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Should His Opinion Count?

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The choice to have an abortion is one of the many things that empowers us as women. The right to make a choice for our own bodies. However, a child is not created by just a woman. Should the father have a say in the case of an abortion?


In my opinion I would never get an abortion.. And to me it is wrong unless u were raped bc if someone is willing to take responsibility of having sex they should take in consideration what they are getting themselves into but that is my opinion I know everyone thinks differently..


Okay how can "he" make "her" not have one? if she didn't want to have baby she will find a way not to have it. Unless we go all cave man and he chains her up to a post in the basement and when the time comes yanks the baby out.

Its the womens body who cares the baby sorry its the way things are.


Well, that's the glory of my article, I never said that "he" should make "her" do anything. I just stated that I believe they should discuss it. The choice is ultimately the woman's, though. A woman in a committed relationship with a man should at least have the respect to consider his feelings before making her final decision. Just like he should respect her final decision.



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