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True Blood: Human & Fairy, Virgin & Vamp

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Contributor: CallieVix

Definitely a comment on the virgin/vamp dichotomy. I also think that the reversal of the misogyny is a way to keep the viewers on their toes. I feel that the show tends to challenge the audience to keep an open mind. The creators are constantly throwing current issues in our faces. Everything is controversial. We have to believe in magic (vampires, werepanthers, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies) and the paranormal to begin with but on top of that you have equal rights; for vampires, for same-sex couples, for race and gender. The constant push and pull of politics; vampire, human, and the two together. Then you have the constant war with religion. And then there are the overt references to (or just scenes of) BDSM culture. Or the amount of sex in general. Americans are remarkably prude and the constant in your face sex and sexuality is enough of a challenge for some. The entire show challenges the viewers to THINK. Whether is be about your views on religion, politics, sexuality, alternative lifestyles, or your belief in the otherwordly or simply in equal rights for all regardless of any differences.



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