Sexual Health » Sex Ed, Women's Health, Safer Sex: "Contraceptive Series Part 1: Hormones and Your Body"

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Contraceptive Series Part 1: Hormones and Your Body
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There are a lot of misconceptions about how birth control works and what the options are. As a feminist birth control researcher, I am working to dispel these myths through this series about each form of contraception available on the market in the United States. In this introduction to the series, I am giving an overview of the two feminine hormones and how they work in contraceptives.


Contributor: q.t.3.14

Great article and I am looking forward to the rest of the series! There don't seem to be a lot of plain-language resources for birth control info out there and having everything in one series will be helpful.

One thing, though; Implanon does *not* contain estrogen; it is progestin-only. ([])

Contributor: novanilla

Oh my! So sorry about that. Thanks for pointing that out. Not sure why I said that! In its own article, I will definitely be sure to not screw that one up.

Contributor: Katelyn

Great series!

Contributor: lalapetitee

I suffer from Endometriosis so I would love to see the next part of this or another go more in detail about options for us.

Contributor: lalapetitee

Amazing article by the way!

Contributor: Sera26

Great, I'll be looking forward to future parts in this series.

Contributor: Chefbriapink

I definitely cannot wait to read the other parts



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