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Lip Service Star Raylene Attends Eden Fantasys Porn Club Meeting

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Our second Porn Club discussion was a lively and intense event. So many people joined in, including Raylene, the star and producer of Lip Service.


This was an awesome night, So many members had some great questions.



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EdenFantasys and SexIs have teamed up to create Porn Club, the hottest online adult video discussion club. Each month, two porn releases will be discussed in a live public conversation on the Eden forums, often with porn stars, directors, and producers in attendance! Join us for fun and lively conversations every month, as dozens of real people share their perspectives on the many genres of pornography we’ll be reviewing. These discussions are a no-holds-barred look at everything from the set up to the money shot.

In addition to interviews and articles on SexIs, the Club also has a calendar of events, news, commentary and contests on the Eden Porn Club Blog

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