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The Devil's Advocate: Is Fantasy Dangerous?

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One of my hobbies is perusing Internet erotica. I churn through sites like — filled with erotic offerings from thousands of anonymous authors — and try to discern the psychology behind the fantasies.

And you know what? They scare the crap out of me.


Michelle Simons  

While I agree that some fantasy erotica I have read has disturbed me (somethings I just DO NOT get), I would say that all my fantasies are very empowering to me as a sexual woman. Rape and subjugation fantasy is very common within the female population (whether or not they will admit it) but I am calling 100% of the shots - very powerful. Now it is possible that a hard-core rape fantasy written by a man would cause me reflection, but fantasy is a great outlet for things that we would NEVER do in real life. I fantasize about blowing up the car that just cut me off, but I would never actually do it. It is a great outlet for releasing 'bad' thoughts that have no business materializing into the real world. Rapists, arsonists, murders are going to rape, light fires and murder regardless if they have fantasized about it or not.


People who are quick to judge and criticize other people seem to be projecting and acting on fear/jealousy.

I visit literotica from time to time for the incest stories. Incest and bestiality themes turn me on, even though I have zero attraction for real family members and don't like dogs in real life.

But what if I did? Some people really are attracted to their sibling or dog. Is that bad if they just think about it but not act on it? What if they DO act on it?

PS: I also get off on rape fantasies despite being a rape survivor. I own my past, I don't define myself by my wounds, I heal them and move on.


First, any time somebody says a sexual fantasy is not a good one to have, point your finger at them, and say, "don't yuck my yum!". Hell, even if you do not particularly enjoy it, do it to remind them, with the, "it is not actually my yum... but it will be somebody's. I do not enjoy you telling people what they are not allowed to enjoy."

I agree with you here... and on the notion of Incest... have you ever heard a man say, "who is your daddy" to a cute girl? Hell, how common are girls with daddy issues, anyways? If you know any First Nations people in North America, they tend to use the word "Cousin" as a term of endearment, rather than literally "I am related to this person". Which is unnerving to see two cousins making out... even if they are not related (and one is not even First Nations status). Look around for how Incest is acceptable... look at how boys fantasise about their best friend's older sister. Girls over their best friend's brother. As far as all things are considered, that kid may as well be that person's younger sibling.

Role play is entirely possible. Ask your partner to call you "brother, sister, mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, auntie, uncle, cousin"... and it pretty much handles it fine. One the pedophilia--that works on two role plays, adult babies and age play. In Canada, it is illegal, to present oneself as younger than the legal age of sexual consent (which is 16a). I think that is retarded. If it is possible, for a priest to think I am a ten year old child... and the result is that a ten year old child does not have to have an awkward choir experience he'll not be able to forget... why the fvck is it illegal for me--somebody of the legal age to say "touch me where it smells funny" to dress like I am not old enough for that, and then proceed to stuff that has me pointing to a doll where the "man touched me like the naughty little strumpet I am".

Hell, Rape Play is even bloody well possible. Guess where people can easily get ideas for that? Oh, right... ASSTR.

I mean--Eris Dammit... I for one enjoy dirty talk that has somebody telling me how much I need it, what my dress does and does not say about me, the general entrepreneurial start ups I have in red lit corner offices, where my lips would look best on various anatomical parts and how the notion of a hole that does not usually suck on things (such as anything not lips), is acting like a common task in the dairy industry for some dubious need I need for the fluids it contains which do not appear to be of nutritional concern or importance.

In fact, that above paragraph made me have tingles--and I was trying to make it as least filthy as possible.

Thank your Roland for your view. And lets get people to stop Yucking Other's Yums. A decent amount of people think two men consenting to sticking it in each other's pooper in the privacy of their own homes is icky... it doesn't harm any body. Neither does this stuff. In fact, it can even be done IRL, in a way that still doesn't harm people. It is still icky... but so is what was done with that cucumber before it was put into the salad. Hell, think about having Jesus watching me have sex, ensuring I am doing it in the proper godly way for the purpose of procreation seems quite icky to me... but some people use that to get them off.

Thank you.


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