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SexCult: Population Control and Self-Censorship

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The population on earth recently topped seven billion people. Most experts agree the planet's ability to support us is already stretched thin. You'd think, then, that population control as a method for preserving our ability to survive on this planet with it's finite resources would be a popular topic. So why are people and organizations who support the concept shying away from bringing it up?


Contributor: Ghost

My husband and I have chosen not to have children because of this very issue, and he has even decided to get a vasectomy (friday, actually). When people ask us why we are childless, we tell them the truth be we receive a lot of negativity about it. That is why people don't want to speak up.

Contributor: GonetoLovehoney

My boyfriend and I are childfree (even though I'm still 20) and we both agree that at least the united states needs to start promoting birth control and stop peddling out baby-centric ideals. If people really want children, why do they have to be biologically yours? Adopt,dammit and stop squeezing one after another out.