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Contraceptive Series Part 1: Hormones and Your Body
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There are a lot of misconceptions about how birth control works and what the options are. As a feminist birth control researcher, I am working to dispel these myths through this series about each form of contraception available on the market in the United States. In this introduction to the series, I am giving an overview of the two feminine hormones and how they work in contraceptives.



Great article and I am looking forward to the rest of the series! There don't seem to be a lot of plain-language resources for birth control info out there and having everything in one series will be helpful.

One thing, though; Implanon does *not* contain estrogen; it is progestin-only. ([])


Oh my! So sorry about that. Thanks for pointing that out. Not sure why I said that! In its own article, I will definitely be sure to not screw that one up.


Great series!


I suffer from Endometriosis so I would love to see the next part of this or another go more in detail about options for us.


Amazing article by the way!


Great, I'll be looking forward to future parts in this series.


I definitely cannot wait to read the other parts



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