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Evolution of the Menses: A Bloody History

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What are you wearing right now? Do you have a tiny tampon in, a huge monster pad, or are you lucky enough to not be surfing the crimson wave? Whether you are currently shark bait or not, you may find it interesting to revisit some rags of the past.


Contributor: K101

This is the most awesome article I have read in forever! Wow! I totally thought I knew the entire history of feminine products, but this had my attention, was so interesting and I learned several things! God how I'm glad I wasn't living in those times. I have never been able to stand a pad -- and literally have worn them less than 5 times. Lol. But I'm even more thankful that these days I really don't have my "curse." LOL. Fabulous, fabulous article! Loved it so much.

Contributor: Ayumi

Ha ha. I love your humour. Great article.

Contributor: kanida

I love this article! Very informative. Actually, the other day my boyfriend, for whatever reason, asked me what ancient Egyptian women used as tampons/pads and I did not know what to tell him. Now I do, so thanks!



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