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Jennaration Craze With Jenna Haze, Part III

Jennaration X Studios
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The final installment of Dave Gammon's three-part interview with porn star, Jenna Haze.


Image courtesy of Jennanation X

JH: I have my original Sega Genesis.

DG: I remember Genesis-yeah….

JH: I’ve been playing games since I was six. So… one… of those stress relievers. And like any other girl, I love shopping!

DG: Well if not for a career in xxx entertainment where do you think you’d be today?

JH: Hmmm its funny because I was saying earlier if you get in this business you can’t be that teacher….

DG: …right.

JH: I actually think I’d be an English Teacher or an editor.

Because I just love to read. I’ve been down loading a lot of books on my Kindle lately because I’ve been traveling. One of my favorite authors, he’s kind of a weird author but a friend of mine on Twitter-

DG: Oh? Cool.

JH: His name is Ray Garton.

DG: Oh yeah.

Image courtesy of Jennanation X

JH: Yeah and I was reading some of his books on Kindle and I was like, “I found a couple of typos!” (combined laughs). Then I actually…hmmm maybe as a side job, I’m always finding typos, grammatical errors, mess ups in books everywhere.

DG: Really?

JH: And I’m like "Damn, some of these editors are not as good as I would be!" So I think that’s where I’d be at, somewhere with books or something. I don’t know. Sometimes I think that one day when I’m done with this I will become an editor. Who knows? I still have my whole life in front of me.

DG: What was your most memorable fan encounter and what was your most unusual?

JH: Wow that’s so difficult, for ten years! Most memorable? I think one of the biggest surprises I’d gotten was from a fan last year I was dancing in Las Vegas. I talk to him all the time on Twitter now. He came and saw me dance and he brought me a gift certificate to my favorite pizza place that only I mentioned—I mean you can only get this stuff in New York or Las Vegas I think.

DG: Wow! Really?

JH: I think I mentioned it on Twitter once and he totally remembered. I was in Vegas and wanted to go eat there and he brought me something like a $100 gift certificate to this place.

I’m like "Oh my God! How did you know this was my favorite place ever?"

So that was really sweet; Likely one of the sweetest. Also I’ve had a lot of guys bring me art that they’ve done of me. Which always blows my mind! I mean I can’t believe people would even want to draw or paint me, ever. I get shocked every time I have fans….

DG: Really? Well you’re quite an enchanting spectacle…..

JH: It’s a trilling, amazing experience. I feel very lucky to have such great fans. You know?

I think the weirdest thing I had, was…I’ve said this story before but its still the weirdest thing…(combined laughs). Before I was under contract I had a fan send me from prison, a bar of soap.

DG: Oh. Okay, that’s not so weird….

JH: And the bar of soap had my face carved into it. He had covered my skin, my lips and everything with shells of M&M’s he’d melted down, he’d told me.

So…that was quite interesting.

DG: Eccentric…for sure (laughs).

JH: I’m not going to lie, it’s somewhere in storage. It’s a little strange. (combined laughs).

DG: Imagine the thought put into that, wow.

JH: And the effort! I couldn’t just throw it away. I had to keep it. Someday I’ll go: “look at this, this was thirty years ago, someone carved my face into a bar of soap.”

Totally bizarre.

DG: Well you’ve delved in other faucets of multimedia proving unlimited talents. Do you have further cross over ambitions? Where do you hope to see Jenna Haze in another five years?

JH: Well porn is always going to be my first love. I will always have some kind of finger in the porn industry, (laughs) of some sort.

DG: I like how you worded that.

JH: (laughs) I love the porn industry, I really want to direct. I want my company, while I don’t want to perform for forever, I have at least five years of performing left. I ‘m still going to keep directing and all that sort of stuff. But I’d love to do more cross over stuff. I’ve had appearances in two major movies and then a behind the scenes. So the two where I had in the major two were Super Bad and Crank 2. I also appeared on the bonus material in Funny People. We did this whole comedy sketch thing. Not many people saw it though, which kind of makes me sad.

But I’ve done those three little things. I would love to do more. It’s one of those things girls go to auditions for. I really don’t have the time to go to auditions. I have a company to run. I go over all the editing myself. I pick all the pictures for the box covers. I pick the girls. I pick the wardrobe. I pick all the stuff. I’m so hands on with my company that I don’t have the time to go to all these audtions.

DG: No, true.

JH: I mean I’d love to have more roles. But I’m definitely not going to leave porno for mainstream completely. No way (laughs). I’d rather have one foot in each door. Sasha Grey hit it really big.

DG: Yeah…

JH: She did a big transfer into mainstream. It’s amazing. I think what she did for the industry being cast into a main role in a major movie like that is enormous and then Entourage is enormous. I was not impressed with the fact she was cast as a call girl.

DG: Right-

JH: And she was cast as herself on Entourage. I really want to see a porn star cast in something non-sexual oriented. Know what I mean? I think when that happens the walls will really start breaking down.

DG: Yeah, definitely.

JH: But I think what she did for the industry is amazing. Incredible. She’s a really, really sweet, smart girl.-Very smart girl. But I do find it really sad that all the sudden she doesn’t want to do porn movies anymore.

DG: Yeah…

JH: I’m like: “Hold on that’s kind of what made you.”

DG: Kind of where you came from exactly.

JH: I don’t want to agree that she’s kind of turned her back on porn. That’s not a thing I’d ever do. (combined laughs).

DG: Got to admire that really.

JH: I love my fans too much, there’s no way.

DG: One final thing, is there any special message you’d like to convey to your fans? How may they contact you? Of course there is your website and you mentioned you have a Twitter page.

JH: Yeah of course. My website is I’ve very active on there as well. You can reach me 24 hours a day on my twitter which is @jenxstudios. I have a bunch of tour dates coming up this summer which are going to be amazing. I’m going on tour starting in May.

DG: You’re actively involved in the dance circuit right?

JH: That’s going to be fun. I actually took a break for five years. So I’ll be doing that 2-3 times a month. Dancing, signing, mixed in and shooting, mixed in with conventions and award shows. So I’ll kind of need a couple of months off. I’m going back into that in the next couple of months. Yeah, I’ve got a movie coming out the end of this month, another coming out in May. A movie coming out in June, a movie coming out in July.

DG: Wow!

JH: Yeah a lot of hot, dirty, sexy smut coming your way from Jennaration X Studios.

DG: Awwwwlriiiight. That’s great!

JH: (laughs) You can always buy my movies at He’s my distributor and one of my best friends.

DG: Very cool.

JH: Yeah, super cool.

DG: Well this has been a real treat, a real delight. Thank you very much. It’s been thoroughly insightful and I really enjoyed it.

JH: Well you’re a very good interviewer.

DG: Thank you. All the best to you and Jennaration X.

JH: Thanks for the great interview Dave. I appreciate it.



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