! The idea of camming as "friends only" is interesting to me expecially since my boyfriend isn't a fan of the idea of me being naked on the Internet. Do these girls really make money that way? Where could one go to do this?

Contributor: XxXxX

Thank you SaiDiscordia, I am glad you enjoyed it. And yes, as with any job, you want to make sure it doesn't completely consume you. There has to be a barrier, something to keep you to yourself. And trust me, I have had my share of having asshats as boyfriends, so I am over it! LOL

Yes Bex, the girls that do talk only make a decent amount of money. It may not be an extreme amount, but you can get a good full time paycheck for only working a couple hours each night and working strictly part time. A big thing people tend to not pay attention to is, no one makes it big there first few weeks, as long as you can make it past that, and get your returning customers, it all gets better.

There are many cam sites out there. You can simply google 'be a live chathost' or 'become a cam girl'. I cannot say openly which site I work on openly. But as I said, there are many.

Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast

Girl you don't know how many times I have told people about the Make new friends section. Everyone thinks it is all about taken off your damn clothes. I do mostly the Friends myself. Yes I have shy, glam and others but i stick to friends. One being I don't have privacy like that to be in the other category and two I am not the person who can sit and cum all day long. Plus I don't do any faking as some girls will do. When I cum it is genuine and the lucky bastard who gets to see it enjoys it. But for someone to quit their job or stop going to school to take it on full time, they should get that out their head. It takes a lot to build up a fan base. I have been in it for 3 years now and have a lot of people who come to me. That takes time.

Contributor: Pandwhora

Fantastic article! I am newly single and have been looking into and highly thinking of becoming a cam whore. Camming has been an interest of mine for quite some time now, but hubby wouldn't have approved. I was not about to hide it from him, but now that I am single, it's a whole 'nother story!

Contributor: LadyDarknezz

Great article! You know...I kind of want to do this. I don't get to leave the house much because of my poor health, but I am sure I could put on a show. I have the whole sweet submissive thing going on around here. I am sure there is a market out there for guys wanting to watch a sweet black goth chick on camera.

Contributor: XxXxX

Heaven, alot of the people that know I work in the business think I am a girl that just talks, mostly family, but still, everyone has reservations. They usually think that no one would pay that much for talk. But we know otherwise

Pandwhora, Love your name by the way, thank you for the compliment on my article , If this is something that interests you, now is the time to do it. You dont have to worry about explaining yourself to anyone, but keep in mind that if you are looking to get into another relationship in the future, make sure he is open minded otherwise you might find some problems. Its always best to be honest in that situation!

LadyDarknezz, This sounds like it would be great for you. If you are really open minded and are interested, it can be a form of social therapy. That is pretty much what it is for me. I dont get much adult interaction in my life so this kind of saves me from going crazy. And I deal with alot of health issues as well , myself and my family, that keeps me from being about to work a regular full time job. Working 4 hours a night a few days a week you can easily make double what a normal full time worker makes, or more. And baby, I promise you that a 'sweet black goth chick' as you describe yourself to be, would be a major hit on a site like mine! Hell I am interested already with just that little tidbit of info!

Contributor: J dog
J dog  

interesting stories

Contributor: XxXxX

thanks.. just wait til the next one. Its all about me. BOOORING

Contributor: Chelle Love

Yay!! Make me famous hunny, or should I say the Cam-Whore side of me famous... Hahaha... Love the article, can't wait for the next one... Well, I gotta say boss, you definitely keep me on my toes...