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True Blood: Are Stereotypes Always Offensive?

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The True Blood characters of Lafayette and Jesus both appear to be extreme examples of gay characters, with Lafayette embracing stereotypes while Jesus rejects them. It’s common knowledge that True Blood’s creator and producer Alan Ball is openly gay, but does his sexual identity give him free license to traffic in stereotypes?


Contributor: Emma (Girl With Fire)

Personally, I love Lafayette, he has been my favourite character throughout the history of the show. Though the writers may have toned down on the angry and dangerous aspects of his persona, I don't doubt that they will resurface when he is faced with a situation threatening those close to him. On the other hand, I absolutely love "the new Eric". Not because I go for the good guys, but because I found his previous personality unbearably sleazy, almost to the point of my wanting to gag when people told me he was hot.

Also, why did you just remind me that the season is going to come to an end at some point? So not cool



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