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Dian Hanson: To Boldly Go Where No Pornographer Has Gone Before, Part 2

Paul Redmond
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  The Catbird Seat

Over the course of her impressive career, Hanson has been in a unique position to observe the nuances and expressions of male versus female sexuality. Addressing the lessons learned from pornography about the similarities and differences between the sexes, Dian draws on a career of appealing to the libidos of both via erotic texts and images. “Men are the romantics, even if they combine sex and romance in a way that women often fail to understand,” she notes. “Most women think of romance as cuddling and long walks to the beach. Men think of it as giving a woman the best orgasm of her life.”

Hanson theorizes that on average, males really do have higher sex drives than females because they have more testosterone, the hormone responsible for arousal in both sexes. “Men have a greater capacity for odd, non-procreative sexual fixations, like fetishes and transvestism than women,” she says.

In her experience, Hanson reports that how we relate to the erotic on an emotional and intellectual level really does fall along gender lines. “Women are genuinely aroused by the trappings of wealth and success as much or more than appearance,” she says, “while few men will accept a woman who doesn’t meet up their appearance [criteria]. Men generally respect nude models and porn actresses far more than women believe, and are fully capable of falling in love with them through repeated bouts of masturbating to their images, since sex and love are far more intimately tangled in the male mind than in the female.”

The old adage goes that men are visual and women are cerebral when it comes to sexual stimuli, but recent studies show that women viewing more porn than ever before. Rather than viewing this dichotomy as a contradiction, Hanson sees it more in terms of supply feeding demand. “Though the numbers of women who are wired to be visually responsive to sexual materials are lower than for men, there are still quite a few who respond visually in the same or near same way as men. With porn just a safe discrete mouse click away, these women now have the opportunity to explore and find just what they like.”

Unknown, from the Dian Hanson collection, The Big Butt Book (Taschen)

Through her work, Hanson has also had a front row seat for the evolution modern adult media, which she sums up with the term, “The pornification of America.” The current generation, she notes, was raised with porn as an accepted part of life. “Porn has taken a position above ground, where it is now a casual reference in art, literature, and daily commerce,” she says, but frets that this ubiquity has its drawbacks. “The biggest danger I see [with online smut] is that it’s putting many of my friends out of business, and devaluing what used to a precious and scarce commodity. There’s something to be said for having to work for your porn.”

Ultimately, though, sex is everywhere. Efforts to censor porn and deem sex as legally obscene have failed. “Porn has lost much of its stigma,” Hanson concludes, “so more people are piling in, wanting careers, cutting the slices of the pie even thinner—but porn cannot be stopped. It’s way too late.”

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Bold lady, fascinating life. *like* =) Very nice job, Cole. I'll be sharing this one.


Very very nice cover of the "Big Butt Book"



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