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In Defense of Monogamy: It's Not Selfish

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In modern society, many people think monogamy is outdated, restrictive, and most of all, selfish. But is it really?


Contributor: travelnurse

Thanks for the article

Contributor: dentaldame

I think this is a great reflective piece, but when you talk about the norms of "modern society" what do you really mean? It seems that most public media and cultural "American" norms of sexual partnership prescribe monogamy. It seems like your article poses a backlash to more sexually explorative communities that discourage monogamy, than society in general.

Contributor: Tibby

really im learning that now many women are letting "their" men stray but staying monogamous to that man. also vise versa. I know i only want one person and i only want that one person to want me. When I or he no longer wants to be together it will be over and done.

good informative article.

Contributor: K101

Amen! This is so what I needed to hear/read. We're told we are selfish all the time when either of us say "we're monogamous because we love it! We choose it!" I'm sick and tired of it. I loved this article. Took the words right out of my head. I'm glad someone done some clearing up of this monogamy thing. Why are we looked at as so bad by many people for being monogamous? Then they act like they feel sorry for you for "having" to be monogamous! WHAT?! Lol. Drives me crazy. Loved this article so much. We should not be made to feel guilty for choosing to be strictly for one person and only one person. I love the bond my partner and I have and truly feel like nothing else in the world can relate to the experience one has when they're 100% monogamous and HAPPY. It's just one of those things that is truly unique. After being monogamous with my partner for almost 7 years now, there isn't a chance in hell I'd have it any other way. I couldn't do it. I have so much happiness & our relationship is precious whereas other relationships where my ex's did not want monogamy and surely did not love me were not precious or special. It's definitely my preference -- monogamy is.

Contributor: Ansley

It seems like your article poses a backlash to more sexually explorative communities that discourage monogamy, than society in general.

As someone who is monogamous and highly explorative, I think this statement drives home the point of the article rather nicely. We can be just as adventurous as people in poly or open relationships. One isn't any better or worse than the other, unless it is preventing free will. Both monogamy and polyamory are a choice. In either case, you're only limited by your imagination.



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