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I'll have the cheeseburger, please.

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Imagine a world where true, pure love was between two men, and two men only? Or if a man had genuine love for a woman, beyond reproduction, he was in some way seen as inferior? A world where the most sacred relationships were bonds between a teacher and his disciple, where these two men would be together in all ways: intellectually, spiritually, and sexually?

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Contributor: Do emu
Do emu  

I really do agree with your theory. I think it's much more than a theory - it's a reality that has plenty of evidence if you just look around. Since I had a recent paradigm shift, this truth is becoming more and more blatant to me. I can go pretty in-depth about my opinions on organized religion, but I'll just say it's time for people to open their eyes to really see what's going on around them and who is controlling who they love, what they eat, what they wear, and even what they buy.

Contributor: Chefbriapink

Live and let live. I love everyone!