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The Naked Reader Twitterotica Contest!

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Another week, another hot topic, another 140 characters of steamy micro-erotic excellence. Presenting our weekly winner, runner-up and the outstanding entries for last week’s sublimely subliminal contest: “Disguises, costumes and props. Romantic role-player or kinky character, I see by your outfit that you are a…what?”

  Enter the Naked Reader Twitterotica Contest!

Give us your best, most erotic, titillating tweet on our selected theme. Two winners will be chosen each week. Entries are judged by the SexIs editors and the editorial team at Cleis Press. The runner up receives their choice of erotica from the Cleis Press selection on The first place winner receives a $25 gift certificate from EdenFantasys as well astheir choice of erotica from the Cleis Press selection on Entries are accepted until Thursday, 11:59 p.m. of each contest week.

Submit your entries to Twitter, using the hashtag #Twitterotica, or put them up on the wall of our Sexis Facebook page with the label "Twitterotica:." Multiple submissions are allowed, but all entries must be 140 characters or less.

Up for consideration this week: Winter storms and icy temps...who needs it! Deliver us from the chilly weather with the perfect steamy tropical fantasy....

(Entries for "Romantic role-player or kinky character, I see by your outfit that you are a…what?" have closed.)



Congrats to the winners!


Is the twitterotica project continuing? I miss it. Twitter has been less interesting without it.


I was going to ask the same thing as G.L. Morrison. What happened to the Naked Reader Twitterotica Contest??? I want it back, gosh darnit! It doesn't even need to be a contest, per se - it could be The Naked Reader Twitterotica Challenge, so you're not giving out so many toys/GCs/whatever. I'd be down to do it regardless. Maybe just give gold stars, lol, to particularly inspiring tweets?



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