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Sex after a C-section: Feeling Sexy with Scars

Amanda Crews
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As a mother with two C-sections under her belt, I know that it can be hard to find that area of my body sexy. It is important to recognize the amazing feat that you accomplished, while obtaining those scars!


Thanks for sharing. I completely relate.


and i think the same could be true for any kind of scars really!


You're right! Any time I look at my scars and tiger stripes I'll think of the positive: my daughter was born healthy and made it into this world. She wouldn't be here if I didn't have a c-section as her cord was around her neck and blocking the exit. You made me tear up. Thank you for sharing your story!


you are very welcome. I had a biopsy done on a tumor next to my kidney at the same time as my c section. my scar is pretty brutal but i wouldnt take it back for anything.



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